The Amazing Race

Season 1 Episode 2

Divide and Conquer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2001 on CBS
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The teams start out in Songwe Village, Zambia. When the times depart from the pit stop they must find the Songwe Museum in the village without any signs to indicate where it is located. They must use the help of the villagers. The first to leave are Rob and Brennan but they decide to wait for the members of their newly formed alliance with Frank, Margarita, Joe and Bill. Once locating the museum, the teams must decide in a detour to do one of two tasks involving photography. Then they have to bring the pictures to a chief in another village. Pat and Brenda decide not to do the tasks after failing to find the museum and decide to go for the Fast Forward. They complete this with ease and head to the next pit stop, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. At the airport, some problems surface between Kim/Leslie and Paul/Amie. Once in Paris, the teams must find a monument through a telescope. For some of the teams this is easy but for others, proves extremely difficult. Kim and Leslie are the last to arrive at the pit stop and are the second team to be eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • Airport Heck!

    Wow, the first big airport meltdown. The Songwe Museum clue was sneaky. I loved that the super teams tore off and wound up having to come back. Also liked that Dave couldn't believe it was a museum even after he'd found it! The detour wasn't much but fun to watch people respond to seeing the animals "live" as it were. Not really that much to say about the airport mess. It's the start of a tradition, teams melting down trying to get tickets somplace! I can't balme Paul & Amie for being ticked at the way kim & Leslie treat them and the contremps over the taxi at the Paris airport justs cements the bad feelings. So I rather enjoyed seeing these 2 rude ladies get eliminated. Speaking of rude, Bill & Joe (the Guido's) seem very arrogant. The way they ditch the alliance once they get to Paris is just foolish. What to say about Lenny? What a bonehead move at the Eifel Tower, on the other hand, listening to Karyn could get old really fast. She seems to have no respect or patience for the man she claims to be in love with.moreless
  • In another spectacular episode of the race, the teams ventured into Paris, France

    In another spectacular episode of the race, the teams ventured into Paris, France

    This episode was almost just as great as the premiere. So as it goes, the ten remaining teams started at the previous Pit Stop where they had left off and were instructed to take an 'Easy Walk' to find the Song we Museum in order to locate their next clue. While teams were still racing in Zambia, alliances between Joe & Bill, Rob & Brennan and Frank & Margaritta were made which helped them to work together as a big team to locate their next clue. However, teams soon found out that the museum was only ten minutes walk behind Songwe Village. This caused some teams to fall behind...

    Pat & Brenda immediately decided to use their one opportunity of a Fast Forward and went for it, won it, and made their way to the next Pit Stop: The Arc Di triumph.

    The other teams faced an animal/photography based Detour involving a quick drive to a place where they had to take photo's of three different animals. The other choice was to take a 90KM drive and then take a photo of a single Elephant. All teams except Pat & Brenda (Fast Forward) chose the quick drive/take a picture of three animals. Next, the teams struggled to gain flights to Paris. Teams fought, couples bickered hard out and no progress was made for some time. The worst part was when Team Guido decided to break off their alliance with Rob & Brennan because Rob & Brennan knew nothing about France. Come on Guido, you could have been nicer with that.

    In Paris, Lenny & Karyn began fighting and once they arrived at the Roadblock, things only got worse when Lenny did not take the Roadblock clue with him to the top of the Eiffel tower which backfired on him.

    In positioning, Pat & Brenda having won the Fast Forward, arrived at the Pit Stop first. Slowly, the others checked into the Pit Stop. Rob & Brennan dropped down from first to third which is still good. Amie began bickering with another team and insulted both of them. Lenny & Karyn, having just escaped their downfall, arrived in ninth place and found out that they have a lot to work out in their relationship. In the end, sadly, Kim & Leslie could not catch up and were informed of their elimination by host Phil Koeghan.

    Overall, what an amazing classic and original episode of the race. Despite the fact that this season was fair, the first few episodes are amazing.moreless
  • One my third watching of this race I caught something I missed on the first two watchings. The first three teams leaving after the first leg, just happen to be the three in the finale.moreless

    This first year had trickier clues and finding the Sonwe museum was one of them. While it cost several teams time it did not play into elimination.

    Pat and Brenda taking the fast forward was surprising but getting to Paris was more difficult than anyone imagined. I have traveled internationally for years this was not a surprise at all. The drama of just getting the tickets was real, believe me.

    The casting for this season was quite good, and given as a formula for the rest of the seasons. An old couple, mother and daughter, or mother and son, 2 women, 2 men, some couples, a token minority team and a gay couple.

    This episode is better than the first, as it seemed they were learning on the fly on how to do it. This series only gets better and better.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Paul Alessi

Paul Alessi

Eliminated 5th with Amie (Season One)

Bill Bartek

Bill Bartek

Second Runner Up with Joe (Season One)

Joe Baldassare

Joe Baldassare

Second Runner Up with Bill (Season One)

Margarita Mesa

Margarita Mesa

Runner Up with Frank (Season One)

Frank Mesa

Frank Mesa

Runner Up with Margarita (Season One)

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • This is the only leg won by a team that doesn't make the final four. All other legs this season are won by teams that do make the final four. This is also the only leg this season to be won by an all-female team.

    • Balance Sheet: Pat and Brenda move up from fifth to first. Joe and Bill remain in second. Rob and Brennan move down from first to third. Frank and Margarita move down from third to fourth. Kevin and Drew move up from ninth to fifth. Dave and Margaretta move up from seventh to sixth. Paul and Amie move up from eighth to seventh. Nancy and Emily move up from tenth to eighth. Lenny and Karyn move down from fourth to ninth. Kim and Leslie move down from sixth to last and are eliminated.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Pat and Brenda.
      #2. Joe and Bill.
      #3. Rob and Brennan.
      #4. Frank and Margarita.
      #5. Kevin and Drew.
      #6. David and Margaretta.
      #7. Paul and Amie.
      #8. Nancy and Emily.
      #9. Lenny and Karyn.
      #10. Kim and Leslie. (ELIMINATED)

    • Detour: Teams were given a choice of Near or Far. In "Near," teams had to go to a nearby reserve to take pictures of 3 hard to find animals. In "Far," teams had to drive 90 kilometers and take a picture of one elephant. All of the teams chose "Near." Pat and Brenda bypassed the Detour via the Fast Forward.

    • Roadblock: In this Roadblock, one member of each team had to climb up part of the Eiffel tower and look for the next Pit Stop using a telescope.

    • Fast Forward: Teams were required to whitewater raft with Bundu Adventures.
      Pat & Brenda won this leg's Fast Forward.

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    • Premieres just a little more than a week after the tragic September 11 terrorist attacks, which would have a large effect on international travel and television shows involving it.


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