The Amazing Race

Season 12 Episode 1

Donkeys Have Souls, Too

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on CBS
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The teams take off from the starting line at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California and are instructed to fly to Shannon, Ireland. A flight delay leaves teams that thought they were ahead scrambling to catch up. The teams travel to the world's smallest church and then sign up for one of the three ferries departing the next morning. They're then directed to drive 42 miles to Cleggan farm where they must ride a tandem bike to a clue. One member of each team then completes a task that involves more biking -- highwire bicycling while their teammate rides below. Many teams are then frustrated by a task that requires them to fill a basket with fifteen pieces of peat and then transport it using a donkey. Controlling the donkeys proves more difficult for some teams than others and once again some leading teams take a plunge. Ultimately, one team is unable to recover from poor performance on this task and is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • the right team was philiminated..

    certainly is bitch in this show !

    interesting group of people on this season... is it bad i'm already routing for team goth?

    ari and the start where almost like romber all mouth and then they met a

    i got half of my wish for new contestants 'lesbians' but the second half is still missing 'hot ones'

    nothing against them but old lesbians are kinda odd but they seem ok so far..

    tk and rachel seem to be channelling seasons 10 was it ? team hippy ttow !!

    seems like team 'naughty grandad n pilot son' got lucky when he fell after signing up for the charter..

    wow some of the hand writing was shocking...

    nathan seems a bit of frat boy and his 'gf' wow she has some issues...

    the bro/sis team with the funny names kinda creep me out with those foreheads..

  • Enjoyable all around

    The 12th season of TAR has finally arrived with 11 teams of 2 with a pre-existing relationship set out on a race around the world for $1 million.

    This season features the first Goth team.

    The beginning was a little screwed up In my opinion but once the teams got to Ireland. Tension as well as excitment came across quickly. This first leg also tells us that there may only be two non-elimination rounds or even none at all. If there are none, I'll be annoyed. For the first time in TAR history, the first leg has a Roadblock with no Detour. I didn't mind that new decision but I prefer it the old way. The couples competing are nice, well most of them. The Roadblock was cool, but I can honestly say that walking donkeys to a certain destination is harder than we think it is. For example, the one couple (Nathan and I can't remember his partners name) got stuck through the final challenge due to donkey misbehaviour. Funny but alwful hard.

    Then teams dash to the Pit Stop with the Goths finishing in second place, as well as Kate & Pat who managed to get into 8th place. I thought they'd be like 10th. But yeah, there was some hard working from these teams, overall, I was let down with some the rules as well as the leg in general but It does get my vote! :) Enjoy episode 2...moreless

    Really glad to see the show back in action. Despite it being delayed by the football game and after it was missed at least by fans due to other shows, including the awful Viva La Laughin. Glad that it is back on. And that it shows teams going from California to the Ireland. As we seem a lot of interesting groups. From a Goth couple to a married female preist and secretary. Glad that there is an Asian group on there being half-Asian myself. But also it shows them pulling donkeys. As it is easier said than done you can tell. Donkeys maybe have a soul. But they sure are really stubborn as heck!moreless
  • 12 New Teams fly to ireland to begin leg 1 of the amazing race.

    This episode was not bad. If you compare it to other season premieres, it was not the best, but I'd say it was still a good season premiere. The new teams are very good. (Though, the lesbian, old, priests kind creep me out.) I like that for once, the teams did not go to south america on the first leg. That was a very smart move considering that we've seen that too many times for the past few seasons. Overall, I'd say the amazing race has still got it. I would just like to know though who picks these teams, because they deffinitly added some "interesting" people this time.moreless
  • donkeys...

    Ok, so I'm not an avid Amazing Race watcher, but this episode was pretty good, funny, and entertaining. The teams all started off and eventually made it through the Irish countryside where they had to bike and then fill up a basket on a donkey and move the donkey. It was halarious watching the teams with the donkeys. Some of them had no clue. Some of them had very bad luck. It was very entertaining. I felt a little bad for the donkies though...Anyways, a team got eliminated (I don't remember who) they were just very angry because the donkey caused them to loose. Overall, good episode.moreless

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