The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 3

Don't Lay Down On Me Now

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on CBS
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The nine remaining teams depart from the Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, joining a reenactment of a Dutch colonial bicycle patrol. The clue received afterward directs the teams to the Lesehan Restaurant in Salakmalang and the leg's Detour, with the choice of taking meals to workers in a "Rice Field"—and then planting 300 rice seed themselves—or making sure sheep are "Grass Fed" and watered. Directed to a 9th-century Buddhist temple at Borobudur, racers face a Roadblock of correctly counting four different styles of Buddha statues around the temple; success means searching the temple grounds for the Pit Stop.


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  • Interesting an d intense Indonesian mayhem! (Spoilers ahead!)

    This was definitely a step up from the other two episodes of this season in terms of intrigue, scenery and definitely the challenges too!

    First up, the bicycle task was good. I'm glad it was only a standard Route Marker and it was certainly more interesting than, say, a taxi ride! Great to see!

    Nextly, the Detour was quite good; better than the previous Detour at the very least. Initially, I thought 'Rice Field' was better, but after watching teams, I was leaning more towards 'Grass Fed' . However, both all-female teams gained a few spots through 'Rice Field' so tha t seemed best to me.

    The Roadblock was obviously the best part of the episode. It was so great a nd a very confusing challenge. Laurence did very well, and he and Zac, in my opinion, deserved top spot, but they were robbed due to an errror at the Detour. Andy & Tommy, though, were also still fully deserving, especially after their kind act towarsd Amani & Marcus - who, for some reason, did not really pay attention.

    Overall, I'm really loving everyobody except Ernie & Cindy. I feel that Ernie lacks any form of a personality; or so it seems, as their team has been hoarding all the screen time and almost ofa that time, almost all of it has been consumed with Cindy's whining.

    All up, really a terrific episode. Borobudur Temple was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen and I would certainly love to go back there myself someday! Seemed great!

    Keep it up, TAR, and I am most certainly looking forward top to Tropical Thailand next week!

    (BTW, sad to see Kaylani & Lisa go home, especially with the story of her little girl, but am thrilled to see Liz & Marie survive!)moreless
  • Enjoyable third leg, and the best this season yet

    It was a very nice leg in my opinion, the best of the three legs to date and I agree with you Anto, mainly with the Roadblock.

    I really enjoyed the first task, with the bicycles, a nice relaxing challenge for some.

    The Detour was quite average I would've done Grass Fed myself, the other task with the Rice Fields seemed ridiculous at first. Though, in saying that, some teams would have got through that one faster for possibilities rather than the grass one, particularly Lawrence & Zac.

    The Roadblock was definitely the best aspect of the leg, and the best challenge this season yet. Borobudur Temple if that is what it is called was a neat location for the task, and what teams were required to do added every bit of suspense at every turn. By this stage, I was supporting Jeremy & Sandy, Liz & Marie, Anani & Marcus and Andy & Tommy. The bit at the end with Lawrence & Zac being penalised at the end was a nuisance, but they will win for sure soon.

    The overall race to the pit Stop left me very surprised. In terms of searching the pit Stop in such a nearby area, Jeremy & Sandy managed to climb from seventh to third all in that period, great for them through, as they deserve it. Justin & Jennifer and Anani & Marcus grabbed decent end spots while Bill & Cathi probably deserved a higher rank, but they're still in. That's all that counts. Liz & Marie barely held on, and good for you amazing_race that you are still in the pool. I got really worried when Jeremy & Sandy's taxi ran out of fuel on the road, I was worried that they might be out.

    Kaylani & Lisa's elimination was incredibly sad, just very emotional. They did not deserve it, especially this early in the race. Kaylani's daughter's photo really got the tears on.

    Yeah, I have to agree with you again amazing_race. Ernie & Cindy annoyed me this leg, and she is coming off as a bit of a control freak. I hope to see them out next, maybe, but we both know its not going to happen. I think there is a very good chance of a U-Turn next leg, or double. It seems like the time. I reckon the second of four non-elimination legs will appear either on thefifthleg, though it may be a To Be Continued counted as a pit Stop. We'll see.

  • Extreme episode, with some tasks being really easy while others next to impossible...

    This episode made me believe more in two teams:Laurance and Zac and Bill and Cathy...Laurance and Bill showed incredible skill in the Temple Buddha count challenge...

    Was disappointed at the start to see how easy the first two tasks were...

    Still waiting for the best, after the weaker teams get eliminated...Didn't really liked the team's collusion in the Temple challenge, I think they need to realise that this is an individual race and with the hard task they can eliminate a hard competitor...Only team that completed the Temple Challenge without the help of others was Bill and Cathy...moreless
  • Superb installment of The Amazing Race 19!

    I think this was a great installment of The Amazing Race 19! This leg, we got Indonesia for the first time in the U.S. version! :D

    I'm going to review each team in placement order:

    Andy & Tommy: I like these guys, I actually do. I think they're cool in fact. However, I was just disappointed to see him win this leg. I hope to see different teams win in the future.

    Laurence & Zac: Too bad they did not get 1st place. There's not really much to say about this team.

    Jeremy & Sandy: I was surprised they got 3rd, I thought they would get 5th or 6th. But whatever, I love this team!

    Justin & Jennifer: I was also surprised at their placement. Even though they did not fight in this episode, I still kind of dislike them.

    Ernie & Cindy: I'm really not a fan of Ernie & Cindy, well, basically, Cindy. She throws a tantrum the minute something goes wrong.

    Amani & Marcus: Boy, they got really lucky. They were last throughout the entire leg and then they just make it 6th.

    Bill & Cathi: I hope they improve! Hopefully they can get to the top 3 the next leg.

    Liz & Marie: Oh boy! The female teams in the back! I could not choose a female team to want out more. There's always a point where Liz & Marie are in the top for a little while and then they just fall. Hopefully they can improve with Bill & Cathi!

    Kaylani & Lisa: Their elimination was very sad, the music made it sadder. I don't understand why Kaylani felt that she let her daughter down. But anyway, sad elimination.

    Next week doesn't look good for Liz & Marie! Can't determine if they're far ahead, far behind, or only ones doing a task (detour/fast forward). We'll have to wait and see!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The nine teams checked into the third Pit Stop at the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia in the following order:

      1. Andy & Tommy (Prize: Trip to Dubai)
      2. Laurence & Zac (Arrived 1st but received a 15-minute penalty for using more than the allowed number of buckets at the Grass Fed Detour)
      3. Jeremy & Sandy
      4. Justin & Jennifer
      5. Ernie & Cindy
      6. Amani & Marcus
      7. Bill & Cathi
      8. Liz & Marie
      9. Kaylani & Lisa (Eliminated)

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