The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 1

Double Your Money

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • initially 6 minutes in i stopped watching.

    only two maybe 3 teams i like which are the lass who has no legs, the monster truck couple (he is a lil scary) and the rock stars..

    thats it... everyone else falls under the standard idoit/freaks or yet another token gay team which with in seconds of them being shown it was so obvious...

    whoa a 2 million prize if they finish first first and win the race... yeah thats gonna happen ! (if they did wow)

    looks like i'll be skimming this season , i did say the same for the last one but i got in to it again once most of the fat had been trimmed...

    so i returned to watch it in full lol..

    strange 'strict tasks' table tennis was almost identical to an early season even season 1 maybe ? except the opponent used different objects not even that made it worth paying attention..

    the frogs tube eating : how come team monster truck got penalised and have to restart on a second bowl ? oh cos he used his hands to pick it up, yet other teams 'hoovered' it by sucking them out yet they got the clue ? they touched the bowl with their they should of been the first time blatant breaking of rules has somehow eluded teams..

    then the complete muppetry of most of the teams walking right past the abacus expecting a big sign or race logo ? wrong...

    darn the gay team managed to 'leap frog their way ahead' due to team 'posh american abarcarce' (who came last) making a huge mistake...
  • Could have been much better

    The twenty first season has just started, and the episode while it was not poor, it didn't do much for me. I was actually quite looking forward to Shanghai being visited, being my second favourite Asian city, behind KL.

    The teams seem pretty good, but the tasks were not so interesting, the double Roadblock was mildly interesting but it felt rushed, no real time to get to know the teams and there was no airport scene. Premiere should have been 90 minutes long.
  • Just a medicore start.

    This premiere was underwhelming for sure. It's a contender for the worst premiere episode. The ping pong was semi0entertaining, while the eating challenge didn't seem to cause any problems whatsoever. The whole leg was decided by who could find the abacus lady.

    Not much else to say really. I'm pretty underwhelmend so far... :/
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