The Amazing Race

Season 24 Episode 6

Down and Dirty

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2014 on CBS

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    Great the EPSIODE

    Rachel is an idiot.. honestly they deserve to be out

    Kinda sucked how the road blocked turned out to be pointless kinda dumb

    BUT ANYWYS THANK GOD THE COUNTRY GIRLS ARE STILL IN AAAAHH. there my favourite team there hilarious there the underdogs i want them to win.


    I give it a ten just for the fact that the Country girls are still IN
  • nel so soon ?

    well i hoped team country were going home, they bring nothing to the show for me, other than a mild annoyance.

    tuk tuk task was great, showing how stupid rachel is how did brenchel make that train ? seems very odd that she was last on her own and had to get all 4 done, mean while everyone else had left and got to the station, the timing doesn't add up to me.

    i was surprised the trunk task was a limited number, i also question some of the handling of those elephants.

    the paper task showed up those teams lack of attention, air bubbles what ? duh !

    i was expecting a 'double leg episode' this week i guess that's coming soon after the next ep.

    afganimals found their old selves for a few minutes with their dirty tricks to slow people down.

    good ep over all for me !

  • Plenty of drama despite the awful leg structure.

    Well the big plus adn the highlight of the episode is the highly entertaining Roadblock. The downside is that this task proved to be entirely pointless.

    I liked the Detour although I really hate these tasks where only a several number of people can participate at once and that number exceeds half the cast, because it automatically puts a numerical minority here fighting for last place which is not fun at all to see, and somewhat predictable in the end.

    What saved the episode is the NEL - it made up for the poor leg structure and also ended up saving one of my favourites!

    Overall, much better than last week, and very good for a NLEL leg, but there were still major flaws that need to be ironed out. Looking forward to getting out of Asia and into Europe next time, after the one-week break! :P
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