The Amazing Race

Season 24 Episode 6

Down and Dirty

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2014 on CBS

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  • nel so soon ?

    well i hoped team country were going home, they bring nothing to the show for me, other than a mild annoyance.

    tuk tuk task was great, showing how stupid rachel is how did brenchel make that train ? seems very odd that she was last on her own and had to get all 4 done, mean while everyone else had left and got to the station, the timing doesn't add up to me.

    i was surprised the trunk task was a limited number, i also question some of the handling of those elephants.

    the paper task showed up those teams lack of attention, air bubbles what ? duh !

    i was expecting a 'double leg episode' this week i guess that's coming soon after the next ep.

    afganimals found their old selves for a few minutes with their dirty tricks to slow people down.

    good ep over all for me !