The Amazing Race

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season




Episode Guide

    • In It to Win It
      Season 26 - Episode 11

      Teams race across Peru, engaging in the local culture through dance and a popular leisure activity. Vehicular difficulties leave one team playing catch up early on as teams battle for a spot in the final leg.

    • 3/11/16
      The race continues in Chamonix, France.
    • Great Way to Start a Relationship (Tokyo, Japan)

      Season 26 begins with 11 dating couples, including five pairs who meet for the first time at the starting line at California's Castaic Lake, before flying to Tokyo, Japan for the first leg of the race. For the first time in Race history, a Blind U-Turn lies in wait on Leg 1.

    • Back in Business
      Back in Business
      Season 26 - Episode 7

      Teams fly from the second smallest country in the world to the second least densely populated one, landing in the Namibian capital of Windhoek. Teams construct traditional dwellings and get up close with the local wildlife at the Detour before an intense race to the Pit Stop.

    • Hooping It Up
      Season 25 - Episode 11

      The Final Four teams continue racing through the Philippines, with a coveted spot in the final leg on the line. Teams immerse themselves in the local culture through a hectic Detour and then battle for survival at a scorching hot Roadblock, before a major Race twist is revealed.

    • King of the Jungle
      Season 27 - Episode 5
      The race continues in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
    • Full Speed Ahead, Captain!
      Season 27 - Episode 7
      The race continues in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    • We Got a Chance Baby!
      Season 27 - Episode 12
      Season 27 ends with the final teams racing on Long Island, N.Y., to the finish line.
    • Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist
      Season 25 - Episode 7

      The race heads to Sicily for just the second time, where two of the race frontrunners once again do battle for supremacy. Teams experience the Targa Florio auto race in a go-kart race above Sicily, before partaking in a Detour involving two things commonly associated with Italy - art and opera.

    • Smells Like a Million Bucks
      Season 26 - Episode 6

      Teams fly to Nice in southern France before making their way to the Principality of Monaco, where a romantic Roadblock sends some teams searching the wrong way, while in the iconic Monte Carlo Casino, Lady Luck determines which Roadblock teams must attempt.

    • Can I Get a Hot Tub!
      Season 26 - Episode 9

      Teams fly back to Europe and race to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, where one racer loses their bearings at a mind-numbing Roadblock, while another team melts down while losing their way. Teams compete in a traditional variation of shuffleboard or solve a series of clues in a floating hot tub at an intense Detour, before fighting for survival in a race to the Pit Stop.

    • Moment of Truth
      Moment of Truth
      Season 26 - Episode 8

      Teams race across Namibia where they are tasked with interpreting a clue in German, before sparks fly at the Double U-Turn board when battle lines are drawn.

    • Race to the Finish (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      The three teams, from Alaska have to travel back to the starting point in New York City where Frank and Margarita live. This worries Rob and Brennan. Frank and Margarita think they have it in the bag but at the final pit stop in Flushing Meadows Park where all the eliminated teams are waiting, Rob and Brennan are the first to cross the finish line. Frank and Margarita are the next team to arrive, obviously disappointed because of their loss. Joe and Bill are informed of Rob and Brennan's win back in Alaska and although they are disappointed they are glad that Rob and Brennan had won the race. In post-race interviews, Frank and Margarita claim they have won more than a million dollars in that of the rekindling of their relationship. Rob is happy to have won the race and to have won it with his best friend, Brennan.moreless
    • 2/17/13

      Eleven new teams begin racing on the twenty-second edition of The Amazing Race. Their first stop is the island paradise of Bora Bora, where rows of sandcastles threaten to be the downfall of multiple teams. Meanwhile, in a race first, the winner of the first leg is awarded two Express Passes, one of which must be delegated to another team.

    • The final three teams receive a clue telling them to travel from their Pit Stop in Potter's Field Park, England to Kingston, Jamaica and then take a taxi 90 miles to the Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio. There, the teams discover a Roadblock in which one team member must dance the limbo. Then, after spending the night at that location, they face a Detour that requires them to choose between "Raft It" or "Build It". All teams choose the "Build It" option, which requires them to build a raft and then sail it a short distance across a river. All teams struggle with the task. The teams then travel 80 miles to a coconut and spice plantation in Montego Bay, the Pit Stop for the leg. One team looses a tire on the way causing them to finish last but are instead stripped of everything in a Non-Elimination leg.
      In the final leg of the race, the teams first face an onion-cutting task and then a Detour in which all teams choose "Tee" rather than "Pony", requiring them to hit a golf ball within a particular area. The teams later travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico and complete a final but very physical Roadblock that requires one team member to take a big dive off a bridge and then swim to a certain point. One team fights back from the from the brink of losing it all, while another falls hopelessly behind. It's another close finish that leaves one team literally begging for what they need to make it to the finish line first.moreless
    • Welcome to the Jungle
      Season 24 - Episode 3

      The remaining teams fly to Malaysian Borneo where they quickly find themselves up a creek without a paddle. Meanwhile friends must do battle against one another in a bid to stay in the race.

    • Thinly Sliced Anchovies
      Season 25 - Episode 4

      Teams race to Copenhagen, Denmark and choose between two tricky Detour options involving attention to detail. One team experiences communication difficulties that threaten to affect their race, while another team finds themselves battling to avoid last place after three legs at the top.

    • Get in That Lederhosen, Baby (Bavaria)

      The race continues in Bavaria, Germany, where teams take part in traditional Oktoberfest activities. One team makes a costly error by losing their fanny pack, while driving difficulties threaten two teams.

    • Fruits of Our Labor
      Season 26 - Episode 10

      Teams fly to Trujillo, Peru and make their way to rural Otuzco, doing battle in the sugarcane fields before sorting through hundreds of potatoes at a tricky Detour.

    • 10/16/15
      The race continues at Victoria Falls along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    • Get Your Sheep Together
      Season 25 - Episode 3

      Teams race to Scotland's Shetland Islands, where local animals threaten to send several teams home, while one team suffers an injury, putting their race in jeopardy.

    • Go Big or Go Home
      Season 25 - Episode 1

      Season 25 begins with 11 teams in New York City's Times Square, where they learn that the duo who win the first leg of the race will receive "The Save," a game-changing element that allows them to rescue themselves if they finish last on a future leg and face elimination. Next, the teams fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands and participate in their first challenge.

    • Beards in the Wind
      Season 23 - Episode 4

      The remaining teams travel north of the Arctic Circle where Norwegian fish heads send some teams spiralling to the back of the pack, and a simple mistake costs one team the lead. Teams take a plunge into the cold Arctic, while one team makes a power play for Tim & Marie's second Express Pass.

    • The Final Push
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      Ronald Hsu & Christina Hsu, TK Erwin & Rachel Rosales and Nicolas Fulks & Donald Jerousek are the three teams racing for the top prize of one million dollars. They take off from their Pit Stop at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Plaza in Taipei, Taiwan and receive a clue instructing them to immediately fly to the final destination city of Anchorage, Alaska, over 4,500 miles away. As teams scramble for flights, all obtain the same flight, but one manages a valuable upgrade. Once in Alaska, teams travel to 6th Avenue Outfitters, an adventure store, to pick up vital gear for tasks and a clue. One team, however, neglects to pick up their gear and does not realize their mistake until reaching the Detour. This particular Detour, at the Ship Creek Boat Launch, requires teams to choose between tasks involving either cod or crabs. The teams then taxi sixty miles to the Twenty Mile River and then take a high-speed boat ride to the Twenty Mile Glacier, which they scale. Next, teams take a thrilling taxi ride across the Alaskan wilderness to Merrill Field and taxi to Goose Lake Park. There, they face the final Roadblock, in which one member of each team is required to complete a task that involves the placement of various objects featured throughout the race. Teams then receive two clues instructing them to travel to statues, and then finally are instructed to travel to the Girdwood Airport and run to the finish line. In a near-photo finish, one team just ekes out another to win The Amazing Race 12 and claim the one million dollar prize.moreless
    • Super Shady
      Season 19 - Episode 8

      The six remaining teams set off from the Sunbird Livingstonia Beach in Salima, Malawi and fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, heading to Vor Frelsers Kirke with knowledge there will be another Double U-Turn on the course. After getting a clue to Frederiksborg Slot, the Roadblock forces racers to go inside and learn an intricate Renaissance dance done in three parts. At Frilandmuseet, the Detour has teams choose between getting "All Hopped Up" by leading rabbits through a steeplechase course, or making sure they get six bricks of butter "All Churned Out" and in presentable shape. Directed to the nearby Karlstrup Windmill, teams are given the Pit Stop location: the Havet, docked back in Copenhagen.

    • As the final stretch of the race begins, the teams travel 75 miles to the Royal Kraal and receive clues on T-Mobile Sidekicks. They're directed to fly over 7,000 miles to Tokyo, Japan and then locate the world's busiest intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo and find a clue on a giant screen. The clue directs them to a statue of a dog named Hachiko, and then to a Detour --- Maiden or Messenger. Maiden requires them to transport a maiden a third of a mile, while Messenger requires them to assemble folding bikes and then deliver messages to two buildings. After completing this task and sleeping in capsules at the Capsule Land Hotel, the teams travel to the Fujikyu Highland amusement park where a Roadblock requires one member of each team to ride on three rides and search for a clue. The clue takes them to the Pit Stop at Lake Yamanaka, where they then use a duck boat to cross to the Big Swan.

      On the second leg, the teams are directed to fly 9,000 miles to Anchorage, Alaska. A scramble for flights eventually ends with all teams making it on the same flight to Anchorage. Once in Anchorage, the teams travel 30 miles to Mirror Lake. There, a Detour involves a choice of Drill It or Deliver It. As Deliver It is snowed out, all teams choose Drill It, which requires them to drill ten holes in a lake and then use a shack to cover at least two of them. After completing this task, the teams head to Kincaid Park, don snowshoes and hunt for a clue. This clue directs them to fly to their final destination city --- Denver, Colorado --- the same town in which they started. Ultimately, the teams find themselves back at the Red Rocks Ampitheater. The difference between winning and losing comes down to a Roadblock that requires the teams to find a flag for each country they visited and place them in the correct order. Their teammate is allowed to assist verbally, but not physically.moreless
    • Hot Sexy Knights
      Season 25 - Episode 8

      Teams travel by ferry from Sicily to Malta, where they serve Maltese knights, before descending into the picturesque Blue Grotto at a challenging Roadblock. Teams then have to choose a Detour option without any additional information for the first time in Race history.

    • I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Goat
      Season 25 - Episode 6

      Teams race into rural Morocco, where they come face to face with the local animals at a tricky Detour and come face to face with their fear of heights over the rugged terrain in a challenging Roadblock, while navigational problems threaten to end one team's chances.

    • 11/5/06
      The teams race away from their Pit Stop at the Chateau bel Ombre on the island of Mauritius after receiving a clue instructing them to fly 700 miles to Atananarivo, Madagascar. All teams make the same flight and then search for the Black Angel statue, which has recently been painted white. Once there, the teams encounter a surprising new twist --- an Intersection in the race. This requires each team to pair up with one other team and complete all tasks together until instructed to stop doing so. Two teams bond together to complete a Fast Forward task that requires them to eat cow lips. The other four teams pair up and then complete a Detour task that requires them to wrap and deliver mattresses at an open market. Once those teams complete the Detour, they then break apart and individual members of each team complete a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to search through a market for rubber stamps. The tension is nerve-wracking as team-members not completing the Roadblock wait at an area nearby the check-in mat and hope that teams completing the Fast Forward don't arrive before them.moreless
    • 5/3/06
      The teams receive a clue instructing them to travel fifteen miles from their Pit Stop at the South Breakwater to the Silver Bells Tower. Tensions ensue when Eric and Jeremy cancel other teams taxis and then shift the blame to Joseph and Monica. However, it doesn't affect placings as all teams make the same flight to Darwin, Australia, 1,700 miles away. The teams wade through crocodile-infested waters for a clue and then travel 50 miles to an airfield in the town of Batchelor. One team just manages to reach a Yield before another and then Yields the team they beat. In a Roadblock, one member of each team must take part in a tandem skydive. The teams then travel to the Magnetic Termite Mounds where they face a Detour choice of either Wet or Dry. Some teams fall behind after choosing the extremely challenging Wet task, requiring them to hike and swim one mile through treacherous wilderness. The other two teams choose Dry and duplicate a note on a didgeridoo. While one team arrives comfortably in first place, the rest find themselves facing a three-way foot-race.moreless
    • Smarter, Not Harder
      Season 24 - Episode 4

      Teams race to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, where some teams are left crying over spilled drinks at a frustrating Detour, while others test their rhythm at a wild party.

    • The Gladiators Are Here!
      Season 24 - Episode 7

      The race continues to Rome, Italy, where country singers Caroline & Jennifer fight to overcome a Speed Bump. Teams relive popular activities from Ancient Rome as they become gladiators and charioteers, before a footrace to the mat could spell the end for one team.

    • Good Doing Business With You
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      The four remaining teams set off from the tenth Pit Stop at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and travel forty miles away to Macau, riding on turbojet ferries. The teams are pleased to find that they are able to procure these ferries early in the morning, but less pleased when they find that their next destination, the Macau Tower, does not open until 8 A.M. When one team faces financial difficulties, they make a deal to Yield another team in order to procure much-needed cash. Once the Tower opens, one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock that involves the highest jump in the history of the show. After completing this task, the teams took a taxi to the Lou Lim Ioc Garden, where Detour tasks tested either their ability to pay attention to detail or their mettle at navigation. Upon completing this task, all teams were faced with the challenge of driving a mini-moke. Navigating this unfamiliar vehicle to the Pit Stop proved a major challenge for some teams, and in the end, one checked in last, only to receive a major surprise.moreless
    • 12/3/06
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop, a nomadic settlement known as the Berber Camp, and receive a clue instructing them to travel 275 miles through the Atlas Mountains to Casablanca. Once there, the teams face a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to get in touch with their "Inner chef and adventurous appetite" by consuming a pound of camel meat. After completing this task, teams fly 800 miles to Barcelona, Spain. At 10 A.M., they enter a confusing labyrinth to search for the next clue. Some teams struggle, while others remain calm, allowing them to easily navigate the complex maze. The teams then travel to a Detour task which involves either dressing up as giants or searching through tomatoes while being pelted with them. Finally, the teams travel to the Pit Stop, the fountain at the Palau National of Mojuic. The top three teams learn that they will be racing for the finish line and one million dollars, but one team receives the disappointing news that they are eliminated.moreless
    • Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks
      Season 25 - Episode 10

      Teams race from Singapore to the Philippines, where one team immerses themselves in the local fishing industry, while minor details threaten to derail another. Teams then compete in a Switchback to a memorable challenge from Season 5, ahead of an intense footrace to the mat to avoid elimination.

    • You're Taking My Tan Off
      Season 25 - Episode 9

      Teams head to Singapore with a Double U-Turn looming ahead, which two teams attempt to bypass by taking on a tricky Fast Forward. Teams tackle their fear of heights and are tested to the limits of their pain thresholds, before one team lies to another, sending them stumbling in the wrong direction.

    • Get in There and Think Like a Dog
      Season 27 - Episode 2
      The race continues in Buenos Aires.
    • Where My Dogs At?
      Season 27 - Episode 3
      The race continues in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina.
    • You Look Like Gollum
      Season 28 - Episode 2

      All eleven teams continue on through to the second leg, travelling to Cartagena, Colombia for the first time. One team scrambles to catch up from behind after they miss a crucial flight, while other teams get down and dirty at a Roadblock. After teams are able to find an emerald buried within the mud pool at the task, they can then swim out into the ocean and grab their next clue.
      Teams encounter a Detour that requires specific attention to detail. One task has teams building a stable shelter on the beach for an outdoor beach party, while the other gives teams an opportunity to utilise their cooking skills to prepare a dish for party goers. After a scramble, the team stuck behind manages to catch up and pass another team due to a mistake, resulting in a close finish.

    • I Should've Been a Boy Scout
      Season 28 - Episode 1
      Eleven teams made up of social media personalities embark on a global race to win the top million dollar prize. In the opener, the duos begin the race from their homes and meet Phil Keoghan in Mexico City.
    • That's Money, Honey
      Season 28 - Episode 11
      The race continues in Shenzhen, China.
    • 11/29/09
      The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Prague Castle to learn Brian and Ericka's Speed Bump—making and drinking absinthe at the pub, M1—comes straight away. A literally Kafkaesque Roadblock at the Ekotechnicke Museum leaves ringing in some's ears, while a trip to the -180°C Kryocentrum leaves everyone chilled to the bone. The Legend and Lager Detour choices see some construct a Golem, while others deliver beers to soccer holligans, before heading to the Pit Stop on Strelecky Ostrov next to the Charles Bridge.moreless
    • My Cheese is Out of Control
      Season 22 - Episode 8

      The remaining teams depart Africa and head to snowy Switzerland where they are confronted with their fear of heights. Teams relive a memorable challenge in a race Switchback before one team makes a potentially costly mistake.

    • My Nose Is On Fire
      Season 13 - Episode 7
      The remaining teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Baha'i House and receive a clue instructing them to travel to Deshbandhu Apartments. Once there, they participate in a Roadblock that frustrates several racers (including some not actually participating in the task) as they are pelted with various colored dyes. Upon completing this trial, the teams receive a clue instructing them to travel into Old Delhi and find the Charity Birds Hospital and search through cages of injured birds for their next clue. At the hospital, most teams proceed forward with the leg's Detour, but one finds itself faced with a Speed Bump for having come in last in the previous leg. As this team struggles to make up time, the remaining teams struggle to varying degrees with the Detour tasks, one involving a confusing search for numbers and one involving the creation of hot chili powder. In the end, the final outcome is determined by one team's poor performance at finding the numbers. This team, which had previously been gaining momentum, is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
      Season 18 - Episode 10
      The five remaining teams depart from the Moos Restaurant at the base of the Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland and head to the Air Rescue Helicopter Port. From there they helicopter to the Detour, where they must either "Search" for a dummy using an avalanche beacon, or simulate a "Rescue" from a deep crevasse. Teams then take the train back down to Zermatt and go to Le Petit Cervin. There, the Roadblock has team members make a Travelocity Roaming Gnome out of chocolate. Completion rewards the location of the Pit Stop: a 300-year-old cabin in town.moreless
    • Donkeylicious
      Season 24 - Episode 8

      The race continues to Orvieto, Italy, where battle lines are drawn at the race's first Double U-Turn. An unlikely alliance is formed at the Detour, before an awkward encounter at the Roadblock sets up an intense battle.

    • I Think This Monkey Likes Me!
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop at Lake Bennett in the Australian outback and receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 7,000 miles to Bangkok, Thailand. After a scramble for airplane flights and bus rides, three teams arrive in time for the opening of the Three Spires Pagoda, but one is late after a critical mistake. One team catapults ahead by taking a challenging Fast Forward requiring them to eat stir-fried crickets and grasshoppers. Another team quickly opts out of the Fast Forward and joins the remaining teams for the Roadblock, which requires one member of each team to prepare a traditional feast for monkeys. This proves difficult, as the monkeys are all around and make difficulties in the efforts to craft the feast. After finally completing the task, the teams receive a clue instructing them to take a taxi 90 miles and then travel by ferry to Koh Kret Island. There, at the Buddha Gardens, they choose between a Detour --- Move It or Altar It. The Move It task involves the transporation of 72 clay pots, while the Altar It task requires the teams to make their way on foot to a Buddhist temple and then create a shrine to Buddha. The Move It task frustrates one team and ultimately they are eliminated from the race, leaving the final three.moreless
    • This Is Forever, Now
      Season 12 - Episode 7
      The remaining five teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Stone Cross in Dubrovnik, Croatia and receive a clue instructing them to travel by ferry to Ancona, Italy. All teams must first travel by bus to Split, Croatia. All teams make the same ferry, but tricky driving in Ancona causes delays for several teams, such that only two have arrived when the Roadblock opens at 7 A.M. at the Roadblock. One racer struggles repeatedly at the Roadblock, while another team advances their position by opting for a Fast Forward that requires a major physical alteration. Along the way, teams receive a message from home on a Blackberry, which is not allowed to be used for any other purpose. One team is frustrated when they lose their clue. One racer becomes frustrated with their partner during a difficult driving situation, ordering them to "stop this car!" Another team faces a flat-tire, but overcomes the difficulty to avoid last place. The team checking into the Pit Stop at the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy is surprised and delighted to learn that they are not eliminated, though less delighted to learn that they will be faced with an additional task on the next leg.moreless
    • When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
      Season 25 - Episode 2

      Teams fly to London and partake in the iconic changing of the guard tradition. Teams do battle punting through Oxford, before being presented with a risky option to go for an Express Pass waiting at a location away from the Pit Stop.

    • 5/10/09
      In the fourteenth season's finale, the final three teams set off from their Pit Stop at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, China and travel over 5,000 miles to Maui, Hawaii. There, they travel to beach access 118 where an exhausting task requires them prepare a pig for a luau. Two racers greatly struggle with this task, but all successfully complete it and receive the next clue instructing them to travel to a buoy field where they must search amongst over 100 buoys for a clue. Upon completing this task, they travel to a surfboard fence along the Hana Highway. One racer gains a substantial lead at the leg's Roadblock when the other teams get lost on the way to it, but then becomes frustrated upon not being able to complete the task. Ultimately, the other teams catch up, making it a very close race for the finish. One team arrives first at the King Kamahahema Golf Club, claiming the prize of one-million dollars.moreless
    • The nine remaining All-Star teams receive a clue that directs them to travel from their Pit Stop at the Valley of the Dead in Chile four miles to a church in the village of San Pedro de Atacama by the same name. There, they find that they must fly 800 miles to Puerto Montt and then drive 30 to fishery in Metri. As teams maneuver for flights, several find themselves behind when they are unable to catch an early flight, but catch a small break when the flight arrives slightly early. At the fishery, one member of each team completes a Roadblock that requires them to transfer fish from one tank to another. Afterwards, the teams travel fifty miles to Petrohue and find La Maquina, a popular spot for adventure spots. All teams take part in a watery Detour and one loses time—but not position—after neglecting to pick up a clue. Ultimately, one team is unable to make up time after struggling to find the Detour location and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • I Love Monkeys!
      Season 22 - Episode 4

      The nine remaining teams fly from New Zealand to Indonesia where a detail-oriented Detour threatens to unravel several teams. Meanwhile another team struggles through a memory challenge, before Amazing Race history is made at the Pit Stop.

    • Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      Eleven new teams take off on a race around the world for one-million dollars in the premiere of the fourteenth season of The Amazing Race. The teams take off from the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base near Long Beach, California. They immediately receive a clue instructing them to fly to either Zurich or Milan and then travel by train to Locarno, Switzerland. Once in Switzerland, the teams travel to the Church of San Antonio. Upon signing a register, they receive a message from a priest with one of three departure times for the next morning: 7:15 A.M., 7:30 A.M. and 7:45 A.M. After camping out that night, the teams travel to the Verzasca Dam (Valle Verzasca) and face a Roadblock requiring "nerves and steel"-- a 70 story bungee jump. After completing this jump, the second-highest in the world, the teams travel by train to the Interlaken and search for Kleine Rugen Wiese. There, they take part in a task requiring them to join the local workforce and transport 200 pounds of cheese from an aging shed to the bottom of a hill. To aid in this task, teams don an an antique cheese rack, but many racers end up simply carrying cheese or sliding slowly down the hill when their cheese racks break. Upon completing this task, the teams receive a clue instructing them to travel to the last postal bus stop in the town of Stechelberg. They then listen for a group of yodelers to lead them to the leg's Pit Stop. In the end, two teams find themselves in an extremely close foot-race, with one falling just slightly behind and being eliminated.moreless
    • Down and Dirty
      Season 24 - Episode 6
      The race continues in Sri Lanka where an exhausting Roadblock drains the participants of their strength. Later, a race through the countryside ends with a breakneck rush to the pit stop.
    • Accidental Alliance
      Season 24 - Episode 9

      The remaining teams travel to Lucerne, Switzerland, where they become hotel workers in an intense cleaning battle. Three teams form an alliance ostracising another team and agree together in an attempt to knock their opposition out, leading to an intense footrace atop Mount Titlis.

    • The teams take off from their Pit Stop in Munich, Germany and receive a clue instructing them to fly 850 miles to a 100-year-old opera house in Palermo, Italy. One team manages an early flight and takes off to a nice lead. Once at the opera house, the teams receive a clue instructing them to travel 42 miles in a marked car to Castellammare del Golfo. There, they face a Detour --- Laundry, in which they must search through 2,400 items of laundry or Foundry, in which they must transport a heavy bell. Finally, the Roadblock requires one member of each team to assemble a Greek statue, but they are not told that there are two additional pieces. Once they complete the statue, they travel on foot one mile to the Pit Stop at the Tempio di Siegesto. One team makes a critical error by heading for the Pit Stop before the Roadblock, but ultimately different circumstances cause another team's downfall.moreless
    • You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      The remaining seven teams take off from their Pit Stop at the "End of the World" in Argentina and travel to the nearby Marshall Mountain chain, where they hike a half a mile and then use an avalanche beacon to search for another containing a clue. The clue instructs them to fly 7,000 miles to Naputo, Mozambique. Though teams are provided with tickets arriving at 3:00 P.M., all successfully negotiate tickets for an earlier flight arriving at 9:00 A.M. They then travel 45 miles via provided cars to the Apopo Training Field where one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock involving trained rats. After completing this task, they then face a Detour that involves either fancy fingernail-care or heavy lifting. Teams race for the Pit Stop, where two teams have a foot-race that leads to virtual tie. One team arrives last but is delighted to learn that they are not eliminated.moreless
    • A Little Too Much Beefcake
      Season 27 - Episode 1
      Eleven teams begin Season 27 in Venice Beach, Cal., and then fly to Rio de Janeiro for the first leg of the race.
    • Donkeys Have Souls, Too
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      The teams take off from the starting line at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California and are instructed to fly to Shannon, Ireland. A flight delay leaves teams that thought they were ahead scrambling to catch up. The teams travel to the world's smallest church and then sign up for one of the three ferries departing the next morning. They're then directed to drive 42 miles to Cleggan farm where they must ride a tandem bike to a clue. One member of each team then completes a task that involves more biking -- highwire bicycling while their teammate rides below. Many teams are then frustrated by a task that requires them to fill a basket with fifteen pieces of peat and then transport it using a donkey. Controlling the donkeys proves more difficult for some teams than others and once again some leading teams take a plunge. Ultimately, one team is unable to recover from poor performance on this task and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • 10/30/11

      The seven remaining teams depart from the M. R. Kukrit Heritage House in Bangkok, Thailand and fly to Lilongwe, Malawi, where they travel by taxi to Limbe Tobacco Warehouse for their Roadblock: racers are forced to transport ten, 200 lb. bales of tobacco using a handtruck to receive their next clue. At the Detour, teams either must travel to White Horse De-sign Tailor Shop in an old market and use an old manual sewing machine to make sure a customer's suit is properly "All Sewn Up", or go to Lilongwe LEA School and make two toy trucks by using simple materials for kids who are "Not Grown Up" to play with. Teams then head to a furniture store and have two beds trucked to Kumbali Village, then carry them to the Pit Stop, where the beds will be used for their overnight rest.

    • Morocc' and Roll
      Season 25 - Episode 5

      The eight remaining teams race to the city of Marrakesh, Morocco where they race to set up traditional food carts, battle through a traditional tannery and partake in the local culture through music and drink. Tensions rise with a Double U-Turn lying in wait, especially as two teams clash at another challenge.

    • Like James Bond Again
      Season 22 - Episode 3

      The remaining teams continue on the third leg of the race, with Christchurch, New Zealand as their next destination. One team undergoes medical treatment to determine whether or not they can continue with the race, while the fate of the second Express Pass is also revealed.

    • Bull Down
      Season 24 - Episode 10

      The remaining teams fly to Seville, Spain where they take part in a contemporary twist on the running of the bulls. One team suffers an injury, threatening their position in the game, while drama unfolds at the U-Turn, where one team makes a potentially unpopular decision.

    • It's Not Easy Beating Green
      Season 27 - Episode 11
      The final four teams race in Hong Kong and Macau, China, where they take part in a water show and compete for a chance to race in the final leg.
    • Krakow, I'm Gonna Get You
      Season 27 - Episode 8
      The race continues in Krakow, Poland.
    • It's Always the Quiet Ones
      Season 27 - Episode 9
      The race continues in Agra, India.
    • Working Our Barrels Off
      Season 22 - Episode 10

      The Final Five are instructed to fly to Edinburgh, Scotland, where one racer finds themselves out of breath at the Roadblock. Teams embrace Scottish culture at a Detour involving haggis, while alliances strategise against one another with a Double U-Turn approaching.

    • 3/21/06
      The teams arrive at the mat in Russia after completing the Nesting Dolls/Trolley Wash Detour and receive a clue instructing them to fly 1,000 miles to Frankfurt, Germany and then travel 100 by train to Stuttgart. Three teams land nighttime flights and take a lead, while others have to wait until morning for their flights. The teams take a ride with a professional driver at the "Wall of Death" at a Mercedes-Benz factory. They then drive 200 miles to the marked Ellbach Field in Bad Tolz, where they search for one of eleven Travelocity roaming gnomes buring among 150 feet and hats. As some teams extend their leads, others become hopelessly lost. The teams then travel to Bavaria Films in Grunwald and face a Detour choice of Break It or Slap It. Break It requires them to break bottles over each other's heads at the sound of a cuckoo bird, while Slap It requires them to learn a complicated German dance. Finally, the teams check in at the Pit Stop at Siegestor in Munich and another team is eliminated.moreless
    • Move Goat
      Season 19 - Episode 7

      The seven remaining teams depart from the Kumbali Village in Lilongwe, Malawi and travel by bus to the town of Salima, where their Roadblock awaits. One team member has to use a bicycle taxi, called kabaza, to take a passenger carrying fish to one of three different addresses. After completing this, they must go to Lake Malawi and do the Detour tasks: they must join the 'Dugout' canoe race and use a traditional canoe, they have to paddle out to pass the drummer, and paddle back to the shore in order to receive their next clue. Teams also may choose to 'Lugout' eight passengers, two boxes of cabbages, two bundles of sugar cane, two brooms, one chair, and one fan from ferry to the shore. Succeeding in doing the tasks, teams must search Jamaica Shop and face the first Double U-Turn. After deciding which teams should be U-Turned, they must walk all the way to the seventh Pit Stop: Sunbird Livingstonia Beach.

    • The Ultimate Fun House
      Season 22 - Episode 9

      The five remaining teams cross the border into Germany where they experience the nightlife of Berlin by carrying large neon letters, flying off buildings and exploring intricate labyrinths. Cracks begin to appear in old alliances and the competition intensifies as the end of the race approaches.

    • The teams continue in the second part of a double-length episode. Departing from the Pit Stop nearby the Jan III Sobieski Lozenki statue in Warsaw, Poland, the teams learn that they must travel by charter bus to Auschwitz, Birkenau. The charter buses carry three teams and leave four hours apart. Upon arriving at the Auschwitz concentration camp, teams are required to light a candle and have a moment of silence for the victims of the Holocaust. It's a very emotional moment that teams find themselves reflecting on and in some cases relating to personal experiences, or past history of their own families. Teams then proceed forty miles to a theatre in Krakow where they find themselves facing an Intersection, requiring them to pair up with another team. Two teams work this great advantage by partnering for a Fast Forward, but one loses a sizable lead by being forced to wait for the trailing charter bus. All teams ultimately find themselves heading to the Pieskowa Skała castle. Those that did not claim the Fast Forward must first complete the Roadblock before checking in, but one is too late and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Be Safe and Don't Hit a Cow
      Season 22 - Episode 7

      Teams are faced with the task of traversing a crocodile-infested creek, causing some teams to find themselves up a creek without a paddle. A test of memory baffles one team, while navigational difficulties puts another team in jeopardy and two teams find themselves in trouble with the law.

    • 3/25/07
      Teams take off from the their Pit Stop at Fort Aleza in Maputo, Mozambique and are instructed to fly to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 1,400 miles away. A scramble for flights immediately begins and teams find that flight placement in this leg plays a major role in where they will ultimately end up. One team makes a risky move in opting to take standby-only seats on a flight, which ultimately gains them valuable time and allows them to arrive in first. One team is disappointed when they believe they have secured seats on a flight, but are removed, told that they had been given the seats in error. Once in Mozambique, teams takes one of four dhows (ferries) into Zanzibar, where they then take part in a Roadblock that requires them to choose between either a task that "taxes the mind" or one that "taxes the muscles." They then traveled 15 miles by taxi to the "bush country" of Kikungwi for a Roadblock that involved skill and accuracy. In a leg that involved a great disparity between first and last, a close finish led to the elimination of another team.moreless
    • Whatever it Takes to Win
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The teams start out in the Sahara desert. Kevin and Drew are the first to depart. The clue reads that they must get to the Palace Hotel in Tunis,300 miles away. Joe and Bill are the first to arrive at the clue. They must get to a spot outside the famous Coliseum in Rome. The teams head to the Tunisian airport. Tensions are high at the airport. At one point, Drew ask Team Guido if they want to have one of their legs broke. Joe and Bill laugh at this and don't see it as a threat. Drew then tells the team he was joking. Joe and Bill are the first of the teams to get tickets on the plane and are the last tickets on that flight. When the other teams arrive at the airport, the Guido's (all ready to go) decide to spy on the other teams and at one point, decide to eavesdrop. Teams are getting extremely frustrated when they learn of the air strike in Rome. They are having serious trouble getting tickets. With "charm," Kevin and Drew get tickets for themselves and two other teams (Nancy/Emily and Rob/Brennan).Team Guido discovers that these three teams have gotten better flights then them but they have a plan. The Guidos decide to cut them off at the boarding gates. This act makes most teams dislike Joe/Bill for a long period of time. It causes Kevin to get angry and Emily to cry. Nancy claims that she was pushed by one of the Guidos. Frank/Margarita get a flight to London and Karyn/Lenny are still looking for a flight. When they arrive at the flag outside the Coliseum, they are given a Detour. They have to chose between finding a statue of a foot and a statue of a hoof. The clue reads that they may pick up speed if they go for the hoof. Lenny and Karyn decide to go for the foot. The clue tells them that they must get to Castle Franco Emilia goes through Bologna by taking a train. Frank/Margarita and Joe/Bill take a cab and at the end of the leg are given a time penalty for this fault. Both teams say they did not take the taxi to cheat but misunderstood somehow. When the teams arrive at the Roadblock, one team member must drive a smart car to the pit stop and the other must be professionally driven in a sports car to the destination. Lenny and Karyn are the last team to arrive but this leg is the first of three non-elimination points.moreless
    • Beacon of Hope
      Season 22 - Episode 11

      The remaining teams fight for the million dollars on the two-hour season final of The Amazing Race, returning to the United States via Belfast, Northern Ireland, where one team is eliminated before the Final Three is determined. Then, the Final Three face a Switchback and a test of memory as the battle for the million intensifies, taking a photograph with the president along the way.

    • Bollywood Travolta
      Season 20 - Episode 9

      The five remaining teams depart Lake Manyara in Tanzania and fly to Cochin, India. Continuing to Sacred Heart College in Thevara, teams are faced with a Bollywood-themed Roadblock where racers must learn a complicated dance routine and perform it to the satisfaction of the choreographer. Clued to the Indian Coffee House, teams are given a Detour of either both racers scoring a boundary in "Cricket" or both navigating a test course in an auto rickshaw requiring them to successfully "Clutch It". Completing awards the Pit Stop location: Bolgatty Palace.

    • 11/11/07
      The remaining ten teams took off from the Pit Stop at the Connemara Heritage Center in Ireland and were instructed to fly to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, nearly 600 miles away and then search the city's canals for a bridge. As the scramble for flights began, all teams secured an initial flight, but others did not make an early connecting flight. Once in the Netherlands, the teams were faced with Detour options involving either heavy lifting or careful searching. Some teams quickly completed their assigned tasks, while others became frustrated and either switched tasks or lost valuable time as they struggled to stick with the task they had chosen. The teams then traveled by bus to their next task, a Roadblock involving ditch vaulting. As the task required the racers to travel across a muddy pit, some found themselves getting very dirty. Afterwards, both team-members were required to ride in a Dutch cargo bike to the Durgerdam Yacht Club, the leg's Pit Stop. Some teams became last on the way, but ultimately one team was unable to overcome having lagged behind throughout the leg and was eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Bust Me Right In the Head
      Season 20 - Episode 3

      The nine remaining teams depart from El Gomero rubber tree in La Recoleta, Buenos Aires andfly to Asunsion, Paraguay. Teams are immediately faced with a Detour, choosing between making sure a 10x10 pyramid of watermelons is properly "Stacked Up" or making a gutted harp be properly "Strung Out". Directed to Plaza De La Democrazia, a Roadblock forces players to perform a choreographic routine while balancing a bottle on their head. Success sends teams on foot to the Pit Stop: Escalinata de Antequera.

    • Speed Dating Is The Worst
      Season 23 - Episode 7

      Teams fly to the United Arab Emirates, where a tricky Detour drives one team crazy and leaves another team contemplating the use of their Express Pass. Teams face multiple fears at the leg's Roadblock, while a matter of seconds leaves one team in jeopardy, facing elimination.

    • Real Fast! Quack, Quack!
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      12 teams take off on the tenth Amazing Race for a journey that host Phil Keoghan promises to full of unexpected surprises. The teams set off from Seattle Washington and are immediately directed to head to Beijing, China on one of two flights. The teams face heavy traffic as they scramble for position, and ultimately the lead of the first flight is dampened by a delay. Once in China, the teams travel to the Gold House Restaurant where one member of each team is required to eat fish eyes in a Roadblock. After completing the task, they travel to the Meridian Gate kiosk in the Forbidden City, where arriving teams grab one of three deparature teams and spend the night. They also find their first twist --- the last team to arrive is eliminated on the spot. In the morning, the teams continue the race. They ride in the sidecars of motorbikes to 14 Hou Hai North Bank Road where they receive a Detour choice --- Labor or Leisure. Most teams choose Labor, which requires them to create a sidewalk pattern, but two choose Leisure in which they perform a relaxation routine in unison. Finally, the teams arrive at the Pit Stop at the Great Wall of China, where they must first complete a tough climb to reach the top. A second team is then eliminated.moreless
    • Being Polite Sucks Sometimes
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      The five remaining teams at the Pit Stop, a cathedral in Madagascar, receive a clue instructing them to fly over 6,000 miles to Helsinki, Finland. Though teams are given tickets to travel through Paris, France, all teams opt for a different flight traveling through Johannesburg. Once in Helsinki, teams arrive at a cafe. They log into AOL and receive video letters from home, causing some teams to get emotional. They then receive a clue from the cafe owner and travel 125 miles by train and taxi to an area school. Once at the school, they find details for a Detour task --- Swamp This or Swamp That. After completing the Detour, the teams take a train and drive to a mine where they face a Roadblock. Next, some teams expect a Pit Stop after receiving a clue to travel to the Olympic Stadium. At the stadium, they complete a final task, rappelling down the tower. After completing this task, one team is shocked to find a clue telling them to continue racing.moreless
    • 5/6/12

      The final four teams continue racing in the two-hour season finale of the twentieth edition of The Amazing Race.

    • Your Tan is Totally Cool
      Season 22 - Episode 5

      The remaining teams depart Indonesia for Vietnam where a confusing test of memory puts teams in jeopardy of elimination. With a Double U-Turn looming ahead, alliances form and strategise, while an injured Dave & Connor contemplate their position in the game.

    • I Didn't Make Her Cry
      Season 20 - Episode 7

      The six remaining teams set off from an esplanade alongside the Caspian Sea in Baku, Azerbaijan and fly to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Once there, teams race to get on charter flights to Ngorongoro Crater, where they have to find a Masai warrior; he offers a Detour choice of testing your "Marksmanship" by hitting a clay target with a rungu or performing a "Courtship" jumping ritual for a minute in the thin air. Completion of either directs teams to the Simba A camp. On arrival, teams must build a safari tent and shower so after checking in with Phil at the Pit Stop, they can stay the night.

    • 2/28/06
      The new edition of The Amazing Race begins in Denver, Colorado, where the teams receive a clue instructing them to take one of three flights to São Paulo, Brazil. One team makes an immediate mistake by, contrary to instructions, booking the flight by phone and a flight delay causes an unexpected arrival time. Once in Brazil, the teams find a clue directing them to take a taxi three miles to the Santa Efigênia Bridge. There, they find a Detour choice of either Rotor Head or Motor Head. Most teams opt for Rotor Head, which requires the teams to fly by helicopter to one of three buildings. A few opt for Motor Head, which requires them to assemble a motorcycle from a frame. A couple that choose this option later opt for Rotor Head instead. The teams then participate in a Brazilian religious ceremony culminating in a candle-lighting. They then travel 2½ miles to the Pit Stop at Estádio do Pacaembú. Two teams fall greatly behind and one is unable to recover and is eliminated.moreless
    • Baby Bear's Soup
      Season 24 - Episode 2

      Country singers Caroline & Jennifer make a power play for Jet & Cord's second Express Pass while trying to clamber out of the back of the pack, while one team makes a potentially costly mistake and is faced with a major decision, before a memorable Pit Stop finish with seven teams checking in almost simultaneously.

    • Uglier Than A Mud Rail Fence
      Season 20 - Episode 5

      The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Piazza Castello in Turin, Italyand make their way via train and car to the German state of Bavaria, with Bopper and Mark knowing a Speed Bump awaits them. Arriving at Gasthof Zum Rassen, teams are faced with a Detour of either following a trail to the Hansel and Gretel "Fairy Tale" witch and shingling a gingerbread house's roof or stylingthefacial hairof a "Champion Male" beard competitor; meanwhile, Bopper and Mark's Speed Bump of correctly yodelling precedes their Detour. Success points teams to Neuschwanstein Castle and the bedroom of King Ludwig II, where a clue sends teams to Füssen and a Roadblock using their Travelocity Roaming Gnome in eisstockchienben. Sliding the Gnome across the ice andonto the bullseye awards the Pit Stop location: in a cattle barn at Landhannes Farm.

    • #MurphysLaw (Phuket, Thailand)
      #MurphysLaw (Phuket, Thailand)
      Season 26 - Episode 3

      The remaining teams travel to Phuket, Thailand, where they face their fear of heights. One team falls behind early at the airport, while another misplaces their fanny pack, resulting in a photo finish at the mat.

    • Part Like The Red Sea
      Season 23 - Episode 9

      Teams fly to Bandung, Indonesia where two teams miss a train and fall behind the pack, ending up in a two team fight for survival. Teams meet the local wildlife before an old rivalry is rekindled at a musical Roadblock, while one team places themselves in jeopardy to save their allies.

    • He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      The remaining four teams learn that the destination that they have reached is not a Pit Stop and they are still racing. They search the area shops of a Bei Hei streets for a Travelocity roaming gnome, which they must keep until the leg's Pit Stop. The gnome features a clue instructing them to travel to Gu Gong Xi Bei Jiao. There they find a set of electric bikes, which they must ride across the forbidden city of Gu Gong and Tiananmen Square to the Dongdan Station. A Detour has teams choose between either getting dressed up for an opera or taking restaurant orders in Mandarin Chinese, but a U-Turn forces one team to complete both tasks. Along the way, two teams find themselves majorly lost, leading to a scramble to find their way. Teams travel to the Dong Hua Men Yi Shi street market, where a Roadblock requires one member of each team to eat Chinese delicacies. The final three is determined at the Pit Stop, Niao Chao ("The Bird's Nest"), but a last-second bathroom break results in one team falling victim to the final elimination.moreless
    • Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound
      Season 15 - Episode 11
      The final three teams race home from Prague to Las Vegas, where a stop at the Graceland Wedding Chapel points the racers to a Roadblock doing a face-first rappel down the side of Mandalay Bay. A later task performing like Cirque du Soleil members at the Mirage sees one racer suffer a complete meltdown, while knowing "the most famous casino in Monaco" should be directing them to the Monte Carlo (and a task counting one million dollars in chips) proves difficult for another team. A final stop at the MGM Grand has Wayne Newtown, who suffers the indignity of one team blanking on his name, directing the racers to the finish line—it's at his house.moreless
    • 11/8/09
      The five remaining teams depart the pitstop in Zoutkamp Harbor, The Netherlands for Stockholm, Sweden. Once there, a free-fall at Tivoli Gröna Lund points the teams to a Detour that places them in an explosive situation. Later, Bögs Gård Farm hosts the first ever Switchback Roadblock, where the teams revisit the Race's most notorious task from the past.moreless
    • 12/9/07
      With five teams eliminated, the teams take off from their Pit Stop at a windmill in Lithuania and receive a clue instructing them to fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia. As the scramble for flights begin, teams try to follow the lead of others, or risk finding their own potentially better option. An error in the tickets received by one team causes them to fall dangerously behind. Upon arriving in Dubrovnik, teams travel to the base of the Fort of St. Lawrence and encounter a Roadblock. The task requires them to help with the restoration of the local architecture. After riding a zip-line, teams are plunged into another task, a Detour. The task allows team to choose between either taking hard physical labor up front, or saving it for the end of the task. One team encounters difficulties with transportation upon completing the task, and is forced to redo part of the leg over after not following the stated instructions in a clue. In the end, however, one team is unable to catch up to another, and is eliminated in a close finish.moreless
    • Fight to the Last Minute
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      The teams traveled from Thailand to Bangkok to Beijing. They performed a series of tasks. Frank and Margarita and Rob and Brennan had to play Ping-Pong against a local in a Detour. The teams had to buy beetle larvae, chicken feet and squid on the local market, then take it to a cook and in the Roadblock. One of the team members then had to eat it. Relationship problems surfaced for Frank and Margarita as Frank called her a "moron." Margarita, Kevin, Joe and Brennan ate the food. Throughout the leg, Kevin/Drew and Joe/Bill were side by side. Nearing the pit stop, Kevin and Drew panicked when they couldn't find the South Gate and arrived last. Joe and Bill were estatic. Kevin and Drew were the last team to arrive and were eliminated.moreless
    • Hei Ho Heidi Ho
      Season 24 - Episode 11

      Teams travel to the United Kingdom where their linguistic abilities are put to the test as they attempt to master the Welsh language. The competition heats up at the Detour, with four teams vying for three spots in the final leg.

    • Choir Boy At Heart
      Season 23 - Episode 6

      Teams travel by train to the Austrian capital of Vienna, where weather interferes with one team's ability to complete a task. Teams audition for the Vienna Boys Choir, where two teams sing our of tune and fall behind, before one team takes another's taxi, resulting in a showdown at the Pit Stop.

    • The Only First That Matters
      Season 28 - Episode 12
      The final three teams race from Shenzhen, China, to Santa Barbara, Cal., for the final leg of the race, where they must jump off a building more than 150 feet high and perform the harrowing task of synchronized mountaineering.
    • No Babies on the Race!
      Season 11 - Episode 4
      Eight All-Stars teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Playa Petrohue and receive a clue instructing them to fly 800 miles to Punta Arenas, Chile and then take taxi fifteen miles to Lord Lansdale's shipwreck. The teams arrive on two flights and take part in a Detour, where lack of attention-to-detail allows teams on a later flight to catch up to teams that had gained a lead. One team experiences a near-meltdown during the Detour, but regroups and rallies by switching tasks. Meanwhile, a previous top team finds itself falling behind. The teams take two charter flights leaving three hours apart and find themselves faced with a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to sort through mail. As reward, each team receives a message from a past team, some negative and some positive. One team lies to another, hoping to gain an advantage. This team, however, is ultimately unable to recover from falling behind and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • I Need Hair To Be Pretty
      Season 20 - Episode 10

      The five remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Bolgatty Palace in Kerala, India and head to Daiva Vili Bhagvathi Kshetram, with Bopper and Mark knowing a Speed Bump awaits them. The clue provided by the awaiting priest both directs teams to Pattanacaud Coir Mat and Matting and contains a Fast Forward. At the matting factory, a Roadblock makes racers spin coconut husks into 40' of rope and then fill a spindle from bundles of the rope. Completing the task directs teams to Fort Kochi and a Detour choice: correctly decorating a "Pachyderm" and then wheelbarrowing 15 loads of elephant manure to a truck, or choosing to ten times "PackA Box" with dried ginger. Success awards the Pit Stop location alongside the Cheenavala Fishing Nets.

    • Say Your Deepest Prayers Ever
      Season 10 - Episode 13
      The final three teams take off from their Pit Stop, the Fountain at the Palau Nacional de Montjuic and receive a clue instructing them to travel the Sangrada Familia. This church has been under construction for 124 years and they must find the park behind it. After finding a clue at the park, teams find that they must fly 500 miles and get to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. As teams jockey for flights and trains, teams that fall behind find themselves catching up. After the teams complete a Roadblock, a comic moment occurs when a team appears to miss a train that arrived early, only for two other teams to find that they simply got on a different train that only had an ultimately insignificant lead. After completing a fashionable Detour, teams are told to fly to their final destination city of New York. One team barely makes an early flight after being placed on standby, but another finds themselves out of the running when they do not get lucky. Ultimately, the two remaining teams travel to the giant globe inside of the News Building, and one team takes a commanding lead after finding a helpful taxi driver. The teams then head to the final destination --- the St. Basil Academy in Garrison, New York (Putnam County.) All three cross the finish line and one wins the top prize of one million dollars.moreless
    • Follow That Plane!
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The three remaining teams compete for the $1 million first-place prize as the second edition of the race around the world concludes. "It is a truly sensational finish," reports host Phil Keoghan. "I was standing at the finish line waiting for the teams to come in and thinking 'This is what reality television is all about. To be here right now and not know which team is going to run up first and collect the money.' " The pairs still in the hunt are lifelong friends Chris and Alex, brother-sister combo Blake and Paige, and separated couple Tara and Wil. The final dash includes stops in Hawaii and Alaska before ending in San Francisco.moreless
    • The Great Amazing Nasty Race
      Season 26 - Episode 4

      Teams race to the Thai capital of Bangkok, where they are immersed in the local culture at a chaotic Detour. Several blind dating couples experience conflict, putting a strain on their relationships.

    • We Are Trying to Make Love, Not War
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      The four remaining teams compete in the tenth leg. At the Pit Stop at the "Mansion on the Hill" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, they receive a clue instructing them to fly approximately 1,500 miles to Hong Kong. Teams find themselves in a struggle for standby flights, with confusion and bitterness regarding line order. Following Dustin and Kandice's choice to use the Yield in the previous leg, the other teams align against them in the hopes of becoming the final three. Once in Hong Kong, the teams travel 22 miles to a laundry. A high-speed fast forward catapults one team to first place, but they find themselves in dire financial straits. The remaining teams all take part in a physically demanding climbing task for the Detour, though one waffles as to which task to choose before making their ultimate decision. This team then makes a critical error when instead of taking the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island, they instead end up on a completely different ferry to Kowloon. After kicking down doors in the Roadblock and carefully pulling Travelocity gnomes across a pond, the teams head for the Pit Stop, the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The two trailing teams face heavy traffic and navigation confusion and one receives some relieving news upon arriving at the Jockey Club.moreless
    • 1/13/08
      The remaining teams continue in the penultimate leg of the race, with the guarantee that one team will be eliminated and the first three at the Pit Stop will be the final three racing for one million dollars. They take off from their Pit Stop in Osaka, Japan and receive a clue instructing them to travel to the Floating Garden of the Umeda Sky Garden. Its 10 A.M. opening time gives the lowest ranked team a great advantage and, upon arriving there, teams receive a clue instructing them to fly 1,000 miles to Taipei, Taiwan. Once in Taiwan, teams travel by high-speed rail to Taichung and then taxi to Acrobatics Jeep. One team, becoming increasingly infuriated by the placement of another, declares themselves to be "out for blood" and threatens to "rip the dreads" out of another racer's head. Teams face a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to undergo two harrowing rides in stunt cars. They next take another high-speed rail trip, but one must complete a Speed Bump before continuing. All teams complete the Detour, in which they walk barefoot on jagged stone. They race for the Pit Stop at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Plaza, a monument to the late president of China. One team arrives last and receives the news that they have not reached the final three and are eliminated from the race.moreless
    • 12/30/07
      The remaining teams continue in the eighth leg of the race, taking off from their Pit Stop at the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. They receive a clue instructing them to fly 4,000 miles to Mumbai, India and then travel by rickshaw to a newspaper stand, where they must search the Times of India for an advertisement that shows their next destination. Though teams struggle valiantly for airport placement, all placements are neutralized by the newspaper stand's 6 A.M. opening time. After finding the advertisement, teams travel by auto-rickshaw to the Chauhan Tailors where they find themselves faced with a Detour that involves either posting a massive poster or creating a flowery garment. One team also faces an additional task for having come in last in the previous leg. The second of two U-Turns appears and teams find a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to do some heavy hauling. An intense race ensues to the Pit Stop at the Bandra Fort. Ultimately, one team is unable to overcome an earlier strategic blunder and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • 12/2/07
      The remaining teams take off for the fifth leg of the race from their Pit Stop at the Hotel de Ville and receive a clue instructing them to fly 3,000 miles to Lithuania. All teams end up on flights arriving less than an hour apart and are shuffled thanks to many teams' difficulties in navigating the confusing streets of Lithuania. Teams arrive in marked cars at St. Ann's Church, where a Roadblock requires one team member to make deliveries. Several racers struggle with this task, allowing some teams that found themselves behind to rapidly catch up. Upon completing the task, teams travel to a Lithuanian outdoor ethnographic museum. There, teams search among hundreds of gnomes (Lithuania being the "Land of Gnomes") for a Travelocity Roaming Gnome that must accompany them to the Pit Stop. Teams then choose from Detours that involve either meticulous counting or challenging stilt-walking. In the end, one team is unable to recover from both bad navigation and power struggling and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • 3/14/06
      The teams travel from their Pit Stop in Brotas, Brazil three miles to a farm, where they must travel 300' on a zipline. Some teams make it in time for the 7 A.M. opening, but others are behind and end up falling back. However, all teams make the same flight to Moscow, Russia. There, one member from each team takes a dive in a watery Roadblock, requiring them to swim down into the depths of a pool to retrieve a clue. Two team-members initially panic, but overcome their fears and succesfully complete the task. The teams then travel to the Smolenk Cathedral at the Novodevichy Monastery and find a clue directing them to one of two Detours. The Scrub option requires them to completely clean a trolley bus, while the Scour option finds them searching through 1,500 Russian nesting dolls for one of ten clues. The language-barrier causes some teams to end up at a task other than the one originally chosen, which proves advantageous to some. At the end of the episode, one team learns that the leg is not over, the leg is "To Be Continued..."moreless
    • You're Gonna Get Me Killed
      Season 13 - Episode 10
      The remaining teams set off from their Pit Stop in a public park in Moscow, Russia and receive a clue instructing them to travel a retired Russian nuclear submarine and find an actor that appeared in the film The Hunt for Red October. Upon completing this task, the teams receive a clue directing them to the Park Iskusstv, also known as the Graveyard of Fallen Monuments. Here, one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock that tests powers of observation. All teams complete the task, but one racer makes a critical error-- losing the bag containing his team's money and passports. This team struggles to remain in the race, begging for money, as the teams complete a Detour task involving Russia's public transportation. Ultimately, they are unable to recover from this blow and are eliminated in the field, never completing the Detour or reaching the Pit Stop.moreless
    • I Hate Chinese Food
      Season 17 - Episode 10
      The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka, Bangladesh and fly to Hong Kong, then head to Cheung Chau Island. In the Kowloon area, a Roadblock at the Majesty Chinese Restaurant makes racers search a buffet for one of five fake food items, but also eat any real food they pick up along the way. A Detour at the Bruce Lee statue along the Avenue of Stars gives a choice of riding the "Ding Ding" trolley to search for three signs revealing the Pit Stop location, or taking a "Sampan" to deliver parakeets to an awaiting boater in Aberdeen Harbor who held the Pit Stop clue, directing teams to Phil and the mat in Statue Square.moreless
    • The Race Begins
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The teams begin in New York. They need to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa. Cooperation problems surface early on with a few of the couples. The teams have to decide which airport to take to the destination. Once they arrive in South Africa, they must take yet another flight. Before ultimately get to Songwe Village, they must find beautiful Victoria Falls. From there, they must get to Knife's Edge, a cliff. There, they must bungee jump and glide across a rope, eventually getting to the other side. The Pit Stop is located in Songwe Village. Rob and Brennan obtain the Fast Forward near Victoria Falls, allowing them to avoid all other tasks and go straight to the Pit Stop. Matt and Ana are the last to arrive and are eliminated.moreless
    • Let's Name Our Chicken Phil
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      The remaining eight teams continued in the fourth leg of the race. Taking off from their Pit Stop in the village of Bingo, they received an offering of a chicken from a local chief and then were instructed to travel 100 miles by taxi Bouda Pelegtanga and find their next clue. Once there, teams were faced with a Detour that tested their skills at either panning for gold or rhythmic dancing. Some teams were slowed by a penalty when their dancing didn't measure up, while others zipped ahead. One team was hit with a new twist in the race requiring them to do additional work. Teams eventually traveled to the Tampouy Goat Market by taxi, where a Roadblock involving a goat proved frustrating for several racers. One team was unable to catch up after having lagged behind the entire race. They arrived at the Pit Stop at the Hotel de Ville and received the unfortunate news that they were eliminated.moreless
    • 9/26/10
      Eleven teams depart from Gloucester, MA on a race around the world for one million dollars, first flying to London, England. A drive to Stonehenge proves navigating the English roads would be more complicated than many racers imagined. A task to storm Eastnor Castle sees teams splashed with water in the face, while an unlucky racer at the subsequent Roadblock gets a watermelon smashed in the face while using a ballista in effort to earn the clue to Phil and the Pit Stop, found on the grounds of the castle.moreless
    • 9/27/09
      The teams depart from Los Angeles on a race around the world for one million dollars, competing in two legs: Tokyo, Japan and Ho Chi Minh City and Cai Be, Vietnam.
    • Anonymous?
      Season 16 - Episode 7
      The six remaining teams depart the Pit Stop in Champagne Ardenne, France and fly to the Seychelles, where a further helicopter ride awaited. The Detour forces teams to make their "Turtle Toddle" down the correct path or fill a cart with coconuts and make its "Ox Trot" to the next clue, with each choice providing its own challenges for the racers. A Roadblock forces a dive to collect a bottle containing pieces of a map to the most valued treasure in the Race: the Pit Stop on the resort island of Praslin.moreless
    • Here Comes the Bedouin!
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      The teams receive a clue instructing them to fly to Muscat, Oman and search for a giant incense burner. Despite scrambles for buses and planes, all teams are equalized when they find that the park with the burner doesn't open until 6:00 A.M. The teams then travel 135 miles to Sur, facing flooded roads along the way. Once in Sur, a Detour titled Camel or Watchtower requires them to either secure a camel in a pickup truck and then deliver it a mile to a bedouin, or search watchtowers for a message box. After completing the task, the teams then travel 80 miles to Al Hawiyah, where they find a Roadblock waiting for them. One member of each team (and particularly B.J.) struggle with hot temperatures while digging through 117 sand mounds hoping to find one of six shuwas, a spicy dish that both team members must have for dinner. Confusion in regard to directions creates suspense on the way to the Pit Stop, but once there, one team receives some welcome news.moreless
    • I'm Like Ricky Bobby
      Season 15 - Episode 4
      The eight remaining teams depart Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Dubai, where they ascend the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai. With a racetrack Fast Forward included in the mix, teams face a water-collecting Roadblock in the sweltering desert followed by a sub-freezing Detour at a massive indoors skiing center.moreless
    • 3/27/11
      The eight remaining teams depart from Green Lake Park in Kunming, China and go to Jin Fu Yi Zhan Tea Shop, where they must drink tea to get their next destination: Kolkata, India. At the Town Hall, a Roadblock presents hundreds of cups of tea, with racers having to sample teas until they find one that matches what they drank in China. Then directed to the Tiwari Tea Stall in Jorashanko, teams are presented with the Detour: engaging in "Hindu Art" by painting a statue of Ganesha, or delivering "Bengal Literature" to a nearby school. Completion yields the location of the Pit Stop: the Fountain of Joy by the Victoria Memorial in Maidan Park.moreless
    • We're Not Meant for the Swamp
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      The teams depart the Bögs Gård Farm Pit Stop in Sweden and ferry across the Baltic Sea to Estonia's capital, Tallinn. Gary and Matt's Speed Bump awaits them outside the Roadblock at Mustpeade, the house of the Brotherhood of Blackheads, where a team member receives a seemingly blank scroll with their next clue. Later, teams prepare for a volleyball Detour task, not knowing it will be in a knee-deep bog, while others slingshot vegetables, followed by a footrace to the Pit Stop.moreless
    • The teams continue from their Pit Stop at a hillside pavilion and receive a clue instructing them to fly over 2,300 miles to Hanoi, Vietnam. Teams are surprised to learn that they were receiving no money for the start of the leg. Following an argument over line placement between Tom/Terry and Dustin/Kandice, teams arrive at Hanoi, where at 8:00 A.M., they enter a prison nicknamed the "Hanoi Hilton" and searched for John McCain's flight suit. Some teams choose to stop briefly for a moment of silence out of respect for the veterans of Vietnam. They then make their way 1½ miles to the Old Quarter, where at a flower shop, one member of each team participates in a Roadblock that required them to sell flowers and make 80,000 Vietnamese đồng. Teams were allowed to keep money made and afterwards travel thirty miles by public bus to Vac Village. Here, the teams participate in a Detour that gave a choice between Fuel or Fowl. One team makes a critical error in not following a clue's instructions, potentially dealing a fatal setback.moreless
    • The Unexpected Twist
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      The five remaining teams must get to the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok from the pit stop. Kevin and Drew are the first to leave. Only two teams are still eligible to use the Fast Forward; Nancy/Emily and Joe/Bill. All the others teams have already used it. Nancy says that she and Emily either get the Fast Forward or they're out of the game. Both teams decide to go for it although Nancy and Emily seem a little hesitant. The teams must get from Dehli to Bangkok either by using train or a bus. When the Temple of Dawn opens in the morning after arriving the previous night (except for Kevin/Drew),they are given a Detour. The teams must get to a monastery in Kanchanaburi by either using a public bus or a private car. The only thing they are given to find the car is a license plate number. The Fast Forward is at the Reclining Buddha. The two teams going for it must perform an old tradition in which they must drop the exact amount of coins into 108 slots. The problem is they have to choose the coins from a series of small trays, either being too many, too few or the right amount. Joe and Bill obtain the Fast Forward and Nancy/Emily must now do the regular challenge. The Detour proves difficult for the team so they opt not to complete it and take a taxi rather than a bus or a private car. When the teams get to the next destination, they get a Roadblock. In this particular Roadblock, one team member must walk through a pit of hand-raised tigers to receive the next clue. The clue tells them to get to the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi. Team Guido, having received the Fast Forward, assume they have some time to kill and spend the night at the hotel. However, at the pit stop they are the last team to arrive. Phil, however tells them along with Nancy/Emily that the Guidos have not been eliminated. Nancy and Emily received a 24 hour time penalty for skipping the Detour and are eliminated. The Guidos' mistake, however, leaves them far behind the pack.moreless
    • 10/25/09
      The seven remaining teams depart the Souk Madinat Jumeirah pitstop, staying in Dubai. The Roadblock involving retrieving a watch to use to unlock a briefcase and Detours of weighing a half-millon dollars in gold or assembling a dozen hookahs are made even worse by stifling 130° heat. But Mika faces the ultimate test of courage when a six-story waterslide clashes with her dual fears of water and heights.moreless
    • Competition to the Fullest
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      The teams start off at the Taj Mahal and must find the next route marker, located somewhere on the grounds of the palace. Frank and Margarita are the first to leave because of their fast forward pass from the last leg. Bill and Joe are the next to depart from the pit stop. Frank and Margarita are the first to find the route marker and now must find a yellow and white flag at Palace of the Winds in Jaipur. They must either take a taxi or a bus. Rob and Brennan are the first to arrive at the Palace. The clue is a Detour, in both they have to find a Holy Man by either riding an elephant up a hill or going by boat. Once they retrieve the clue from the Holy Man, they must head to Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke and from there to Bikaner, a place where rats are considered sacred. Teams well have to get to the Temple of Rats in Bikaner where in a road block, one team member must walk though the temple of rats to retrieve the next clue. Margarita, Brennan, Kevin and Emily perform this task. From here they head to the pit stop at a hotel. Joe/Bill and Nancy/Emily arrive a few minutes apart. Nancy and Emily are the last to arrive but this is the second of three non-elimination points in the race. However,Phil tells us that someone will be eliminated in the next leg.moreless
    • 4/12/06
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Fonte Aretusa in Sircusa, Italy and travel 350 miles by train and ferry to Rome, Italy where they search for a man on a yellow-and-red scooter. The teams then receive a clue directing them to travel a mile and search for horse carriages where they'll find black leather portfolios. These portfolios contain information that helps them to "decode" a clue related to the movie The DaVinci Code, resulting in a prize for one team. They then travel to Athens, Greece, 665 miles away and find a marketplace in Agora. One team surges ahead with a fast forward that requires them to break plates, while the others travel by 70 miles by train to Ishthmos Station. Some teams fall behind after a failed attempt at the Fast Forward and others make a critical mistake by taking a bus part of the way instead of the train. The Roadblock requires one member of each team to bungee jump over 200 feet into the Corinth Canal. It's immediately followed by a Detour --- Herculean Effort (a set of Greek games --- discus toss, javelin, and wrestling) or It's All Greek to Me (search an archaeological site for Greek letters and get help from locals in translating to find the name of a location.) Finally, the teams drive 107 miles to the Pit Stop at the Fortress of Rion, where two teams face penalties for their earlier error and another team is eliminated.moreless
    • It's Speedo Time
      Season 19 - Episode 9

      The five remaining teams depart from the Havet in Copenhagen, Denmark and race to a statue of Hans Christian Andersen for a Roadblock involving remembering a poem and biking to Teatermuseet to give a dramatic presentation for a critic's approval. Successful teams then drive to Legoland in Billund, where they must go on a spinning teacup ride and assemble a puzzle that will reveal their next destination is a train station in Hamburg, Germany. After driving there, teams are instructed to take a train through Cologne and on to Brussels, Belgium. Directed to the European Parliament Building, the racers learn they will be judged in a body posing competition. Teams earning the minimum score are awarded the location of Phil and the mat: Parc Elizabeth.

    • 12/4/02
      The five remaining teams continue racing in Switzerland for the ninth leg. Emotions run high when teams are allowed to make a phone call to their loved ones back home. An argument over working with others brings one team to the breaking point amid accusations and threats. One team member taunts another terrified team when they learn they will face a 620-foot bungee jump, the longest in Europe.
      In the end, one team is too late to check-in to the next pit stop, but is greeted with a big surprise
      On the next leg, teams fly to Malaysia, then on to Singapore for a very tough leg. All five teams try to avoid elimination, as tension heats up between the team members. The race to the finish is close, but for one team this Pit Stop is their last.
    • Cobra In My Teeth
      Season 23 - Episode 10

      The four remaining teams meet their match when asked to eat a king cobra. An egg-boiling challenge in the Indonesian countryside scrambles the order, before one team gets lost in a maze of tea leaves and another has a bad hair day at a challenging Roadblock, with the final elimination of the race drawing closer.

    • Bring the Fun, Baby!
      Season 27 - Episode 10
      The race continues in Agra, India.
    • We Just Won't Die, Like Roaches
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Great Patriotic War Museum in Kiev, Ukraine and receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 3,000 miles to the oasis of Quarzazate, Morocco. Jockeying for flights immediately ensues, but all teams make the same flight and then drive four miles to an antique shop. Once there, they pick up a good luck charm to turn in at the Pit Stop and then receive a clue instructing them to drive six miles to Atlas Studios with the warning that there's a Yield ahead. When they arrive, the teams find that the location doesn't open until morning and so they must race for the Yield when it does open. Thus, one team waits out a Yield, while the others complete a Roadblock. Fortunes later reverse when the Yielded team pulls out ahead. The teams make their way to Idelssan and face a Detour task that involves either throwing pottery or grinding olives. The team arriving last at the Pit Stop is pleased to discover that they are not eliminated.moreless
    • Courteous? This Is a Race!
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      A new group of teams takes off from Long Beach, California on two flights to Lima, Peru. The new teams include "Survivor couple" Rob and Amber, son and mother Susan and Patrick and pals Ryan and Chuck, among others. Once in Peru, the teams follow clues taking them many miles to various destinations and exploring the country and its mountains. Tasks include riding ziplines and traveling by several forms of local transportation. Several teams fall behind after carelessly not searching carefully before locking in times on a task that put them behind the rest of the pack. Many teams express a desire to outfox, outwit and outrace Rob and Amber. A Detour, Rope a Llama or Rope a Basket, gives teams a choice of either leading llamas into pins or carrying heavy baskets two-thirds of a mile. Some teams struggle with the llamas, while other teams breeze through their chosen task. A true photo finish of mere seconds sends one team home.moreless
    • The World is Waiting: Go!
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      The second group of the Amazing Race contestants are off on the first leg of a journey across the world. The first place they must travel to is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the teams rappel down the face of a 590 foot mountain and others search for the woman that inspired the song "The Girl from Ipanema".

      Problems arise between two of the teams when Tara & Wil claim to have been at the Hotel (where they were to get reservations) before the rest of the teams arrived. Blake and Wil have it out about this, even to the point of Wil bragging up his travelling skills.

      Peggy and Claire, the oldest contestants in the race are sure they will get eliminated but in a mad rush to the finish, they get to the pit stop minutes before mother and daughter pair, Deidre and Hillary, while separated couple Tara and Wil place first. After being eliminated, the team feels the race has definitely improved their relationship and has brought them closer together after Hillary had spent most of her life living with her father.moreless
    • Scorpion King Hunter
      Season 22 - Episode 6

      Teams tackle the Makgadikgadi Pans in the Kalahari Desert where they learn a series of skills crucial to desert survival with a group of bushmen. Teams become frustrated when making fire becomes an impossibility, leaving several teams fighting to avoid last place.

    • Your Target Is Your Partner's Face
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      The remaining teams set off from their Pit Stop in Stechelberg in the Burmese Alps and receive a clue instructing them to fly to Munich, Germany and then drive to Ruhpolding, where they will ride a cable car to the top of the mountain. A scramble for flights results in eight teams boarding the earliest-arriving flight, with two lagging behind. Upon reaching the mountain, racers are faced with a critical decision when adverse weather conditions affect the leg's Roadblock. One racer initially falls behind, only to surge ahead after making a choice that sets him apart from the pack. Another racer gets lost on the mountain. Later, racers drive 25 miles to Schönau am Königsee and locate their next clue near the area of a bobsled track. They face a Detour requiring them to either complete an obstacle course with a Segway or engage in pie-throwing. Upon completing the Detour, the racers then have a Tyrolian woodcutter cut a small piece of wood that is stamped with a clue that turns out to direct them to the Pit Stop. All racers hurry to the Schloss Hellbrunn (Hellbrunn Castle) in Salzburg, Austria, but one team is ultimately unable to recover from an earlier error and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • You Look Like Peter Pan
      Season 13 - Episode 11
      The final three teams, Nick & Starr Spangler, Andrew Lappitt & Dan Honig amd Ken & Tina Greene set off from their Pit Stop at VDNKh Park and receive a clue instructing them to fly to their final destination city: Portland, Oregon. All teams make the same flight, connecting them through Frankfurt, to reach Portland. Once there, the teams travel to a local adventure park. At this point, one team faces taxi difficulties that essentially put them out of the race. At the adventure park, all teams complete a Detour choice requiring them to overcome their fear of heights by traversing a log high in the air. They then travel by taxi to The Bridge of the Gods, where their fear of heights is again tested, this time by a 2,000 foot zip-line ride to an island. At this island, the teams were faced with a complicated task-- a game board testing their memory of the events throughout the race. The race contained ten game pieces, each representing a leg of the race and behind each was a symbol representing either Route Info, Roadblock, Detour or Pit Stop. Teams had to search through 150 clue boxes for pictures to place in the appropriate spots on the game-board. Each time they placed a correct picture, a green light would appeared and they were able to move on to the next one. Upon completing this task, teams found a clue that directed them to travel to the Portland Building and search for a green dinosaur. They then searched on foot for a Russian food cart and finally a donut shop before receiving the clue directing them to the finish line at a local mansion. The results come down to a taxi race for the finish.moreless
    • Take Down That Million
      Season 21 - Episode 11

      The four remaining teams battle for a spot in the Final Three in France's Loire Valley, before the finalists return home to New York City and face a daring escape act, after which it all comes down to a unique Memory Challenge and someone is crowned the official winners of The Amazing Race.

    • The Way You Look, Yeah
      Season 11 - Episode 9
      The teams are instructed to travel from their Pit Stop at the Pieskowa Skała castle in Krakow, Poland and fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, over 5,500 miles away. Once there, the teams search for the best way possible to get to the Batu Caves, traveling by both bus and train. A Detour proves frustrating for some teams and even more frustrating for another, who first has to wait out a Yield before making their way to their chosen task. Stress and frustration cause two teams to switch Detour tasks, which one arguing over the specifics of what's required for a particular task. After completing the task, the teams then travel by taxi six miles to Taman Sri Hartamas and locate a newspaper. A Roadblock proves physically tiring for several of the Racers, but assistance from locals and perseverance see them through the task. Ultimately, a missed flight connection dooms one team. Unable to quickly attain alternate travel, they fall far behind and do not arrive in Malaysia until well after the other teams, leading to their elimination.moreless
    • Loose Lips Sink Ships
      Season 22 - Episode 2

      The ten remaining teams continue their race through Bora Bora, where one team comes face to face with their fear of deep water. Meanwhile, another team experiences navigational problems on the water, opening the door for a possible comeback from the two penalised teams from the previous leg.

    • 3/29/05
      In a two-hour episode, the teams travel from the Pit Stop at a polo club called The Martina to Johannesburg, South Africa. Once there, they take part in a Detour that involves either rappelling into and then searching an underground cavern or collecting five items and giving them to the appropriate tribes. Later, the teams do a Roadblock that requires them to search a market for five items and then deliver them to a local orphanage. As the teams race to complete these tasks, one pulls ahead with a Fast Forward, while one team-member suffers a nasty injury. It ends up being a tight finish, but all teams continue onwards for the next leg. This leg sees the teams traveling to a nature reserve, where they one of two scheduled shuttles and feed lions. Later, the Roadblock involves throwing spears. Afterwards, the teams ride Humvees and choose between a Detour task of grinding corn or filling ostrich eggs with water. One team crashes their vehicle and falls behind, but the race to the Pit Stop is very close, culminating in a tense foot-race.moreless
    • Long Hair, Don't Care
      Season 21 - Episode 2

      Teams continue racing by flying to Surabaya, Indonesia on the second leg with an Express Pass up for grabs. A risky move at the airport threatens to jeopardise one team's position in the race, while others face a series of problematic taxi drivers in the heat of battle.

    • Beauty Is Sometimes Skin Deep
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop, an active volcano at Mirador Cotopaxi. They receive a clue instructing them to travel 7,400 miles to Santiago, Chile and then take a taxi for 17 miles to the headquarters of Codelco. There, the teams take part in a Roadblock that is ultimately rendered largely meaningless when they all make the same flight traveling 230 miles to Chuquicamatta in Calama, Chile. Once at their destination, the teams put on their safety gear and take part in a Detour that requires them to choose between two tasks traditionally involved in Chilean mining operations. The teams then use marked vehicles to travel the treacherous Valley of the Moon before emerging on safer ground and heading for the Pit Stop at the Valley of the Dead. One team makes a crucial mistake by failing to properly read a clue and posted signs regarding a speed limit. Due largely to this mistake, they fall behind and are eliminated from the race.moreless
    • The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Chettinad House in Chennai India and receive a mobile-phone clue instructing them to fly 2,400 miles to Kuwait City in Kuwait. Once there, the teams find the mystery location, the Kuwait Towers and take numbers to face a Roadblock when the towers officially open. The Roadblock requires one member of each team to climb 610 feet above the ground and retrieve pieces to complete a puzzle. One team opts for the Fast Forward to avoid elimination. Once the remaining teams complete the Roadblock, they travel three miles to a bead shop in a local market. There, they receive a clue with a Detour task of Manual or Automatic. Teams choosing Manual load bags of camel feed, while teams choosing Automatic steer a camel using a robotic jockey. Many teams get lost on the way to their Detour choice. Ultimately, one team is not able to find either Detour task in time and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Can Horses Smell Fear?
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      The ten remaining teams continue from Juyyongguan, a gate at the Great Wall of China and received a clue instructing them to travel to a temple in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, a total of 963 miles by bus and train. Once the teams arrive at the temple, they watch a performance and then receive a clue instructing them to drive a jeep to a riverbed in Terelj. The teams then choose a pair of horses and travel to a meadow where they find a Detour --- Take it Down or Fill it Up. The choice was about evenly split, however, two teams faced difficulty on the Take it Down task and switched Detours midstream. After completing the tasks, the teams were required to travel back to their vehicles on their horses--a problem for Kellie and Jamie when they lost a helmet. The teams then drove 47 miles to the Hotel Mongolia, where a Roadblock awaitied that involved shooting flaming arrows. Once the teams completed, they ran only a short distance to the Pit Stop, where another team was eliminated.moreless
    • Please, Lord, Give Me Milk
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      The remaining nine teams took off from their Pit Stop in a lakeside village in Amsterdam and were instructed to fly Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in Africa. Upon arrival, the teams took taxis to the area train station, where a long wait for a morning train allowed them to mingle and have fun. The teams then took a train to Bingo in the middle of the African Savannah, where they were faced with a Roadblock. This challenging Roadblock forced one member of each team to deal with camels, a task that proved extremely frustrating for one racer in particular. Upon completing the task, they then led a group of four camels along a marked path. Several teams were forced to backtrack after going in the wrong direction, leading one racer to admit that their partner is better at navigation. Once the teams reached the cluebox at the end of the correct path, they were presented with a Detour. Ultimately, one team that had struggled was able to just make it ahead of another to the Pit Stop on the outskirts of Bingo, causing another team to be eliminated.moreless
    • I Just Hope He Doesn't Croak on Us
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      The remaining four teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Bandra Fort, a nearly 500-year-old fort in Mumbai, India built by the Portuguese, and receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 4,000 miles to Osaka, Japan. Once in Japan, teams travel to Kishiwata Castle by taxi, where they find another clue instructing them travel by taxi to Noda Station and locate a cleaning man who has their next clue. The clue gives details for a Roadblock task that requires one member of each team to become a taxi driver and do a taxing taxi drive through the streets of Osaka. Upon completing the task, racers return to their partners with the clue, which instructs them to travel to the sixteenth century Buddhist Kita-Mido Temple. The next task they face is a Detour requiring them to either sniff out flowers or take part in a robotic soccer match. In the end, one team makes a critical mistake in boarding a flight that arrives over three hours after the other teams' flight. They arrive in Osaka, complete the tasks, and receive surprising but pleasant news upon arriving at the leg's Pit Stop, Tempozan Park.moreless
    • Cathy Drone?
      Season 16 - Episode 6
      The seven remaining teams drive from the Pit Stop at the Church of Massiges in Verdun, France to Reims, where confusion over who Joan of Arc is strikes multiple racers. An assumption about where a champagne maker will be sends a team to the wrong city, while others correctly get to Eperney the first time to complete a Roadblock at Leclerc Briant. Getting to the Detour at vineyard Taittinger La Marquetterie in Pierry proves a challenge for several teams when locals send them to Taittinger's headquarters back in Reims, instead. Either buiding a champagne glass "Tower" or searching "Terra" for marked grapes yields the clue to the Pit Stop at L'ORCCA in Champagne.moreless
    • King Arthur Style
      Season 23 - Episode 3

      The remaining nine teams are instructed to fly to Lisbon, Portugal. Two teams in an alliance take the lead, while other friends clash over spots on a flight's waiting list. Flight delays threaten to take one team out of the race, while a mentally taxing Detour leaves some teams confused.

    • Oh My God, The Teletubbies Go To War
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      Teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Triho de Taipa Pequena 2000, receiving a clue to fly 7,500 miles to the island of Guam, then drive nine miles to Anderson Air Force Base. A struggle for flights results in one team only narrowly making it onto the first flight to Guam with the other three teams. Once at the Air Force Base, the teams are escorted by naval officers to a control tower, where they receive a clue for a Detour in which they can choose to test their mettle at cleaning, or dare for some high-flying. On the way to the next task at the U.S. Naval Base, one team finds itself lost and needs local help in order to locate the destination. As other teams complete the Roadblock task, they fall behind. Still behind as others are struggling to complete the Roadblock task, a search-and-rescue, they try their best, but fear elimination. In the end, they are ultimately unable to catch up and check in last at the Pit Stop, Fort Soledad, and are eliminated from the race. The final three teams are left to race in the finale for the one million dollar prize.moreless
    • Home for Some
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      At the Arc de Triomphe, at departure times the teams are told to find La Grande Rue, a ferris wheel located somewhere in the city. They will have to get the route marker when the Ferris wheel opens. When they get there, they are to do a detour. An "Easy Walk" where they must find Foucault's pendulum. There are two nearby, but you must chose the right one .Unfortunately for Pat and Brenda, they do chose the wrong one which puts them far behind the others. The second is "Tough Climb" in which the teams must climb to the top of Notre Dame and ring Quasimodo's bell. Kevin and Drew decide to go for the Fast Forward, where they have to retrieve it from a local coffee shop. Then they must head directly to the pit stop which is located in Chateau Les Baux. In the Roadblock, one of the team members must travel through the Paris sewers. Pat and Brenda are the last to arrive and are eliminated, going from 1st in Leg #2 to last in Leg #3.moreless
    • I'm Like an Angry Cow
      Season 13 - Episode 8
      The remaining teams set off from their Pit Stop at Humayun's Tomb in Old Delhi, India and receive a clue instructing them to fly Almaty, Kazakhstan and then find a chicken factory. A mad scramble for flights ensues, but is ultimately rendering meaningless when all teams make the 7 A.M. opening time for the leg's first task. One team leaps ahead after claiming the Fast Forward in an eating challenge, while another that attempted the task falls dangerously behind. Upon completing a chicken filled Roadblock, the teams travel by giant crane trucks to the Koktobe Arch and receive a clue delivered by a trained falcon. Much mooing ensues when several teams take part in a task requiring the racers to dress in a cow costume. One team makes a critical error in reading the clue and is turned back from the leg's Pit Stop-- the Old Square. Ultimately, however, another team is unable to come back from having lagged behind and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Colossal Showdown
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      The teams start off at the Chateau Les Baux in Paris, France. The first task is to find a man in a red hat, standing under a miniature Arc de Triomphe. All they have to discover where the man is located, is a flag and a picture of the man. It seems clear that the alliance between Frank/Margarita, Rob/Brennan and Joe/Bill has officially crumbled. The teams discover that the flag is from Tunisia. Before this discovery, some guess Turkey or Morocco. Paul/Amie at departure, notice the cab they had previously ordered the night before is not there. This causes some anger and Paul debates quitting. All the teams must get to Tunisia. Most take plane but some take boat. When they find the man, they are given a Detour. They must take a "Full Body Massage" or "Full Body Brew", involving coffee. They must with the given map find one of these two places in busy crowded streets. When these tasks are completed they must get to El Jem Coliseum. There they must run around the coliseum and most find a sword, located in the "Pit of Death". Dave and Margaretta are the last to arrive and are eliminated. Upon elimination, all of the teams clap and admit they are sad to see the team go.moreless
    • 10/2/02
      The 3rd series of The Amazing Race begins.
      This time around, twelve teams of two will begin a race of a lifetime starting on a tiny island called the Everglades in Florida, USA. Phil explains that there are 13 legs and 9 of them are elimination points. He continues, outlining the basic rules, Then the race begins.
      Teams open their first clue instructing them to fly to Mexico city for the first leg. Immediately, tension rises with the teams as they fight for positions on the fastest flights.
      When all teams arrived in Mexico, they began fighting for a first place finish and there was also a Fast Forward on this leg, Which is where the first team to find it and complete it can skip all tasks and head directly the pit stop.
      Two teams opted to go for it, but one team completed it and arrived at the pit stop first.
      Meanwhile, the other eleven teams must complete a Detour, involving either parachuting out of a plane from a very high distance or riding a donkey down a seven mile course.
      After the Detour, teams had to drive themselves to the pit stop, located at the Hacienda St. Gabriel Last Palmas.
      In the end, the race to the finish is close, but one team couldn't catch up in time and checked in last place. Phil informs them that they're the first team to be eliminated from the race.moreless
    • 10/8/06
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop at a rice paddy and receive a clue instructing them to travel by taxi twenty miles to the Ly Thai To Garden in Hanoi, Vietnam. The teams receive 588,000 Vietnamese dong, but must first pick it up, as it is not included with the clue. At the Garden, the teams receive an auditory clue that eventually directs them to the Hydrofoil Harbor in Ben Xe Bai Chay. There, the teams face a Roadblock which requires one member of each team to make a steep climb. After completing the task, the teams take a motorboat 1.2 miles to the Song Sot Cave and search for the next clue. It's a Detour that requires them to choose between Over (delivering supplies) or Under (hauling oysters.) Difficulty in navigating the boats and problems with wind lead to a suspenseful finish.moreless
    • Get Our Groove On
      Season 23 - Episode 5

      The eight teams keep racing to Gdańsk, Poland, where three teams get lost from the very beginning, setting them behind the rest of the pack. Express Pass holders Tim & Marie finally hand over their second Express Pass before the fifth leg deadline and consider playing their own. Meanwhile, drama at the first Double U-Turn of the race leaves two teams fighting for survival.

    • 5/6/07
      The All-Stars final three -- Dustin & Kandice, Eric & Danielle, and Charla & Mirna -- compete in the final leg to determine who will win the one-million-dollar prize. The teams take off from their Pit Stop in Guam and are instructed to fly 3,500 miles to Honolulu, Hawaii. One team secures an early flight, but the advantage is largely neutralized when the teams must sign up for charter flights leaving ten minutes apart in Hawaii. The teams travel to Kaumalapau Harbor via Jeeps and find themselves in involved in a Detour that tests their ability at a skill either above or below water. All teams then travel to Shipwreck Beach and crossing rocky terrain, face a challenging kayaking task to retrieve their next clue. Ultimately, all teams board the flight to Oakland, California, en route to their final destination city of San Francisco. A final task tests the ability of the racers to think like their partners. When one team proves rather more adept at it than the others, it turns out to be advantage they need to secure victory. They cross the finish line in San Francisco's Botanical Garden first and become the winners of The Amazing Race: All Stars.moreless
    • That is Studly
      Season 13 - Episode 9
      At the Old Square in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the four teams racing in the ninth leg receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 2,000 miles to Moscow, Russia. All teams make the same flight and then travel to a monastery, lighting a candle to receive their next clue. Along the way, one team begins experiencing taxi difficulties that persist throughout the leg. For the leg's Detour, the teams travel to the Kolosok Camp, a decommissioned military base. One team struggles mightily, switching and stumbling several times before finally completing one of the two tasks. Teams were then instructed to travel to the Zhukovsky bakery in the city of Zhukovsky. Here, they faced a Roadblock where one member of each team had to undertake a taxing haul. Ultimately, after a series of mistakes, one team checked in last at the Pit Stop, but was pleased to learn that they were not eliminated.moreless
    • 7/6/04
      The teams take off from Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles. Viewers learn about a couple of interesting twists: those who finish last on non-elimination legs will be penalized and there's a new element in play called the Yield. The Yield allows a team to keep any other team from racing for a set period of time, but it can only be used once during the race. The teams scramble to catch flights, some not realizing that the flight that departs later actually arrives at their destination, Uruguay, first. The teams navigate through a series of clues, catching ferries and carrying meat to finally reach the game's first Detour: Zips or Chips. Jim is injured early, but still manages to make the fast flight. Two teams make a critical mistake and are sent away from the pit stop, but still manage to make it without being eliminated.moreless
    • I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Soi Sim in the Halo Bay and receive a clue instructing them to fly 3,000 miles to Chennai, India. After riding the train to Hanoi, a scramble for planes begins with many twists and turns. All teams eventually arrive in Hanoi some together and the rest trailing only minutes to a couple hours behind. The teams take a bus 40 miles to Mamallapuram and are then faced with a Detour --- Wild Things or Wild Rice. Wild Things requires them to handle crocodiles, while Wild Rice involves constructing a complex pattern out of colored powder made from rice. After completing the task, the teams travel by bus to the Karthik Driving School. A Roadblock requires one member of each team to complete an Indian driving test. Teams then check-in at the Pit Stop, the Chettinad House, after driving ten miles with the driving instructor. When the final team arrives, they are not eliminated, but are surprised to learn about a new penalty twist.moreless
    • 2/18/07
      Eleven teams from previous seasons take off on a new adventure around the world. The lively mix of teams includes a past winning team, a diverse of group of players and many familiar faces both hated and loved. The teams take off from the starting line at Miami, Florida and each takes one of two flights departing for Quito, Ecuador. Tension builds early on as one team lies to another about the arrival times of the flights. Once in Ecuador, the teams takes taxis to the Plaza San Francisco and then travel to Pim's Restaurant, three-miles away, where they receive one of three fifteen-minute staggered departure times for the next morning. That morning, teams make their way to the Hacienda Yarahurco in the Cotopaxi National Park, guided by a provided map and with the advice to head to the north entrance. Once teams arrive, they take part in a Detour that involves either searching for missing items from the uniform of a soldier or wrangling and then grooming a horse. Several teams find themselves at the wrong end of the massive park, a costly mistake for one team that ultimately leads to their elimination.moreless
    • We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt
      Season 16 - Episode 4
      The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Estancia Fortin Chacabuco in Bariloche, Argentina for Hamburg, Germany. An Intersection Roadblock makes pairs of teams choose a duo to complete a nighttime tandem bungee jump. After an inept taxi driver shifts one team to the bottom of the pack, physical injuries make the "Soccer" target-kicking Detour choice a pain for some, while eating "Sauerkraut" leaves a bad taste in teams' mouths. Teams finally make their way to drink a boot of beer at the Haifisch Bar, whose completion paves the way to head to the Pit Stop (via a short stop at Beatles-Platz) at the Indra Club in Hamburg's red-light district.moreless
    • Back in the Saddle
      Season 24 - Episode 1

      Eleven former teams will return and battle it out as they are all given one more chance to claim the one million dollar prize and win The Amazing Race.

    • All or Nothing
      Season 25 - Episode 12

      For the first time in Amazing Race history, four teams fly to the Final Destination City of Los Angeles, California, but the stakes are raised as one team will be eliminated before the Finish Line, while three will go on to fight for the one million dollar prize.

    • Monster Truck Heroes
      Season 26 - Episode 12
      Season 26 ends with the final teams flying from Peru to Dallas where they go to great heights at the top of AT&T Stadium, visit a Texas cattle ranch and rappel 500 feet down the Reunion Tower.
    • Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101
      Season 28 - Episode 7
    • Get It Trending
      Season 28 - Episode 4
      The race continues in Geneva, Switzerland.
    • Bros Being Jocks
      Season 28 - Episode 3

      The ten remaining teams continue racing in Cartagena, Colombia, where claustrophobia threatens to prevent one racer from going deep into catacombs to retrieve a clue.

    • Salt That Sand!
      Season 28 - Episode 9
    • Good Job, Donkey
      Season 29 - Episode 8
      The race continues in Athens, Greece.
    • 10/19/08
      At the Pit Stop in La Paz, Bolivia, frustrations continue to build between two teams. The remaining teams receive a clue instructing them to fly 6,900 miles to Auckland, New Zealand. There, the teams face tricky nighttime navigation to the Gulf Harbor, where they must untie a Gordian knot. Inside the knots, the teams find a clue instructing them to travel to Mount Eden, a dormant volcano and Auckland's highest point. The knots also include a clue for the Fast Forward, which one team successfully completes, providing a break from the leg's challenging and often frustrating tasks. The other teams forge ahead with those tasks, first completing a detail-oriented Roadblock. They then travel to the City Life Hotel and search for Travelocity gnomes from the rooftops. After finding the gnomes, the teams receive a clue instructing them to drive to Kiwi 360°, a local landmark. The teams then face a Detour choice between two tasks that are both gruelingly physical in their own way. One racer is injured during one of these tasks, but plows ahead nevertheless. Ultimately, two teams fight it out on separate tasks late at night, but one ends up being too late and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • 4/26/09
      The final four teams set off from their Pit Stop at the park of the Sun and Moon Pagodas in Guilin, China and receive a clue instructing them to fly north, over 1,000 miles, to Beijing. All teams arrive on the same flight and, once there, travel to a foot massage spa located on the Jian Guomen outer street. Though one team vows to put behind them a rivalry begun in the previous leg, the fighting continues. The Roadblock forces one member of each team to endure an intense foot massage and then teams travel to the Guangcai Natatorium. There, they face a detour choice requiring them to either perform a precise synchronized dive or swim a 400-meter relay. Two teams struggle with the diving task and one racer suffers a breakdown to fear of water. Ultimately, only one team reaches the next destination, the Drum Tower at the North Gate, by the end of the episode and they are told that the leg is not over and they are to continue racing.moreless
    • Race to the Finish (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      The teams began in Beijing, China. Their first task was to head to Tiantan park and retrieve the clue from a kite being flown by a local. From there they headed to the Great Wall for a Detour. They had to chose between walking up steep steps in close range or flat steps farther away. All the teams chose the steep steps. In this task, we began to see some problems with Frank/Margarita's relationship. Margarita later said they had to work as a team, always in order to win the race. At the top of the Great Wall, there is a clue. The teams have to get to a bed and breakfast in Anchorage, Alaska. All the teams got tickets to San Francisco and from there to Seattle and finally to the destination (Anchorage, Alaska.) When in Alaska, they stayed the night at the bed and breakfast. In the morning they had to perform an old Alaskan ritual, called a "Blanket Toss" to find where the next clue was, in which they were "trampolined" by the locals. The next clue involved them getting to a glacier, where in a Roadblock, one of them had to climb it. Joe and Bill did not make it to this task yet and did not arrive at the pit stop in this episode. No teams were eliminated in this episode.moreless
    • I'm Filthy and I Love It!
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil and are instructed to find the Edificio Copan and then locate bloco "F." The teams find that it opens at 8 A.M., but once it does open, one member of each team faces a Roadblock requiring them to slide down a fire escape. Danielle overcomes a fear of heights to accomplish this task. The teams then take one of three charter buses and travel 150 miles to Brotas, Brazil. They then face a Detour: Press It or Climb It. Most teams choose Climb It, which involves completing a ninety foot rope climb up a waterfall, but a few opt for Press It, which involves creating 500ml of ethanol. Confusion ensues as teams make for the Pit Stop at Fazenda Primavera da Serra, but face vehicle breakdowns and loss of direction.moreless
    • There's No Crying in Baseball
      Season 21 - Episode 3

      The nine remaining teams have to overcome a balancing act before travelling to Bangil, Indonesia, where the fight for survival heats up as a Double U-Turn looms ahead.

    • The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Tempio di Segesta and receive a clue instructing them to drive 135 miles to Catania, Sicily and find the Antiteatro, Romano. This theater doesn't open until 8:30 A.M. and B.J. and Tyler jokingly put up an "official" sign-in sheet which is quickly declared a phoney by Eric and Jeremy. As it stands, these two teams are the only ones to make it in at the opening time, as the others find themselves stuck in traffic or confused on directions. After counting heads on the fence surrounding the grounds of the theater, the teams do a Detour --- Big Fish, requiring each member to carry a 17 kilo swordfish one-third of a mile, or Little Fish, requiring them to travel one-third of a mile to the same market and then sell four kilos of small Sicilian fish. The teams then travel approximately 40 miles to Siracusa, where one member of each team does a Roadblock requiring them to score a goal in kayak polo. Finally, they make their way on foot to the PIt Stop, the natural spring Funte Aretusa, and another team is eliminated.moreless
    • Alright Guys, We're at War!
      Season 14 - Episode 6
      The seven remaining teams depart from their Pit Stop at the "Siberian Colosseum," leaving the cold of Siberia and flying nearly 2,000 miles to the heat of Jaipur, India. Once there, they take taxis to the sacred tree Peepli Ka Pedh at the outskirts of Pula Village and dial a phone for a message directing them to their next destination, the Amber Fort's Gaura Parvati Parking. Comically, several teams initially miss the phones, intent on finding a cluebox. Once teams arrive at the fort, one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock involving camels. The intensely physical task greatly exhausts one racer, but gives him a chance to shine. After completing this task, teams make their way to a puppet store in the Johari Bazaar and choose between two Detour tasks requiring them to either transport a loaded cycle rickshaw or dance for tips. One team also faces a time-consuming Speed Bump and another team has a moment of panic when they lose track of their taxi driver after completing their chosen Detour task. In the end, one team is unable to catch up from behind and is eliminated in an extremely close finish.moreless
    • 4/24/02
      In this special two hour episode of The Amazing Race, the teams make their way all the way from the Hong Kong Harbor to deep in the Australian outback. In the first leg, the teams travel from Hong Kong Harbor to Repulse Bay. There, they complete several tasks including a Detour that gives a choice of Dragon or Lion and a Roadblock that involves a walking tour using Australian slang. The Roadblock proves very confusing for some teams, but the confusion may not be the tragedy that one team thinks it is. In the second leg, the teams continue their journey in Australia, heading into the Australian outback. Some teams pursue the Fast Forward to keep themselves in the game. The Detour is a choice of Cool Down or Heat Up and the Roadblock requires skill with a boomerang. One team struggles with the challenge but hangs on, while another falls dangerously behind.moreless
    • We Are Charlie Chaplin
      Season 19 - Episode 11

      The four remaining teams depart from the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium and fly to Panama City, Panama, with the knowledge that only three will be left standing at the end of this leg.

    • I'm Going to Jail
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      The teams get in a cab race for charter flights, and Colin becomes upset when his driver takes him to the airport on a spare tire that ends up going flat. He tries to pay only half of a hundred dollar fare, but ends up paying the entire thing when the driver threatens legal action. Linda and Karen end up on a very late flight, but all teams find that the flight order didn't matter so much when they get to their destination and learn that there's a large break until the opening time of 8 A.M. The teams all travel to the port of Dubai, where they find themselves with a Detour choice of Off-Plane or Off-Road. Teams doing Off-Plane will find themselves sky-diving, while those in Off-Road have to drive off-road vehicles along a marked course. Both could be good options, depending on the various teams strengths and the fact that the planes for Off-Plane only leave every 45 minutes. Brandon and Nicole and Kami and Karli choose the plane option, while Linda and Karen, Colin and Christie, and Chip and Kim go for the vehicles. In an extremely close finish, another team finds themselves stripped of all money in a non-elimination leg.moreless
    • Don't Lay Down On Me Now
      Season 19 - Episode 3

      The nine remaining teams depart from the Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, joining a reenactment of a Dutch colonial bicycle patrol. The clue received afterward directs the teams to the Lesehan Restaurant in Salakmalang and the leg's Detour, with the choice of taking meals to workers in a "Rice Field"—and then planting 300 rice seed themselves—or making sure sheep are "Grass Fed" and watered. Directed to a 9th-century Buddhist temple at Borobudur, racers face a Roadblock of correctly counting four different styles of Buddha statues around the temple; success means searching the temple grounds for the Pit Stop.

    • 4/26/06
      The teams receive a clue instructing them to travel by plane over 9,000 miles to Perth, Australia. After receiving money from some of the teams (following being stripped of all cash and possessions in the last leg), B.J. and Tyler then make the same flight as everyone else, disappointing them, as they were hoping they might miss it. Once in Australia, the teams travel to the State War Memorial in King's Park and then receive a clue directing them to travel to Rottnest Island via ferry. They then travel on tandem bikes to a lighthouse and then do a Detour. Sand requires them to drag forty large branches to a marked sand dune (a task called "brushing the beach") while sea requires them to search through fifty crayfish traps and retrieve two crayfish (one per member.) The teams then travel to Fremantle Prison where one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock. The task requires them to search inside the unused prison for a Duracell flashlight and batteries. They then travel through wet and dry waterways to locate a clue. It's a close race to the Pit Stop at South Breakwater by the Fremantle Fishing Club and one team finishes literally right behind another. Unfortunately for another team, this Pit Stop is the end.moreless
    • 11/19/06
      After completing a task at the Olympic Stadium in Finland, the teams receive a clue that eventually leads them to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Once there, they drive fifty miles in local cars to the Oster Tank School and complete a Roadblock. Teams are next directed to an apartment building, back 43 miles in Kiev, where they must find Apartment 33 and knock on the door. They then receive a clue featuring a very musical Detour. As time gets short, Lyn and Karlyn decide to break away from the other two members of the former "Six Pack" alliance --- Erwin and Godwin. The teams ultimately travel to the Pit Stop, The Great Patriotic War Museum, where another team is eliminated, leaving only four remaining.moreless
    • Divide and Conquer
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The teams start out in Songwe Village, Zambia. When the times depart from the pit stop they must find the Songwe Museum in the village without any signs to indicate where it is located. They must use the help of the villagers. The first to leave are Rob and Brennan but they decide to wait for the members of their newly formed alliance with Frank, Margarita, Joe and Bill. Once locating the museum, the teams must decide in a detour to do one of two tasks involving photography. Then they have to bring the pictures to a chief in another village. Pat and Brenda decide not to do the tasks after failing to find the museum and decide to go for the Fast Forward. They complete this with ease and head to the next pit stop, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. At the airport, some problems surface between Kim/Leslie and Paul/Amie. Once in Paris, the teams must find a monument through a telescope. For some of the teams this is easy but for others, proves extremely difficult. Kim and Leslie are the last to arrive at the pit stop and are the second team to be eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Having shaken off the shock of the fourth elimination, the seven remaining teams set off from their Pit Stop at the Theater of Musical Comedy in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, and receive a clue instructing them to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway approximately 400 miles to the city of Norosibirsk and then take a taxi to the Pundt Tehnicheskogo Osmotra for their next clue. Upon arriving, the teams face a Detour requiring them to choose between either a potentially confusing search or a task involving heavy physical labor. Some proceed through their chosen task with ease, while other teams get lost and fall dangerously behind. Next, teams receive a clue instructing them to travel to Siberia's largest library. There, one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock requiring them to run in their underwear in Siberia's bitter cold. Ultimately, one team is unable to recover from their mistakes, but is granted a reprieve when they are not eliminated upon coming in last.moreless
    • Dumb Did Us In
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      The five remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion in Penang, Malaysia and head to Singapore, where they learn that a U-Turn awaits. This race's sole Fast Forward provides a chance for a daring team to get to the front of the pack. The Detour has teams "Pounding the Drums" to a traditional rhythm at Speakers' Corner or "Pounding the Pavement" to sell Singapore-style ice cream sandwiches at a pedestrian mall, but the U-Turn may force one team to do both. A Roadblock at ASL Marine makes teammates prove they're not the weakest link by counting links in an anchor chain. A trip down a zipline at Sentosa Island yields the clue to the Pit Stop at Marina Barrage.moreless
    • Triumph and Loss
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Tensions are high and it seems that Team Guido is separated from the rest of the group, socially. Teams are still distraught about what happened in the previous leg. The teams are in Rome. Frank and Margarita are the first to leave the pit stop. The first clue is a Detour. The teams must chose between "Glide" and "Ride." In "Glide" the teams must take a glider to the next location and in "Ride," the teams must take a set of bikes to the next location, which is Ferrara. However, the teams must note there is only one glider so they may have to wait for another team to finish the task before they can start. It's first come, first served. Frank and Margarita decide to go for the fast forward which is hidden in a moat at a castle. Rob and Brennan decide to do the glider and are the first to arrive there. Joe and Bill decide to do the biking, where they must find the bike shop. Frank and Margarita obtain the Fast Forward and start heading straight to the pit stop; New Delhi, India. Nancy/Emily, Lenny/Karyn and Joe/Bill all do the bike riding while the two other teams do the gliding (Rob/Brennan, Kevin/Drew).The teams learn they have to get to Red Market, New Delhi in India. But there are no international airports around so they must get to a bigger city. When in New Delhi, the teams deal with immense population and crowded streets. Some teams get severely frustrated and Nancy/Emily are sure they are going to be eliminated. As two teams are left to arrive at the Taj Mahal, a blurred team approaches the pit stop, as the screen clears we learn that the team is Nancy and Emily. Karyn and Lenny are the last to arrive at the pit stop and are eliminated. Karyn says that her and Lenny are total opposites and that she doesn't think the relationship is going to work.moreless
    • 11/30/04
      The nine teams continue to Stockholm, Sweden, but not before one is assessed a penalty for events in the previous episode. The teams make their way to an ice bar, where they must face an additional task by sliding a shot glass made of ice across a bar and hit a target. The teams then continue to the world's largest Ikea, where they face a Detour. Both tasks seem rather difficult, one called Count It requires successfully counting 2,304 objects, while the other called Build It, requires successful, proper building of a desk. Some initially choose the counting and ditch it for the Desk option. Two teams fall far behind due to choosing the wrong task. Next, the teams must make their way into the country and tandem bike to a farm. Here, teams discovered the first Yield of the race. But no one chose to use it on this leg. The teams then face a Roadblock involving rolling rough bales of hay to find hidden clues. There are 270 bales of hay and only 20 clues. This proves very exhausting for many teams and the possible downfall of one. The teams then make their way back to Stockholm to find the Auf Chapman, this leg's Pit Stop.
      In the end, one team is eliminated due to failing to find a hidden clue in the hay bales.moreless
    • Double Your Money
      Season 21 - Episode 1

      The Amazing Race gets underway for its 21st season, with an all new and improved cash prize waiting at the Finish Line.

    • 10/12/08
      The remaining teams are instructed to fly from Fortaleze, Brazil to La Paz, Bolivia, but not before a rivalry between two teams heats up at the Pit Stop. The teams fly 1,200 miles and find themselves in area that is over 12,000 feet above sea level, leaving some racers struggling to breathe the thin air. The teams camp beside a local statue and then take a newspaper delivery. They scour the newspapers for a clue, which instructs them to travel to the Narvaez Hat Shop in Plaza Mario and then purchase a traditional cholita hat to receive their next clue. This clue turns out to be a Detour, in which the teams face a choice between a task that is arduous but not overly physical or one likely to leave less physically inclined teams winded. After completing this tax, the teams travel by taxi eight miles to Los Titanes del Ring, where a Roadblock sends one member of each team up against a female wrestler. Many teams struggle at this task, but ultimately one team is done in not so much by their poor performance as by their failure to properly read the instructions given in a clue. They check in last at the Pit Stop, the hilltop park of Mirador el Monticulo, and are eliminated.moreless
    • We're Not In Oklahoma No More
      Season 23 - Episode 1

      Eleven new teams depart on the 23rd race around the world. Their first destination is Iquique, Chile, where teams face their fear of heights and some struggle. A confusion at the race's second Roadblock sees more than one team sending out the wrong team member on the course, before one team makes a mistake that could jeopardise winning the leg and the two Express Passes up for grabs.

    • Zip It, Bingo
      Season 23 - Episode 2

      Teams take part in the salt mining industry of Iquique in the race's first Detour, before travelling to the Chilean capital of Santiago, where a difficult Roadblock leaves two teams fighting for survival, while one team makes a costly error at the Pit Stop.

    • In the first portion of a two-parter, teams left their Pit Stop at the Old Fort in Zanzibar, having received instructions to fly 5,000 miles to Warsaw, Poland and then find the Czapski Palace and a courtyard with a composer dressed as Frédéric Chopin playing the piano. Teams were provided with tickets but were under no obligation to use them, leading to a scramble to find earlier flights. Most teams were successful, but two trailing teams were forced to the provided flight and then missed a connection, placing them far behind. Once in Warsaw, the teams took part in a Detour, with one option requiring precision and skill and other requiring brawn and a bit of luck. Both tasks produced a clue leading teams to Jan III Sobieski Lozenki. Upon finding this monument, teams traveled a short distance to the nearby Pit Stop. The two trailing teams battled it out for last place, and one was pleased to find that they were not eliminated. However, both of these trailing teams arrived at the Pit Stop after others had already left for the next leg. They faced an uphill struggle to remain in the game as events continued in the second part.moreless
    • You've Just Made Me a Millionaire
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      The teams set off from the Coconut Palace in Manila, Philippines, knowing that one team will be eliminated. Intense battles and struggles ensue as the teams make their way to El Nido on two charter flights, then struggle with a challenge that involves finding an island with the flag of the Philippines. The mistake of one team costs them dearly, but in the end, a Roadblock that involves rapelling up a high cliff proves the undoing of another. The remaining teams head into the final leg, which finds them all on a flight to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There, they all struggle to hike up a long hill and then receive a clue telling them to head to Olympic Park. There, they face a detour: Slide or Ride, in which they must either complete a luge course in 34 seconds, or complete a challenging biking course in three minutes. One team attempts and fails the bike course, but all teams eventually end up completing the luge. The teams then make their way to the final destination of Dallas, Texas, where they must find their way through a complicated maze for the clue to the final destination. One team gets a jump with a slight flight lead, but in the end, two teams find themselves in a taxi race through thick traffic to the finish.moreless
    • Release The Brake!
      Season 19 - Episode 10

      The remaining teams arrive at a faux Pit Stop at Parc Elisabeth in Brussels, Belgium and immediately head for the Ford Proving Ground in Lommel. Once there, a Roadblock involves navigating a Mustang through a three-part driving skills challenge. Completion directs teams to drive to the Hoofdbrug in Ghent. Once there, the Detour allows a choice of assembling a raft to go on "Water" and find two halves of their next clue in a nearby canal or correctly making and displaying a stall and 18 Belgian "Waffles". Finishing the Detour sends teams to De Muur Van Geraardsbergen, where they release and follow homing pigeons. Once reunited, a band on the pigeons' legs contains the location of the Pit Stop: The Atomium.

    • I Feel Like I'm in, Like, Sicily
      Season 16 - Episode 10
      The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Marina Barrage in Singapore and fly to Shanghai, China. A Roadblock in Zhujiajiao has racers making a kilogram of traditional Chinese noodles. Heading back to Shanghai, teams go to the Fashion District where they must correctly dress models based on design sketches. A surprise second Roadblock at Hong Kou Football Stadium forces the racer who sat out the noodle-making to assemble a puzzle on flip cards and hand them to spectators to yield the location of their next clue—instructions to the Pit Stop at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.moreless
    • This Is Not my Finest Hour
      Season 15 - Episode 6
      The six remaining teams depart the Dolphin Bay Beach pit stop in Dubai for the Netherlands. A carillon bell counting Roadblock at Groningen's tallest building, Martinitoren, leaves one racer in a head-scratching dilemma, while the unrelenting winds and physical demands at the Detour tasks in Vierhuizen de Marne test the mettle of several teams.moreless
    • The Game's Afoot
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      The sixth season premieres. First teams take off from the United States to Iceland, racing to make one of three flights that connect to Iceland. Weather delays move some teams from first to last, but the teams all end up together at Europe's largest glacier. After doing some snowmobiling, they camp on the glacier for the night and then take charters leaving at half-hour intervals determined by tickets they pulled from their tents. Their next clue brings them to Glacier Ice Beach, where they have a Detour choice of Ice Climb or Ice Search. Most teams opt for the Ice Climb, which involves climbing up a glacier using special gear. Three go for the Ice Climb, which involves searching a seven square-mile area for an orange buoy. This allows some teams to finish fast, but leaves one hopelessly lost for a good while. Ultimately, the 200 mile drive to the Pit Stop at the Blue Lagoon determines the final results, as two teams find themselves in a two way race to the Pit Stop, but one is too late to find the check-in area and is eliminated.moreless
    • There's a Lot of Nuts and Bullets
      Season 17 - Episode 9
      The five remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Al Alam Palace in Oman and fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Informed there's a Double U-Turn ahead, teams know if they're not quick they may have to do both Detour choices offered after completing a sugarcane-pressing task at Sundorban Square Supermarket: ensuring 30 deckhands get a "Balanced Meal" by delivering tiffins via boat, or using their heads to deliver 100 "Balanced Bricks" to a local shop. A Roadblock at Nazira Bazaar makes racers properly assemble a cycle rickshaw. Successfully putting it together yields the clue to the Pit Stop at Lalbagh Fort.moreless
    • This Is Wicked Strange
      Season 20 - Episode 6

      The seven remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Landhannes Farm in Bavaria and fly to Baku, Azerbaijan. The clue at Temple Ateshgah sends two teams risking to go after a Fast Forward at a hay market requiring them to arrange bales of hay in a 10x3x5 stack; the other teams head to Occupational Training International, where a Roadblock awaits requiring racers to take part in a training exercise where they must escape the simulated crash and capsizing of a helicopter. Completing the training sends teams to the Old Town of Baku and the Toghrul Karabakh carpet shop. A Detour there forces the choice of searching through an old Soviet car to find the one "Apple" among hundreds that has a race flag or going to the Naftalan Health Center and scraping crude "Oil" off a gentleman who's undergone a spa treatment common in the country. Completion points teams to the Pit Stop at an Esplanade alongside the Caspian Sea.

    • 10/29/06
      The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Al-Sadiq area water towers and receive a clue instructing them to fly to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, over 4,600 miles away. As the teams scramble for flights, members of an alliance known as the "six-pack" both help and hinder each other. Two teams argue over placement in line, but ultimately all teams travel on the same flights to Mauritius. Once there, the teams receive a model of a schooner and match it to a real schooner in the Grand Baie. The teams make a long swim to the schooner and then swim back after receiving a clue. The clue instructs them to drive to the Case Noyale post office. Along the way, teams face both traffic and car problems. They then take part in a Detour --- Salt or Sea, and several teams experience difficulty with their initial choice. Ultimately, one team arrives last at the Pit Stop, but is not eliminated, as this is another non-elimination leg.moreless
    • Desert Storm
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The seven remaining teams start off in El Jem Coliseum, the pit stop for the fourth leg. Upon departure they are given a route marking which tells them they must find a monument known as the Tataouine which is 300 miles away. Although Paul and Amie arrived fifth in the last leg, production problems cause them to move ahead one place in front of Frank and Margarita. When the teams arrive at the Tataouine, they are given a Detour. They must chose between an easy and a difficult game. The easy game is at a hard to find location and the hard game is at an easy to find location. The games are called "Puzzle" and "Listening" .All the teams chose Listening in which they must find the clue using a walkie talkie and find where the other one is. There they will find the clue. The clue says that must find a "yellow and white flag" in the middle of the Sahara Desert and that there are rocks to guide them there. Some teams are a little bit confused as to how the rocks guide them there. But eventually they all get there. Amie gets sick and throws up during this part. When they arrive at the flag, they take the next route marker. It's a Roadblock. In this one, it seems rather easy, as to get to the pit stop, one team member from each team must ride a camel. Like the last leg, no Fast Forward was used. Paul and Amie are the last team to arrive at the pit stop and are eliminated.moreless
    • It's Okay, Run Them Over!
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      The teams take off from the Pit Stop in New Zealand to the Westhaven Marina, where they face a Roadblock that involves scaling heights and then doing a controlled leap into a boat. Afterwards, the teams receive a clue telling them to travel over 5,000 miles to Manila, Philippines. One team lands seats on a flight that they hope will put them far ahead, but finds that flight delays and a missed connection place them together with the rest of the teams. Once in the Philippines, the teams take a part in a task to decorate jeepnees, a remnant of the American World War II presence. One team, though, must wait when they arrive only to find another team has exercised their Yield option on them. Afterwards, the teams do a Detour: Plow or Fowl. All teams choose the Plow option, which involves using an ox to plow for a clue, as opposed to the Fowl, which would have involved herding a thousand geese. All teams find themselves in a high-stakes bus and taxi race to the Coconut Palace Pit Stop, but one receives good news when they learn that although they finished last, they have not been eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Let Them Drink Their Haterade
      Season 20 - Episode 8

      The six remaining teams continue racing through Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater, with knowledge of an impending Double U-Turn, as well as a Speed Bump for Nary & Jamie. Directed to the Hillary Clington stall in Karatu, a Detour awaits: wait in a long line to fill nine large jugs to deliver a family's "Water Supply", or repair a flat bicycle tire and fill it with the correct "Air Supply". Moving on to the Jack Stelzer Pub, the Double U-Turn tempts racers prior to directions to the Gem Gallery and Arts store, where the Speed Bump forces Nary & Jamie to set up an outside art vending kiosk. The clue there points teams to Margaret's Farms in Mto Wa Mbu and the Roadblock, where racers have to harvest 500 grams of honeycomb. Successfully completing the Roadblock gives the location of the Pit Stop: Lake Manyara.

    • When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      The ten remaining teams depart Palacio Baburizza in Valparaiso, Chile, taking a lengthy bus trip to Puerto Varas, but an assumption about a connecting bus leaves some racers scrambling. A Detour forces teams to choose between dressing up llamas or dressing up as condors, while the Roadblock sees contestants gather kuchen-making ingredients for German immigrants before racing to the Pit Stop at Gruta de la Virgen.moreless
    • One Hot Camel
      Season 23 - Episode 8

      Teams continue racing in the United Arab Emirates, where a camel beauty pageant brings teams face to face with an iconic animal of the region. Two teams bring up past events as reasons at the U-Turn, forcing two teams to complete both sides of the Detour, while another team slips behind by missing a nearby clue.

    • Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come
      Season 15 - Episode 3
      The nine remaining teams depart Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's Reunification Palace for Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the fourth leg of a race around the world for one million dollars. After a Detour in involving choosing between either matching scarves in the city's Russian Market or selling motorcycle helmets on the streets and a Roadblock including training as a Cambodian royal monkey dancer, one team sees their ability to continue jeopardized due to a lost passport.moreless
    • 5/2/10
      The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, with Louie and Michael knowing a Speed Bump awaits them. A Roadblock at Longhua Temple forces racers to correctly count the hundreds of golden statues, while the Speed Bump forces Louie and Michael to toss coins into an incense burner before doing the count. The Detour has teams choosing between searching "Pork Chops" for their names or delivering orders of "Pork Dumplings" to get the clue to the Pit Stop at the Riverside Promenade.moreless
    • You Always Just Forget About Me!
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      The ten remaining teams take off from the Pit Stop in Cancun and are now instructed to fly to London, England.
      At the airport, teams find it very stressful trying to book flights. Many teams end up on separate flights than everyone else giving the lead teams an advantage. Some teams fall behind due to different flight connections.
      In England, teams head to Cambridge and find a Detour that requires them to boat only one mile or pedal a six-mile bicycle course.
      Teams must then catch one of three buses to Aberdeen, Scotland. The first bus carries the first six teams, while the second carries one team who barely make it. The last bus carries two more teams.
      The last team, who is now very far behind, chooses to go for the Fast Forward which involves driving a tank through a course in a short time period. While the team is completing the Fast Forward, the other nine teams reach the Roadblock in which the chosen person must participate in three traditional Scottish events of the Highland games to receive their next clue.
      Teams eventually complete the Roadblock allowing them to check in to the next Pit Stop, located at a nearby castle.
      In the end, one team is too late to check in and is eliminated, despite using the Fast Forward.moreless
    • 3/1/09
      The remaining teams set off from the Pit Stop at the Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg, Austria and receive a clue instructing them to travel by train to Munich and then fly 700 miles to Bucharest, Romania. A team that had been in the lead finds its advantage neutralized when their flight is forced to turn around, while another team ends up on a flight so late that it doesn't land in Romania until after the other teams have already completed the leg's Roadblock and boarded a train for the next destination. The Roadblock requires one member of each team to complete a series of gymnastics and the next destination turns out to be Buskov, Transylvania. In Transylvania, the teams travel to the Biserica Neagra (Black Church) and then take part in a Detour task that requires them to either load and unload belongings from a horse-drawn carriage, or unlock and untangle a coffin. One team completing the latter task bleeds valuable time by hiking up a mountain, following the wrong set of arrows, while a team completing the former task has a brief moment of panic when they lose their fanny pack. Upon completing the Detour, the teams travel by taxi to the leg's Pit Stop, the Vila Panoramic, but the team on the late flight is unable to recover, their hopes of one million dollars dashed.moreless
    • Chill Out, Freak
      Season 21 - Episode 5

      Teams experience life in the workforce of Dhaka, Bangladesh, as they take on local jobs at an exhausting Roadblock and Detour that leaves teams struggling for air. Meanwhile, one racer receives news from home which gives them a new outlook on the race.

    • I Have a Wedgie and a Half
      Season 28 - Episode 8
      The race continues in Dubai, UAE.
    • 10/17/10
      The nine remaining teams set off from the Pit Stop at Awusa Ntso's house in Doryumu, Ghana, ditching the heat of Africa for the cold of Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. Upon arrival, teams raced to the world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, where their next clue—and Michael and Kevin's chilly Speed Bump—awaited. Directed to Fjellsborg Lodge, racers were tasked with a Roadblock combining collecting flags with giving dog sled teams their summer exercise. The subsequent Detour given at the train station in Vassijaur forced teams to choose between racing hi-tech "Sleds" or building a tent called a goahti to put their "Beds". Completion awarded the location of Phil and the Pit Stop, stationed beside the Norwegian border.moreless
    • Who Says Pageant Girls Don't Eat?
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      The eight teams receive a clue telling them to get from the Pit Stop to the Battleship Aurora—its guns signaled the start of the Russian Revolution. The trip is long, with a 20-hour bus ride followed by an 8,000 mile flight to Russia. The jockeying and bickering immediately begin at the bus station, but some patient planning pays off for a few teams who take a later bus that makes less stops and then visit a travel agent. Some unfortunate airport luck leaves Bob and Joyce catching a later flight and striving to remain in the race. In St. Petersburg, Russia, the teams get a Detour clue to choose either a hockey challenge: Block Five Shots, or a drinking challenge: drink one shot. The choices are about evenly split and no team has a particularly tough time at the Detour. What many do have a very tough time with is the Roadblock, which involves eating two pounds of caviar. Christie struggles and her and Colin's lead evaporates, along with Brandon and Nicole, when Nicole passes out. Teams such as Chip and Kim and Charla and Mirna are able to power through it and gain ground, but it's not enough for Bob and Joyce, who are eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Please Hold While I Singe My Skull
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      The six remaining teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Bayon Temple in Siem Reap Cambodia and receive a clue instructing them to fly 2,000 miles to Delhi, India and then find a place called Moonlight Motors. All teams secure the same flight, but difficulties arise for some teams throughout the leg as they try to navigate the complicated streets of India. At Moonlight Motors, the racers face a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to spray-paint a car. During this task, one racer's badgering of their partner causes them to fall dangerously behind. The teams then head to the Ambassador Hotel, where a doorman gives them a clue that leads them to a Detour. One team's ineptitude at their chosen task task causes them to lose valuable time, but another team loses even more due to continued navigational problems. In the end, this team checks in last at the Pit Stop, but is delighted to find that they are not eliminated (though the reprieve comes with a string attached.)moreless
    • Taste Your Salami
      Season 20 - Episode 4

      The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Escalinata de Antequera in Asuncion, Paraguay and fly to Turin, Italy. Directed to the Lingotto Building, two choices await: a Fast Forward where one person has to land a remote control toy helicopter on a model of the building on their partner's head, or a Roadblock where racers rappel 120', grabbing their next clue along the way. Then heading to the Museo Nazionale dell' Automobile, teams search for a Tin Lizzie that holds their next clue. Pointed to the Mole Antonelianna, a Detour gives teams the choice to use a powerwasher to "Clean that Statue" or put their tastebuds to the test and "Name that Salami". Success grants the Pit Stop location: Piazza Castello.

    • Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      The six remaining teams set off from the Jaigur Fort in Jaipur, India and receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 2,000 miles to Phuket, Thailand. All teams arrive on the same flight and, once there, begin their search for a gorilla statue depicted in a picture they all receive. Most teams find the correct location, Phuket Zoo, with little trouble, but one team is misled and wastes valuable time traveling to the wrong location. At the Phuket Zoo, the teams have their pictures taken with a tiger and then take part in a traditional performance that involves having elephants step and squat over them. Upon completing this task, they receive their photo from the tiger keeper, which is also their next clue. This clue directs the teams to the Nguan Choon Tong Herbs Shop in Old Phuket, which features a frustrating task requiring the teams to instruct the shopkeeper to select various drawers from a group of ninety-nine until they find their next clue. Once teams have found this clue, they participate in a Detour requiring them to either prepare a fishing ship for ten days at sea or guide a rickshaw along a two-mile course. Upon completing this task, teams travel to the leg's Pit Stop, the Wat Thep Nmit Temple. Upon arrival, one team sweats out two penalties, one racer collapses due to heat exhaustion and one team arrives just a little too late and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Run, Babushka, Run
      Season 17 - Episode 6
      The seven remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Ankenes Marina in Narvik, Norway and travel (via Stockholm) to St. Petersburg, Russia. A stop at the Rostral Columns offers two torturous Detour choices: identifying three pieces of "Classical Music" being played amidst two ballrooms full of pianists, or indulging in some "Classic Cinema" by finding film that matches scenes from Sergei Eisenstein's October playing on a screen. Via Palace Square, teams make their way to the Roadblock at Aleksandrovskaya, which forces racers to dress as babushkas and plant potatoes to earn the clue to the Pit Stop at St. Isaac's Cathedral.moreless
    • I Got the Smartest Dude
      Season 26 - Episode 2

      The race continues in Nagano, Japan, where teams take on an Olympic-sized Detour and try to open an intricate Japanese box at a complicated Detour.

    • The Devil Made Me Do It
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      The teams travel from their Pit Stop in Istanbul, Turkey to London, England, where they pay a visit to Abbey Road, made famous by The Beatles. Two teams explore flight options and successfully risk an earlier flight, while two others choose to play it safe with a flight that ends up coming in later. In England, the teams ride a Ferris wheel called the London Eye and then participate in a Detour that requires them to make a classic choice --- Brains or Brawn. Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen both opt for Brawn, which requires them to stack boats, while the other two teams go for Brains and solve a series of clues leading them to the home of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Seeing Meredith and Gretchen struggle, Uchenna attempts to help out before realizing that he's not allowed. Later, the teams do a Roadblock at the Millennium Dome in which they must drive a double-decker bus through a marked obstacle course. One team surges ahead, while a Yield puts the remaining three teams in a close competition to avoid elimination.moreless
    • Quit Following Us
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      The eight teams take off from their Pit Stop in Africa, first traveling to a slave-house where slaves were held until heading to the New World. There, a memorial to those slaves particularly touches Gus and has him appreciating the human aspect of The Amazing Race. One team in particular had no money to begin with because of their penalty in the previous leg so they had to ask the locals of Goree for money before leaving the island. Next, the teams fly to Germany where they search for a clue along the remains of the Berlin Wall. After some teams have confusion about finding the clue, they travel to a statue of busted chains near a church that was partially destroyed in World War II. There, A Detour has teams choose between linking sausages or going to a brauhaus to search for their pictures on coasters and exchanging them for cups of beer at a brauhaus. Both choices were challenging and required high team work. Soon, the teams encounter a Roadblock in which one member must race a soapbox car down a mountain finishing before 37 seconds. The next clue instructed teams to find the next Pit Stop located at the Brandenburg Gate. On the way, one team remains in last place but another makes a costly mistake before the Roadblock resulting in a tense foot-race to the finish. In the end, one team member yells at his partner about losing causing some major stress while another is too late to check in and are eliminated.moreless
    • Are You Sure This Is Safe?
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      The teams travel from Crocodile Island to Nairobi, Kenya, where anticipation builds at the idea of traveling to a Mystery Location. After high tension at an airport, two teams book what they hope will be a faster flight, but find that a delay places them in the back of the pack. Once in Kenya, the teams take buses to a Detour: Buzzing or Busy. The Buzzing option is potentially faster and involves collecting honey from a hive of bees, while the Busy option involves furniture delivery. All teams opt to stay away from the bees and deliver the furniture. They then make their way to a Roadblock in which the task is to eat scrambled ostrich egg - an amount that's about twenty times that of a single chicken egg. It's a close call, but in the end a team that was a favorite of many is eliminated from The Amazing Race.moreless
    • Funky Monkey
      Season 21 - Episode 4

      The eight remaining teams fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where one team has to deal with the local rat problem to win the Fast Forward. Meanwhile, several teams are taken to the wrong place by taxi drivers, creating a tense search to get back on track.

    • Run Like Scalded Dogs!
      Season 16 - Episode 3
      The nine remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Gruta de la Virgen in Puerto Varas, Chile for Bariloche, Argentina, but an illness threatens one teams ability to proceed. A lassoing Roadblock is right up Jet's alley, but proves daunting for others. A polo-themed "Horse Power" Detour choice exhausts some physically, while following directions is too much of a mental challenge for others on a "Horse Sense" hunt for buried loot. In the end, one team struggles to reach the Pit Stop at Estancia Fortin Chacabuco and can only hope they'll be spared elimination.moreless
    • 2/1/05
      The four remaining teams take off from Lion's Rock in Sri Lanka and learn that they must fly to Shanghai, China. The teams catch the same flights via Hong Kong and then through to Shanghai which arrives later that night. The teams face communication difficulties while trying to grab taxis to get to Yu Yuan Gardens. The teams eventually arrive and discover that they must wait until the next morning for it to open. The teams are then instructed to make their way by taxi to Huaneng Union Tower where one team decides to use the third and final Yield on another. Next, a Roadblock has team members lowering down a building while making sure to locate a hidden message printed half way down and then teams must use this to reveal to a man at the bottom to get their next clue. Next, the teams travel by taxis to the Monument of the People's Heroes on Shanghai's most popular mile, the Bund. There, teams must search through a group of Tai Chi performers for the one with their next clue. Teams then make their way to the docks of Shanghai where they encounter a Detour. One involves "Bricks," a more physical task, while other as "Ice" which requires transporting ice and then breaking it into small parts. No one chose to do "Ice." The teams then rush to get to the next Pit Stop, the Peace Hotel South. In the end, one team is only just late by a few minutes and arrives last. Although fearing the worst, they are not eliminated, as this is the last of three pre-determined non-elimination legs. However, Phil tell us someone will fall victim to the final elimination on the next leg.moreless
    • 9/28/08
      To start the thirteenth season of The Amazing Race, eleven teams are transported by classic cars to the Los Angeles Coliseum. After receiving a set of initial instructions, they all scramble for clues which direct them to travel on one of two flights to Salvador, Brazil. Several teams are excited to catch the earlier flight, but disappointed when a delay shaves an hour an a half off the three hour lead that they had hoped to enjoy. The teams are directed to find a sandwich shop called O Rei Do Pernil, where they then receive a task instructing them to become old school barristas. They deliver a cart to a man named India in a coffee shop called Parąca de Se, who then gives them a clue directing them to a Brazilian military base. The teams spend the night at the military base and then depart in three groups-- one leaving at 9 in the morning, one at 9:30 and a final one at 9:45. The teams find a church in Pelourinho, the historic center of Salvador and also find a Detour involving a choice of upward or downward travel. One team makes a critical mistake at their task, forcing them to repeat previous actions. Ultimately, however, it is another team who is unable to overcome both their early mistakes and slow progress and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Let the Good Times Roll
      Season 28 - Episode 6
      The race continues in Yerevan, Armenia.
    • 1/4/05
      The teams receive a clue over the Internet at the Net Klub Cafe and opening times allow Lori and Bolo to catch up.

      The race continues at the Heritage Rail Museum where one racer is sent into a fury after being hit in the head by a gate. Once teams were signed in by order of departure, they had to ride a train down an old track to receive their next clue. Teams discover a Fast Forward clue, this is is the first of only two on this season and teams were could only use it once during the race. In this Fast Forward teams had to take part in the Legend of the Vampire, drink a glass of pig's blood in order to retrieve the Fast Forward award. One team successfully completed it allowing them to go directly to the next Pit Stop.

      The rest of the teams make a Detour choice between either Swim or Paddle. Swimming involves scoring a goal at water polo, while the Paddle option requires the team to use a hand-pump to inflate a raft and then paddle across the Danube. All teams except one opted for the Swimming choice and it proved to be the easiest and quicker one of the two.
      Later, a Roadblock forces several racers to eat a bowl of extremely spicy soup causing some team members to throw up from the spices.
      In the end of a long leg, things are very close as two teams race to reach the Pit Stop in order to stay in the game but one was eliminated.moreless
    • Tears of a Clown
      Season 20 - Episode 1

      Eleven new teams—including Big Brother 12 and 13's 'Team Brenchel'—depart Bridlewood Winery in Santa Barbara, California and race to Santa Barbara, Argentina. At Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque, a Roadblock forces team members to use a map to navigate to their teammate… who's been dropped there via a tandem parachute jump. Then directed to Patios de Cafayate Winery, teams must properly make 120 empanadas to receive the location of the Pit Stop, located on the grounds.

    • Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      The final three teams depart Seoul, South Korea and fly home to Los Angeles to claim the one million dollar prize, with a two-thirds chance of the first all-female Race victors. A tandem task at the Port of Long Beach forces teams to confront their fears of heights, while a Roadblock at the Rose Bowl puts racers' craftsmanship to the test. A game show-style task hosted by Bob Eubanks to recognize and organize all of this Race's Pit Stop mat greeters awards the best prize of all—the location of the finish line.moreless
    • 10/23/02
      The nine remaining teams began the leg in Scotland and raced through to Lisbon, Portugal to face a Detour 'Old School' or 'New School'. In Old School teams had to deliver a ninety-pound barrel of port wine to a nearby restaurant in the town of Porto. In New School teams had to load crates of Port wine bottles and from there they must take it into the city where they had to deliver it. The first choice was less physically demanding but both choices were seemingly tricky.
      The Roadblock for this leg required team members to enter a soccer game and block one penalty kick from another soccer player in order to receive their next clue.

      Once the Roadblock was completed the nine teams had to walk 1.5 miles to the Torre De Belem. This 460-year-old fortress was the pit stop for this leg of the race.
      Some teams found it difficult to locate the place while others found it easier.

      In one of the mosts serious and surprising endings ever for this show, one team made a critical error when it came to following the instructions on the clue in regards to the method of transit to the Pit Stop. As such, they arrived in first place, but were eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt!
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      Eleven teams take off from Los Angeles, California on race around the world, starting with a stop in Valparaiso, Chile, where a high-wire walk Roadblock tests the mettle of several racers. Meanwhile, attention to detail derails a few teams in their quest to reach Phil and the Pit Stop first.
    • The teams set off from their Pit Stop in eastern Montana and receive a clue telling them to fly to Montreal, Canada and then find the basement of the C.D.P. Capital Building in Montreal's underground city. Next they take part in a Detour --- Slide It (travel 22 miles and participate in the sport of curling) or Roll It (travel 23 miles and then roll four logs along a one-hundred foot course.) The Weavers and Linzes both opt for Slide It while the Bransens opt for Roll It and taxi/plane confusion causes great delays. Next they all travel 26 miles to the American Pavilion, built by Buckminster Fuller, where they climb a steep staircase and find a clue directing them to a door called Porte D. They make their way to the Olympic Park and pull departure times --- Linz - 5:50 A.M., Bransen - 5:45 A.M. and Weaver - 5:55 A.M., but the Weavers nearly quit.

      After departing, the teams are flown by charters to a mystery desination --- Toronto, Canada and then travel to La Tour C.N. (the C.N. Tower) where they use binoculars to spot their next clue. A Detour, Ship or Shop requires them to either sail across Toronto Harbor and retrieve a nautical flag, or search among over one-hundred people for one whose foot fits a particular pair of shoes. The Linz and Weaver families opt for Ship while the Bransens choose Shop. The teams cross Niagara Falls to their final destination city and a jigsaw puzzle of Central and North America determines which family crosses the finish line first.moreless
    • 10/9/02
      The remaining eleven teams take off from the Pit Stop at the Hacienda san Gabriel de Las Palmas and receive a clue instructing them to travel 133 miles to the Pyramid of the Sun in Tehutecan. Once there, they receive another clue instructing them to travel to the San Marino Marina in Cancun, over 1,000 miles away. Some teams face busing difficulties, but all eventually arrive and face a Detour task that allows them to search for a clue in the water by choosing from two different modes of transportation. One team uses the Fast Forward to skyrocket into the lead. Another arrives last at the Pit Stop and receives the unfortunate news that they are eliminated.moreless
    • The eight remaining teams continue racing in Portugal to Europe's most western point. There, teams open their next clue and discover a Detour which requires them to either rappel down to a shoreline or walk. Teams complete the task and learn that they must drive 250 miles to the port city Algeciras, Spain. Once there, teams must travel by ferry to Tangier, Morocco. While driving, some teams fall behind due to filling up their car with unleaded gasoline instead of diesel. When teams realize their mistake it puts them into shock and denial. Once teams reach Morocco, they must make their way to a travel agency and sign up for one of four charter buses departing one hour apart to the city of Fez. Each bus could only carry three teams. In Fez, teams encounter a Roadblock which involves searching through vats of smelling dye.
      Once completed, teams must then drive themselves to the next Pit Stop at the Borj Nord, a 425-year-old fortress that was designed to protect the city of Fez. In the end, one team's mistake earlier on caused them to fall into last place. They do not manage to catch up with the other teams and check in to the Pit Stop last and are eliminated from the race.moreless
    • It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      The eight remaining teams set off from the Vila Panoramic and receive a clue instructing them to fly through Moscow to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia and then travel to the hydroelectric dam depicted on the back of Russia's ten ruble note. Three teams gain an advantage by catching an early flight, leaving the remaining teams to fight it out to avoid last place. Teams next race to the Church of Saint Innokenty and take part in a Detour with two choices that both have some assembly required. One team is hit with a new variation on an old Amazing Race twist that sends them scrambling. The leg's Roadblock sends teams to the Bobrovy Log Park, where one member of each team takes a bobsled ride. Teams then travel to the leg's Pit Stop, a theater of musical comedy known as Krasnoyarsk theater. Ultimately, one of the season's early frontrunning teams ends up being eliminated.moreless
    • Tastes Like a Million Dollars
      Season 17 - Episode 5
      The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop along the Norwegian border in Swedish Lapland and drive across the border to Narvik, where a gondola ride to a mountaintop offers the choice of claiming a Fast Forward via participating in a traditional Norwegian Christmas ritual or proceeding to the nearby Skjombrua Bridge. At the bridge, a rappelling Roadblock gives racers the next clue, but forces then using ascenders to get topside and continue. Advancing to Harvika, teams faced a Detour choice of riding a "Bike" to get a lock combination or sailing in a "Boat" to deliver two fish and a chainsaw. Completion awarded the clue to the Pit Stop at Ankenes Marina.moreless
    • Ali Baba in a Suit
      Season 17 - Episode 8
      The six remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia and fly to Muscat, Oman. Their first stop leads to a truly engaging wait to climb Burj Al Mubkaharah. The Roadblock at Jabel Shams forces racers to rappel 500' and search hundreds of Arabian lamps for the few with Aladdin's ring. Atop a stack of collosal books in Nizwa awaits a Detour choice between pumping from the "Water Table" and making a delivery or purchasing ingredients and cooking a traditional soup to place on a bridal party's "Wedding Table". A final Route Marker task to deliver frankincense to Ali Baba in Muttrah Souq provides the clue to the Pit Stop at Al Alam Palace.moreless
    • Do It Like a Madman
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      The seven remaining teams take off from their Pit Stop at Summer Hill in New Zealand and receive a clue instructing them to fly over 5,600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The teams scramble for flights, with one team that was running behind catching a critical flight that enables them to catch up with all other teams. Meanwhile, another team fails to secure this flight, leaving them dangerously behind and scrambling to make up time. In Siem Reap, the teams travel to a roadside pumping station where they're instructed to use a hand pump to fill a truck with 25 liters of fuel to receive their next clue. Most teams complete this task with ease, but one is left gawking until they stumble upon the solution. The teams are then driven in their trucks to Siem Reap Harbor and then make their way by motorized boats to the waterfront community of Kho Andeth. One team is forced to paddle after suffering a boat breakdown. At Kho Andeth, the teams face a Detour choice involving either gathering objects or hauling fish. The teams then travel to Angkor Wat for a Roadblock testing sense of direction. The teams race for the leg's Pit Stop, the Bayon Temple, but one team is unable to catch up after being behind the entire leg and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • We Got a Gnome! We Got a Gnome!
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      The teams continue from their Pit Stop at a royal tomb in Jodhpur, India to Istanbul, Turkey --- more than 4,000 miles away. As the teams jockey for flights, two teams are caught by surprise when they learn that after believing they had a lead, they are in fact more than two hours behind. Once in Turkey, the teams participate in a sponsorship-placed gnome-finding task and then encounter a Detour which requires them to choose between Columns or Kilos. Most teams opt for Kilos, which requires them to weight people on a scale, but Ron and Kelly choose Columns, in which they have to use a coordinate grid to find columns with numbers and then use them as a combination for a lock. Later, a Roadblock requires one member of each team to rappel up a tall fortress and locate a key. The teams jockey for position heading for the Pit Stop, all while wondering about the significance of the gnome picked up earlier in the leg.moreless
    • The teams receive a clue telling them to travel over 6,000 miles from Calcutta, India to Auckland, New Zealand. Then, they must drive an additional 220 miles to Rotorua, New Zealand. Flight struggles initially put one team behind, but then confusion over directions moves them into a surprise lead. The teams take part in a Detour: Clean or Dirty. The Clean option involves a scary water rafting trip, while the Dirty option involves searching for a clue in hot mud. Colin and Christie, Linda and Karen, and Chip and Kim choose the Clean option, while Brandon and Nicole and Kami and Karli opt to get dirty. A questionable decision on the part of one racer makes for an intense battle to avoid elimination. The teams complete a Roadblock that involves rolling down a hill inside a Zorb, then walking across a final line. They then check in at the Pit Stop, but it's finally too late for one team and they are eliminated.moreless
    • Amazing "Crazy" Race
      Season 23 - Episode 11

      The final four teams travel to Tokyo, Japan, where an intense showdown at the Roadblock ensures that one team doesn't make the Final Three. Those who survive fly to Juneau, Alaska, where, after nine countries and 35,000 miles, one team is crowned winners of The Amazing Race.

    • To the Physical and Mental Limit
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The teams begin this leg at the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi. The first clue directs the teams to Raile Beach in which they must find "the king". Rob and Brennan are the first to depart the pit stop. They must take a cab and a boat to get to the next destination. Operating hours end at 5:30 PM and Joe and Bill are set to depart at 6:30 PM so they cannot do anything that night. The teams discover that "the king" is a large rock formation and that they must go rock climbing or they can take an extremely long hike, as part of a Detour. All of the teams chose to go rock climbing. Rob injures his finger during the climb. After rock climbing the teams must find there way to Sea, Land & Trek in Bor Tor, Ao Luk, which is a boat rental company. The route info notes that the place closes at 5:00 PM. Rob and Brennan arrive in first place and Joe and Bill arrive in last plce but are not eliminated because it is a non-elimination leg.moreless
    • It Turned Really Ugly Just Now
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      The teams head to Montevideo in Uruguay, where they visit a foam discoteque and pop rubber balls to find clues. They all end up in the same ferry and feel the pressure of being bunched together after having been in various positions. They travel to Buenos Aires, where they take part in a Detour, Perro or Tango, in which you have to choose between walking eight dogs for about a mile, or instead first travel about a mile and a half for the Tango. In the Tango, the teams receive a photo and then try to identify one man from a group of people dancing the tango. The Tango turns out to be the better choice, because the dog-walking takes a long time and the dogs are difficult to control. After completing one of those two, the teams participate in a Roadblock in which they have to remove a scarf from a calf. Fortunes change for the teams, as many who were behind end up advancing, while Alison and Donny are eliminated.moreless
    • The ten teams take off from the Pit Stop at Iceland's Blue Lagoon and learn that they must fly over 1,000 miles to Oslo, Norway. Once there, they must travel to a ski jump where they find themselves facing a Roadblock. In this Roadblock one team member must perform an "Olympian" feat, sliding down a long zip-line. The teams are then instructed to make their way to a traditional Viking Village where they must spend the night. In the morning, the teams split up into two groups of their choice and then compete to paddle boats across the lake. One team makes a critical mistake. Once completed, they must travel by train to the town of Voss and then make their way into the country. The teams face a Detour which involves rollerblading one and three quarter miles or participating in three grueling challenges. Many teams initially choose the rollerblading and then opt to do the three challenges instead. Later, the critical mistake comes back to bite the team that made it as they have received a 30 minute penalty. After some close calls, one team is unable catch up and is eliminated from the race.moreless
    • The Whole Country Hates Me
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      The teams receive a clue taking them from their Pit Stop at the La Moset Church to Arequipa, also known as the white city, where they must find a shoe union. After some jockeying for position, all teams end up taking the same ten hour bus ride and one racer pays the driver to open only the front doors when they arrive. Once at the shoe union, the teams do a Roadblock that requires them to shine five pairs of shoes and earn five Peruvian sols. Some teams use charm to complete the task quickly, while others find it hard to convince the locals to stop. The next clue sends the teams on two different flights to Santiago, Chile, leaving and arriving 45 minutes apart. Once in Chile, the teams do a Detour: Shop or Schlep. Several teams choose Schlep, which involves hauling 180 books eight blocks, while the remaining teams choose to Shop for five different ingredients at local markets. Strategy comes into play as the teams figure out the best way to complete the tasks and one team has a run-in with locals over apparent dishonesty. In the end, it's another close finish, with only seconds separating the ninth place team and the one that's eliminated.moreless
    • 3/15/05
      The teams receive a clue telling them to travel 150 miles from their Pit Stop in Saro, Santo Lucia to a bridge in Argentina. Spurred by a warning about an upcoming Yield, the teams finagle for transportation, with one team earning hostility by snatching another team's cab. The teams make their way to Nortes Sur and one team goes dangerously off-track. Eventually, the teams reach both the Yield (which none choose to use) and a Detour: Paddle or Pedal. Most teams choose Paddle, which involves rafting seven miles with professionals, but one falls behind after getting a flat tire while doing the biking task, Pedal. Later, the teams reach a Roadblock that involves eating four pounds of traditional Argentine food. One team-member, feeling that there's no way he can complete this, decides to take a four-hour penalty, and then convinces others to do it as well. It comes down once again to a rather close and somewhat surprising finish.moreless
    • You Know I'm Not As Smart As You
      Season 20 - Episode 2

      The ten remaining teams depart the Argentinian Patios de Cafayate winery and head to the town square to await delivery of their next clue. The ensuing Detour gives teams the option to construct and use a solar kitchen to get a kettle to boil in "Boil My Water" or take firewood and clay via donkey to a pottery workshop in "Light My Fire". Then directed to Buenos Aires by bus, teams race to Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers upon arrival. Faced with a Roadblock, racers must take the total weight given by a cattle auctioneer and divide to get the average weight per cattle before the bidding ends. Success awards the Pit Stop location—a 200-year old rubber tree named El Gomero, that sits at the middle of La Recoleta.

    • My Alarm Clock Didn't Go Off
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      The teams leave Brazil and South America all together to head to South Africa. There some teams dance for money, haul fish and are forced to drink blended sheep's head in the road block. Peach gets emotional when giving sunglasses to kids on the street. Shola and Doyin feel at home, as their father was born in Sierra Leone. Tara and Wil's alliance with Chris and Alex comes to a halt, as they realize this game is every man for themselves.

      Peggy and Claire sleep through their departure time and Blake and Paige, in last place, decide not to wake them up. Problems at the airport, including missing their flight, cause Peggy and Claire to fall a day behind and are the third team eliminated from the race.moreless
    • Can't Make Fish Bite
      Season 24 - Episode 5

      One team makes a huge flight gamble in a bid to stay in the race and teams get perplexed in the Sri Lankan sewing industry when tasked with sewing a shirt.

    • Are You Good at Puzzles?
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      The teams start at the Pit Stop, Catherine's Palace, where they're then directed to head to St. Petersburg and find a painting in an art museum: Rembrandt's The Return of the Prodigal Son. The teams are then instructed to fly 2,000 miles to Cairo, Egypt. The teams consider their flight options and Colin and Christie score big by doing their research. They score a flight that arrives many hours before the others and Fast Forward into the lead with a task that involves transporting a sarcophagus. They check in to a nice lead at the Great Sphinx. The other teams arrive in Egypt where they take part in a Roadblock: Who's up for going down? They must carry up a bag of artifacts from a deep hole. They then take part in the Detour: Rock and Roll or Hump and Ride.moreless
    • 8/31/04
      In this leg of the race, the teams travel from Dubai to Calcutta, India. Linda and Karen find themselves facing the law this time over a cab dispute, but with a far different reason and resolution than that of the Colin and Christie situation in the previous episode. Once in Calcutta, all teams initially take part in a brick-making Roadblock. When it proves an especially rough challenge for one team, they try opting for the Fast Forward, only to balk when they find it invovles shaving their heads. Therefore, all teams participate in the Heavy but Short / Light But Long Detour, all choosing Heavy But Short. After pushing taxicabs with the help of locals for a half-mile, they make their way to the pit stop: Victoria Memorial. The last place team finds themselves giving up hope, but is greeted with a big surprise.moreless
    • This is the Most Stupid Day Ever
      Season 18 - Episode 4
      The nine remaining teams depart from Commodore Perry's Landing in Kurihama, Japan and fly to Kunming, China to arrange travel to Lijiang, but Kent and Vyxsin spiral out of control immediately. At Jade Dragon Mountain, teams ride yaks to obtain a clue directing them to Spruce Meadow and the Roadblock: finding charms with the twelve Chinese zodiac signs among thousands of charms and arranging them in order. The zodiac theme continues in Lijiang's Old Town, as racers write wishes and deposit them into their sign, marked on a prayer wheel. Directed to the Detour, teams choose between each using a giant wooden "Hammer" to pound molten candy into shape or carrying a large ceremonial "Horn" while leading a parade of Naxi dancers to Wencheng Palace. Completion awarded the clue to find Phil at the Eternal Tower atop Lion Hill.moreless
    • 3/14/10
      The eight remaining teams are transported from the Pit Stop at the Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany's red-light district to a mystery location in France, where they're instructed to go to Boulangerie Defontaine in Ste. Menehould. Everyone later chooses to go "Under Fire" at a WWI-themed Detour at La Main de Massiges, but a Blind U-Turn could force one team to go back "In the Trenches" before being able to advance to the Pit Stop at the Church of Massiges. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jeff pray they can somehow catch up to the pack, knowing a Speed Bump awaits them somewhere on the course.moreless
    • Do You Like American Candy?
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      The ten remaining teams take off from their Pit Stop in a seventh century fortress in Salvador, Brazil and receive a clue instructing them to fly to Fortaleza, Brazil. Tensions erupt when one team feels they secured an early flight for all teams and seeks a small compensation in return. Once in Fortaleza, the teams receive a clue instructing them to travel to a beach known as Barraca d Manoel. Here, a Detour choice allows one team to set itself apart from the pack by providing a task suited to their skills. Later, a Roadblock requires searching for a clue hidden in plain sight. While some find the clue almost right away, others waste time searching for non-existent leads in distracting advertising information. One team twice makes time-wasting clue-reading mistakes, but ultimately another team is eliminated.moreless
    • Help Me, I'm American
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      All of the ten remaining teams continue the race in South America. In this leg of the race, teams hang-glide, much to the chagrin of Peggy who has had problems with her knee for years, but does it reluctantly anyway.

      Shola & Doyin obtain the fast forward by playing volleyball with professionals in which a foot gets twisted. Other problems occur with the twins, when at one point, [one of the twins] gets their foot run over.

      Blake and Paige have problems when they lose their wallet and have to go around the bus station, begging for money.

      Several problems occur on the bus rides to the next pitstop, as one breaks down and the other gets a flat tire. Chris & Alex, tired of waiting, decide to fix the flat tire themselves and get back on the road.

      Again to their surprise, Peggy and Claire stay in the race, this time placing in 8th position. And it's a race by Hope/Norm and Blake/Paige to the finish, which results in the elimination of the married parents from Tennessee. They also feel this has rekindled their relationship in a sense and made them realize there love for each other, more so.moreless
    • You Look Ridiculous
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      In the first leg of the episode, the teams make their way from Capos, Costa Rica to Arizona. A Detour requires them to choose between Brush or Barrel, in which they must either paint cart wheels or load sugarcane and then transport it six miles. Later, one member of each team does a Roadblock that requries them to do fifty laps around a track in a supercart. The teams then travel 32 miles to the Pit Stop, Fort McDowell Adventures. One team arrives last, but is not eliminated.

      The teams continue in the second leg and receive a clue directing them to the Fighter Combat International at Arizona's Gateway Airport. A Roadblock requires one member of each team to fly a stunt team. The teams make a stop at the Grand Canyon before traveling to Geln Canyon Park and choosing between two Detour options --- Bearing or Bailing. All but one team chooses Bailing, in which they bail water out of a boat, while the other chooses Bearing, requiring them to find cards navigating via compass coordinates. The teams race for the Pit Stop at Lake Powell, Antelope Point and one is eliminated.moreless

    • You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?
      Season 16 - Episode 8
      The six remaining teams depart the Pit Stop on the Seychellian island of Praslin and fly to Penang, Malaysia, heading to the Snake Palace. At the Detour, teams choose between creating a large incense display in a "Buddhist Tradition" or walking 120 feet with 32-foot high chingay balanced on their heads in a "Chinese Custom", with Jet and Cord's choice crucial in their ability to keep pace due to time that will be lost in their impending Speed Bump. Racers have a smashing time at the Hindu-themed Roadblock, where they must find coconuts with colored insides and use them to help create floats to be set to sea, yielding the clue to the Pit Stop at Pinang Peranakan Mansion.moreless
    • 1/18/05
      The teams continue from their Pit Stop on the island of Corsica, France to the town of Nice by ferry, where they then receive a clue telling them to get to Addis Ababa in Africa by plane.
      The teams tussle for flights at the airport, but chartered planes place them all no more than within a half-hour's distance of each other.
      Once in Addis Ababa, they receive a clue telling them that they must direct their taxi drivers to Lewz Village. Once they accomplish this, they find a Detour that involves two Ethiopian activities: Raise the Roof or Mud the Flat. In Raise the Roof, teams must carry a thatched roof two-thirds of a mile with the help of locals. In Mud the hut, teams had to successfully mud a hut until it was completely covered with mud. The first option seems to be the faster choice as one team member injures herself by cutting her fingers while Mudding the hut. Another person suffers from a mild asthma attack.
      Next, the teams take donkeys to Saint George's Church, where teams discover a Yield, the second of three on the race.

      The Roadblock for this leg requires the chosen team member to go in and receive a pendant and then search a crowd of one hundred worshippers for a match.
      All teams struggle with the possibility of being Yielded and the maybe the next one to go. One team was Yielded but eventually catches up to the rest of the pack. In the end, one was unable to catch up and are eliminated.moreless
    • 4/17/11
      The remaining six teams depart from the Pit Stop at Ramnagar Fort near Varanasi, India and fly to Vienna. Upon arrival, teams raced to Schloss Schallaburg, where a clue directed them to the National Library and an awaiting Detour. Teams could choose between taking a "Long Hard Walk" delivering an analyst's couch from the Freud Museum to the University of Vienna, or having a "Quick and Easy Meal" by eating a large dinner in the span of one twelve-minute rotation of the Wiener Riesenrad. Completion directed the teams to drive to Salzburg, where a Roadblock forced one racer to work as a chimney sweep to earn the clue to the Pit Stop: Villa Trapp.moreless
    • This Game Is About Minutes
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      The teams travel to Namibia where they climb sand dunes and slide down them as a task. Shola and Doyin face problems of driving standard in the desert and eventually get stuck.

      Wil and Tara accuse Gary and Dave of speeding and even call them cheaters and Gary tells them that "[They're] going down!". A feud on the horizon?

      Oswald and Danny maintain their position in first place as they capture a rather easy fast forward which sends them directly to the pit stop.

      Shola and Doyin can not overcome their problems in the desert and end up skipping most of their tasks and just head directly to the pit stop where they are eliminated.

      Blake and Paige spark controversy with Mary and Peach as in a race to the finish, the brother and sister team cut across the trees to finish seconds before the two sisters.moreless
    • 12/11/02
      The four remaining teams take off from Singapore and are instructed to fly to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and once there, they must search for the Ho Chi Minh Statue at the Rex Square.
      All teams catch the same flight into Ho Chi Minh City.
      Teams eventually make it to Rex Square and read their next clue, instructing them to cross the Mekong Delta.
      Teams then face a Detour which involves easy buying or hard selling.
      Once completed, they must then return to Ho Chi Minh city and find their next clue near the Saigon.
      There, teams discover a Roadblock, requiring the chosen person to transport their team member on a cyclo across the river and then check into the next Pit Stop.
      In the end, with the possibility of someone getting eliminated, all four teams dash through the Roadblock in order to stay in the game. But unfortunately it's too late for one team and they step onto the mat in last place. They have indeed been eliminated, leaving the final three.moreless
    • What if It Isn't Sanitary?
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      The eight teams continue on to Stockholm's Town hall tower and from there they were instructed to fly 3,500 miles to Dakar, Senegal in Africa.
      Once there, the teams must find a grave site of a famous poet and some fall slightly behind for a while on a bit of bad information. Some teams had money issues with the taxi drivers.
      Later, they face a Detour in which they must choose between Stack 'Em Up or Pull 'Em Up. Both choices involved fish. Stack 'Em Up, which involves stacking the fish in a pile, seems to be the faster choice, but a few teams opt for the fishing and fall behind because of seasickness.
      Later, a Roadblock involves hauling salt out of a red lake called Lac Rose.
      The teams were then told to travel by ferry to the island of Goree, where they must search for the next pit stop. The race to avoid elimination was close between two teams. In the end, one team was unable to catch up and checked in last place. They received a huge surprise when Phil informed them that this was the first of several non elimination rounds so they're still in the game, but they have been stripped of all money and will not be receiving any for the upcoming leg.moreless
    • The five remaining teams continue on to Switzerland for the eighth leg. A romantic bond develops between two different team members causing an alliance. When teams arrive in Switzerland they are given a Detour which involved money. Both tasks seem to be quite frustrating for all teams. One team falls behind due to making a costly mistake. Later on, the teams face a Roadblock involving Archery. Most teams are able to complete the task without too many problems. The race to the Pit Stop is a close foot-race for two teams but one could not make in time resulting in their last place finish. However, they receive some great news when they learn that this is the first of three pre-determined Non-Elimination legs.moreless
    • 11/22/09
      The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop in the bogs outside Tallinn, Estonia and head for Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, where their initial task has them search Staromestske namesti for a "vintage Praga"—if they can only figure out what that is. Later, a Detour at Kayaky Troja forces teams to choose between shooting down man-made rapids (Fast & Furious) or shooting across a wire above (Slow & Steady), while a Roadblock at the Stavovské divadlo has people searching for a tiny mandolin.moreless
    • 4/3/02
      The teams travel from their pit stop at Anani Lodge to Bangkok. They all fight for planes, but the airport ends up being the usual great equalizer. In Bangkok, they take part in a Detour in which they must choose between Confusion Now and Confusion Later. Confusion Now involves finding the correct taxi at a water taxidock, while Confusion Later involves burning a paper car as a spiritual offering. The teams split the choices, some encountering difficulties. One team loses valuable time after going to the wrong shrine. Later, the teams take part in a Roadblock that requires a journey into a deep, dark cave. The fear of this obstacle could cost one team the race.moreless
    • 10/30/15
      The race continues in Paris.
    • Monkey Dance!
      Season 28 - Episode 10
      The racers visit Lembongan Island, Indonesia.