The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 9

Fishy Kiss

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • u turns are no longer fun

    sorry chips but you guys have never been smart you merely play on your looks or sponge of other teams.. your likable and funny... but you decided to stab your friends in the back over some biggoted sri lankan twins and some texas numpties... who if anything are a threat to you...

    yes pick on the one team who are going for the bigger prize and are way behind you..

    does anyone think 2 million is a lot hell maybe if you let them win they'll share it ? they did stick around for the gay's but no the gays think they'll stab them in the back.. later on so they do it first... yeah thats a great way to treat 'friends'

    so for me team gay must lose out quickly and team 'twinny' must die if possible..

    all of the 'twinny' comments do ironically apply to them selves... total hyprocrites..

    as for the tasks lame pointless waste of thanks for refreshing my mind with the image of the old guy in his undies...
  • An enjoyable week of TAR

    All flaws aside, I consider this to be the best leg of this highly unsatisfying season.

    Don't get me wrong, the obvious flaws to point out would be indicated in already posted reviews below, but this leg was by far the most entertaining with a neat locale in Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS, probably the first decent destination so far this season (except maybe Turkey if that leg had actually worked, which it did not).

    Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent decided to pair up once again for a good portion of the leg. Imagine had the Intersection been re-incarnated into the show after an absence of 10 seasons to date.

    Its nice to know that they are finally in EUROPE, my opinion of the best continent in the world for The Amazing Race. The leg's tasks, now here's a weird factor, I did not really like the Fast Forward. Yes I know, the task seemed pretty creative but to me it just didn't really work. Nothing "wow" or fancy about the task, especially this late in the season. The Detour was just above average, and thats only because ENTIRE leg felt suited to an early episode, like a second or third leg because the tasks were not at all that difficult. The Roadblock was a nice 'switchback', but again, there was no 'wow' factor involved. Still, I enjoyed the leg's tasks and it is well and truly ahead of every single other leg we've had this season.

    The chips using the Double U-Turn on Abbie & Ryan, meh they did what they thought was in their best interest. Stop complaining, its part of the game, I mean yeah its sad to see Abbie & Ryan out of the race, but its just how it goes.

    Overall, a highly satisfying and enjoyable ninth leg which beats the million miles out of the previous eight legs. All flaws aside, It works. The next episode though, judging by the preview looks like it'll suck.
  • A Dutch travesty!

    This episode was just so horrible in so many ways. The most important thing to have a good episode of TAR are the tasks. The Detour was pointless and meaningless, the Fast Forward - while disgusting - didn't seem to be much of an issue, and the Roadblock - while I LOVED this task on Season 12 - was a complete failure, because the only reason this task was memorable in the first place was because a 68-year-old man was performing it in his underwear. In reality, it is a pretty horrible and simple task.

    Moving on from that, I believed the U-Turn strategy by the three frontrunners was a great strategy, even though they completely victimised one of my favourite teams in Abbie & Ryan. Can't stand Natalie & Nadiya AT ALL - they are vile and disgusting and need to go back where they came from. Lost a little bit of respect for the Jaymes & James team because they didn't stick up for what they believed in and they just went with the pack. I like Trey & Lexi - they are a cute couple and never fight - but I dislike how they have outlawed Abbie & Ryan.

    Johs & Brent - a team that bored me halfway to death in the beginning - have been growing on me, and I love how they and Abbie & Ryan just keep sticking together no matter what.

    Abbie & Ryan definitely need to be booked in for the next All-Stars season - they have been completely victimised by others and have had just about the most rotten luck with flights since Uchenna & Joyce had simmilar problems in Frankfurt. They totally deserev a second shot!

    Don't have any high hopes for the remainder of the season, although if the Sri Lankan morons get eliminated next, it will be deeply satisfying!
  • U-turn...what?

    I wish Jaymes & James had just gone with what they felt and didn't U-turn anyone. They would have still been ahead of Abbie & Ryan. That said, it's a game, they did what they had to do to stay ahead. Abbie & Ryan are pretty poor losers to get so upset because I'm sure if it had been the other way around, they wouldn't have spent nearly half as much wavering before they U-turned someone.

    I still can't stand Natalie and Nadiya. I swear I mute the TV every time they show only them because they're so freakin' annoying. Must they always shout and natter at every possible moment? Them winning would be a travesty because they stole James & Abba's money. I don't hate Trey & Lexi as much as I do the sisters but I still hope James & Jaymes can pull out the victory!
  • Where do they find these people?

    I have watched every episode of The Amazing Race from the very first season. I really liked some players and I really disliked some players. But Natalie & Nadiya ( the Sri Lanka skanks ) are by far the worst players ever! They stole money, they complain about everything and everyone, they bitched when they came in third on one leg of the race. It was not good enough, they wanted to be first. They run their mouths every minute and never shut up. They complained that the Russian swim team did not speak english. You are in their country you stupid morons. They don't have to speak english. No wonder other countries hate us if this is what represents the United States.
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