The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 9

Fishy Kiss

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • A Dutch travesty!

    This episode was just so horrible in so many ways. The most important thing to have a good episode of TAR are the tasks. The Detour was pointless and meaningless, the Fast Forward - while disgusting - didn't seem to be much of an issue, and the Roadblock - while I LOVED this task on Season 12 - was a complete failure, because the only reason this task was memorable in the first place was because a 68-year-old man was performing it in his underwear. In reality, it is a pretty horrible and simple task.

    Moving on from that, I believed the U-Turn strategy by the three frontrunners was a great strategy, even though they completely victimised one of my favourite teams in Abbie & Ryan. Can't stand Natalie & Nadiya AT ALL - they are vile and disgusting and need to go back where they came from. Lost a little bit of respect for the Jaymes & James team because they didn't stick up for what they believed in and they just went with the pack. I like Trey & Lexi - they are a cute couple and never fight - but I dislike how they have outlawed Abbie & Ryan.

    Johs & Brent - a team that bored me halfway to death in the beginning - have been growing on me, and I love how they and Abbie & Ryan just keep sticking together no matter what.

    Abbie & Ryan definitely need to be booked in for the next All-Stars season - they have been completely victimised by others and have had just about the most rotten luck with flights since Uchenna & Joyce had simmilar problems in Frankfurt. They totally deserev a second shot!

    Don't have any high hopes for the remainder of the season, although if the Sri Lankan morons get eliminated next, it will be deeply satisfying!
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