The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 9

Fishy Kiss

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • An enjoyable week of TAR

    All flaws aside, I consider this to be the best leg of this highly unsatisfying season.

    Don't get me wrong, the obvious flaws to point out would be indicated in already posted reviews below, but this leg was by far the most entertaining with a neat locale in Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS, probably the first decent destination so far this season (except maybe Turkey if that leg had actually worked, which it did not).

    Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent decided to pair up once again for a good portion of the leg. Imagine had the Intersection been re-incarnated into the show after an absence of 10 seasons to date.

    Its nice to know that they are finally in EUROPE, my opinion of the best continent in the world for The Amazing Race. The leg's tasks, now here's a weird factor, I did not really like the Fast Forward. Yes I know, the task seemed pretty creative but to me it just didn't really work. Nothing "wow" or fancy about the task, especially this late in the season. The Detour was just above average, and thats only because ENTIRE leg felt suited to an early episode, like a second or third leg because the tasks were not at all that difficult. The Roadblock was a nice 'switchback', but again, there was no 'wow' factor involved. Still, I enjoyed the leg's tasks and it is well and truly ahead of every single other leg we've had this season.

    The chips using the Double U-Turn on Abbie & Ryan, meh they did what they thought was in their best interest. Stop complaining, its part of the game, I mean yeah its sad to see Abbie & Ryan out of the race, but its just how it goes.

    Overall, a highly satisfying and enjoyable ninth leg which beats the million miles out of the previous eight legs. All flaws aside, It works. The next episode though, judging by the preview looks like it'll suck.