The Amazing Race

Season 7 Episode 12

Five Continents, 25 Cities and More than 40,000 Miles

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2005 on CBS
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The final three teams receive a clue telling them to travel from their Pit Stop in Potter's Field Park, England to Kingston, Jamaica and then take a taxi 90 miles to the Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio. There, the teams discover a Roadblock in which one team member must dance the limbo. Then, after spending the night at that location, they face a Detour that requires them to choose between "Raft It" or "Build It". All teams choose the "Build It" option, which requires them to build a raft and then sail it a short distance across a river. All teams struggle with the task. The teams then travel 80 miles to a coconut and spice plantation in Montego Bay, the Pit Stop for the leg. One team looses a tire on the way causing them to finish last but are instead stripped of everything in a Non-Elimination leg.
In the final leg of the race, the teams first face an onion-cutting task and then a Detour in which all teams choose "Tee" rather than "Pony", requiring them to hit a golf ball within a particular area. The teams later travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico and complete a final but very physical Roadblock that requires one team member to take a big dive off a bridge and then swim to a certain point. One team fights back from the from the brink of losing it all, while another falls hopelessly behind. It's another close finish that leaves one team literally begging for what they need to make it to the finish line first.moreless

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  • This two part finale had it all, flat tires, teams going from first to last and last to first. The drama and tension in this episode was great as was the finish.moreless

    This was the second best finish of the race so far. Uchenna and Joyce had everything go bad for them, were in the lead and got a flat tire, finished third in the non elimination leg, got stripped of their cash and clothes on the final leg of the race. They got a taxi driver who was their godsend and took them to the airport where they begged for hours to come up with $40 and then got driven all over the island for that amount of money including waiting for them. Now that is incredible, sometimes good things happen.

    Then after being hours behind the leaders all day long, to catch up late at night because the next destination was closed until the next morning.

    The roadblock was great, as Rob had used up all his earlier in the race and then Rob and Amber read the clue wrong. They were dead last, but when they got to the airport got on a closed flight, which gave them a huge advantage, until Uchenna and Joyce talked their way on the flight.

    The race in Miami was the best with Uchenna getting the good taxi driver and Rob not getting a break. To see Uchenna and Joyce begging for money outside the finish line while Rob and Amber are closing in was great TV, and the race to the finish where the boys were saying No Rob and Amber, was priceless.moreless
  • What a wonderful result!

    I'm glad Uchenna and Joyce won, They deserved it so badly unlike Rob and Amber who already won 'Survivor'. I don't get why they applied for this show if they have already won $1 Million!

    It all began in England where the final three teams left off and for the first half of the final teams are instructed to fly to the island of Jamaica!( Season 6's final also went to an island which was in Hawaii). The challenges in this leg were fantastic like the limbo that teams had to perform and the raft bulding which started up bickering but it was just Outstanding! The scenery of jamaica was beautiful, but then the final pit stop came ahead causing the teams to panic and arrived quite close together. Uchenna and Joyce came last but were stripped of everything.

    The final leg started in Jamaica and in a challenge teams had to chop onions which was funny! Then for their final destination teams flew to Florida where their final challenges took place and this time the winner was deserving. Right at the end when Rob and Amber caught the first flight and Uchenna and Joyce missed it! I thought that was it! But thankfully the airport managers allowed them to get in onto the flight and made it a close one but it was Uchenna and Joyce who crossed the finish line first! I was so happy and thrilled just watching how happy they were to be the winners. Ron and Kelly remained at the back most of the time and finished in 3rd place.

    Overall a fantastic Season like all the others that have been on. Each of the seasons seemed to have had their own ups and downs!

    The First season was the original and was well remembered and will always have a place in the top list.

    The Second season was slightly better than Season 1 for it's locations but other than that it was about the same because nothing had really changed.

    The Third and Fourth seasons had better rules than Seasons 1 or 2. It visited more countries which was great but the Fourth season was too predictable and nothing had changed.

    The fifth season is where it all started getting better with new twists, cool locations and unpredictability! Season 5 was great!

    The Sixth Season would have to be my overall favourite because it had decent/colourful teams, a wonderful combination of locations, even more twists( like the Yield which started on Season 5 and on this season it was decreased and the limited amount of Roadblocks that one person could do) and it always kept me in suspence!

    Season 7 was also superb like the fifth and sixth seasons because of it's high competitiveness, the teams were better than ever before and it kept viewers watching!

    Can't wait for Season 8!moreless
  • On the finale of this exciting season 7 of the amazing race, Uchenna and Joyce beg their way to the finish line, narrowly beating out reality tv favorite couple Rob & Amber.moreless

    This was the finale of season 7 of the amazing race. I got into this show in about season 4 or 5 but had been a long time Survivor fan. I watched Survivor All-Stars and I believe Rob truly outwit, outplayed, and outlasted them all and that's why he got second place, and the girl. I had been pulling for Rob and Amber from day one. Based on most of the forums i have read, I relize the public is not a huge fan of them. I understand Rob is manipulative and that he plays "dirty" if you will but I believe his is playing the game! He brings a new bag of tricks with him on each leg of the race and he makes it exciting!!

    Now I understand if you are not a fan of Rob and Amber, but when they were getting on the last flight to the U.S. and they were the only ones on that flight, there is no doubt they would have won. But.... the airplane company decided to bring the plane back once it already had pulled out of the gate which would NEVER happen in today!! I believe that was fixed by CBS and I hate to say it but I think it was.moreless
  • iM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased rob didnt win.

    Im so pleased rob and amber didnt win.. and i love shows like this that a decent down to earth couple lke uch & Joyce can win something like this. As for the comments from the guy on here who blammed the damn mexicans... well, a)they werent mexican b) if rob and amber are going to participate in a travel race they need to be aware that not everyone speaks their language (something that annoys me about every series of the race - why do americans asume that other places should speak your language - that is actually our (english) language and you took it and made the spelling funny! haha - no offence meant by it!) and c) its karma coming back and kicking them, thankfully, for all the rubbish and smart arse comments they made about the other teams. he is a horrible horrible man.

    Rob would have spent all the money buying himself some friends. U & J get to have a baby. now thats cool. its nice to have a team that need the money for something amazing and life changing rather than just for the sake of it. love love love it!

    ps. this is a late posting re this seires as we have only just ifnished this series in UK.

  • Glad that it wasn\'t Romber!

    I am glad that Uchenna & Joyce won.

    Because I am glad that it wasn\'t Romber.

    I loved it that a couple who won nothing

    Won the biggest prize.

    But most of all, they will use that money to start a family.

    If they can\'t at all try on their own, they can also use the money to adopt.

    Loved it that it again wasn\'t Romber at all.

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano

Runner Up with Amber (Season Seven)

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich

Runner Up with Rob (Season Seven)

Ray Housteau

Ray Housteau

Eliminated 5th with Deana (Season Seven)

Deana Shane

Deana Shane

Eliminated 5th with Ray (Season Seven)

Debbie Cloyed

Debbie Cloyed

Eliminated 3rd with Bianca (Season Seven)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The teams finished in the following order in the first leg of this episode:

      #1. Ron and Kelly.
      #2. Rob and Amber.
      #3. Uchenna and Joyce. (Stripped of money and possessions, start final leg without)

      The teams finished in the following order in the second leg of this episode:

      #1. Uchenna and Joyce.
      #2. Rob and Amber.
      #3. Ron and Kelly.

    • There were no Yields on these two legs, as all three of this season's Yields were already available on previous legs. In addition, both Fast Forwards had already been used on their designated previous legs.

    • Rob and Amber were the only team in the race to never finish last in a leg of the race.

    • Uchenna and Joyce are the second African-American team to win The Amazing Race, the first being Chip and Kim in season 5.

    • Balance Sheet 1: Ron and Kelly move up from second to first. Rob and Amber move down from first to second. Uchenna and Joyce remain in last but are not eliminated.

    • Balance Sheet 2: Uchenna and Joyce move up from third to first. Rob and Amber remain in second. Ron and Kelly move down from first to last.

    • Roadblock: (Jamaica) This leg's Roadblock was located at Frenchman's Cove, Jamaica. One member of each team was required to participate in the limbo It was a fairly easy task --- each rung of the limbo stick told teams when they could depart the next morning. Team members had eight chances to gain the earliest time out, which was 8:15 A.M. Amber, Kelly and Joyce completed this Roadblock for their respective teams.

    • Roadblock: (Fort Lauderdale) For this final Roadblock, which was located at the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro Fort in San Juan, Porta Rico, one team member had to jump off a 30-foot bridge and once in the water they had to swim a length of 90 yards to retrieve their next clue.

      Amber, Ron and Uchenna completed this last Roadblock for their respective teams.

    • Rob and Amber were the only team in the seventh season of The Amazing Race to not check in at a Pit Stop or the Finish Line in last place.

    • Detour (Rose Hall Great House):
      No team chose "Pony Up", where they would've ridden a horse into the ocean, then gotten off and grabbed its tail, allowing the horse to maneuver through a buoy course.
      All teams chose "Tee It Up", where they put on golf clothes and hit golf balls until one of them hit a green 140 yards away.

    • Detour (Grant's Level):
      No team chose "Raft It", where they would've steered a traditional bamboo raft eight miles downstream.
      All teams chose "Build It", where they had to build a bamboo raft, then take it across a river to retrieve their next clue.

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  • NOTES (7)

    • Since the introduction of Non-Elimination Leg penalties, Uchenna & Joyce become the first team to win having been penalized on a previous-leg.

    • Rob is the only contestant to finish in second place in 2 separate reality shows.

    • The first leg ended approximately 43 minutes into the episode and the second began approximately 49 minutes in.

    • The first time since non-elimination penalties were added that the penultimate leg is a non-elimination leg.

    • Unlike all previous season finales, the eliminated teams standing at the finish line are not shown in order of elimination by the camera.

    • When describing the final Pit Stop, Phil said the last team to check in "may be eliminated." Of course, had they been, viewers would have ended up watching a two-team final leg, something unprecedented in the show's history. So this was just a last-ditch effort to create suspense.

    • Two hour finale, aired from 9-11 P.M.