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Predict the Boot Order of TAR 21!

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    [1]Sep 30, 2012
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    TAR 21 is premiering in less than 12 hours, but I want your thoughts on the boot order!

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    [2]Oct 1, 2012
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    Well the premiere has already aired now, but here's my predictions, bearing in mind I have only read an extremely minimal amount of spoilers this time:

    1. Trey & Lexi
    2. Abbie & Ryan
    3. Jaymes & James
    4. Natalie & Nadiya
    5. Josh & Brent

    Definitely wouldn't have picked Rob & Sheila to go home first! I can't really predict who will finish 6th-10th, so I just did 1st-5th.

    I picked Trey & Lexi for first because I love them!

    I picked Abbie & Ryan for second because they seem very strong.

    I picked Jaymes & James for third because they also seem strong and were unlucky to finish tenth on leg one.

    I picked Natalie & Nadiya for fourth because they also had a great run in the first leg and could do well.

    I picked Josh & Brent for fifth because I can't stand them and teams I can't stand usually win... so I'm being very optimistic going with fifth.

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