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So I did a bit of research

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    According to Wikipedia, of the 20 seasons of The Amazing Race 6 were won by teams that won the first leg (thus would have gotten $2 million with the new rules) and 6 more were in the final three but lost.

    I would have thought that the number would have been lower but I guess I was wrong.

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    Yeah, it's a little surprising how well teams have done who have won on Leg 1. The only teams who won Leg 1 and didn't make the Final Three are:

    Mille & Chuck, Steve & Josh, Amanda & Chris (Tied 1st, TAR4)
    Alison & Donny (TAR5)
    Hayden & Aaron (TAR6)
    Debbie & Bianca (TAR7)
    Godlewski Family (TAR
    Rob & Amber (TAR11)
    Azaria & Hendekea (TAR12_)
    Jordan & Jeff (TAR16)

    If you take a look at the teams on that list, Hayden & Aaron and the Godlewskis came fourth, and were not far away from being in the Final Three (and probably deserved to be there). Azaria & Hendekea were undoubtedly the strongest team on TAR12 until they got a very bad piece of luck on Leg 6. And Rob 7 Amber dominated three legs before going out unexpectedly.

    So it's very possible that someone can take the extra million!

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