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The Amazing Race 22 - SPOILER Thread

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    SabrinaColema wrote:
    Leg 1: USA > French Polynesia Leg 2: French Polynesia Leg 3: French Polynesia > New Zealand Leg 4: New Zealand > Indonesia Leg 5: Indonesia > Vietnam Leg 6: Vietnam > Botswana Leg 7: Botswana Leg 8: Botswana > Switzerland Leg 9: Switzerland > Germany Leg 10: Germany > Scotland Leg 11: Scotland > Northern Ireland Leg 12: Northern Ireland > USA

    You bet me to the punch, I was gonna post this lol. Yep, I believe it will be the list above. This is the best season as far as the Asia visit is concerned! Only two legs in Asia and you know what, I actually really enjoyed today's episode. Might even be the best of the season to this point along with the first leg. Least favourite is not the New Zealand leg, but the second in Bora Bora.

    I believe both Legs 6 and 7 will be Botswana, but I always knew that Switzerland and Germany had to be two separate legs. I am so happy that they are giving Europe a good shot this season, as well as Africa. This is the season I have been waiting for as far as locations are concerned.

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