The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 12

Go Out And Get It Done

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on CBS
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Amani and Marcus, Ernie and Cindy, and Jeremy and Sandy depart Panama Viejo in Panama City and fly to Atlanta. Once there, the teams taxi to FlightSafety International and have to use a simulator to land a Learjet from 2,500 feet. A proper landing gives a clue directing them to Margaret Mitchell's home, where a Roadblock forces racers to type their next clue out on an old manual typewriter before being allowed to proceed. Only being given "44-715-74", teams must discover this is directing them to the Turner Field parking lot, where a memorial to Hank Aaron's 1974 715th career home run stands; a large map there requires racers to put on climbing gear and rope a cord through caribiners anchored to countries to map out the Race route. Completion gives out the location of the finish line and one million dollars: Swan House.


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  • kind of a mixed reaction for me

    i was hoping cindy with her stupid eyebrows and her 'still in the closet' partner would loose out but no they found google and an all to willing to help receptionist guy...

    in some countries anyone without a ticket or reciept is immediately kicked off the train... yes let show a team getting away with 'no ticket' earlier in the race... oh look if you loose your passport your penalised if you buy the wrong ticket your penalised.. but no ticket on you gets ignored... hmmm

    maybe the film crew picked it up and gave them it back but they had to make the drama for the effect of oh noes ! smh...

    eric litterally is a freak of nature, his goofy grin he's campy demeanor and then the odd fact he was checking out/ trying to out psyche an older guy while doing the body builders pose... and then his rather odd wide legged stance as cindy was doing the map...

    this finalle and the last two have all had one big failing and thats the early bird gets the million bucks, once one team gets a rather questionable jump 'with no previous experience or idea' they win so really even before the final task it's clear who's going to win..

    ok so when the hippies/team ttow BEAT the frat boys that was a shocker...

    and then we have the taxi drivers seemingly being completely the clue did say former residence that implies a home of someone NOT A SHOP...

    i think the producers or rule makers should stop teams using certain forms of help.... google / internet is too not all teams think about using it....

    it was a shame team 'superbowl' got stuck in the simulator but i reckon he wasn't getting his nose of up and so the landing gear at the front was getting totalled and thus he was veering off the the guy who worked there sounded like a bit of douche...

    another thing i wasn't keen on was the actuall typing challenge, eric n cindy snatched the clue right out of the ladies hand in a rather impatient fashion and no one said goodbye to her they just ran in and ..

    and eric storming past cindy hiding in the shade was funny..

    there were worse teams in the race but the best team DID NOT WIN... That award goes to team super bowl and maybe the 'dudez In pimped out mustangs'moreless
  • Well deserved!

    Well, I originally wanted Bill/Cathy or the snowboarders to win, but I was happy with the outcome. Is it wrong to say that I would have been happy with either of the final couples as long as it wasn't Ken and Barbie? ;-) Sorry, those two had no personality and got on my nerves!!!

    Some might claim that the tasks in the final leg were too easy, but I think it was intentional to try and make it a nail biter. Think about it- they all get to the final city on the same flight, so no one had an advantage coming in. They didn't want the final couples to come in hours apart or the audience to know halfway through the episode who would win. They could have been a bit more challenging. That "Dump" clue was funny. How Jeremy/Sandy spent all that time running around a furniture store when the clue said they were going to a former residence is beyond me. The final results truly came down to one couple outsmarting the other. Or simply realizing that looking things up on the Internet or calling information is more dependable than asking strangers on the street. Seriously kids!

    The end may not have been as exciting as many of the other legs, but I was happy for the couple that won.moreless
  • Just imagine the worst TAR episode of all time... and then add some. (Spoiler s ahead.)

    This is basically just a copy/paste from what I wrote on the thread:

    Wow, this episode gives the TAR16 finale a run for its money for the title of worst TAR episode of all time... in fact, this one was much worse.

    The task design was abysmal. Are we seriously going to award someone a million dollars for being the best at flight simulation and the fastest typist? How preposterous! They seriously need to fire the task designer after this absolutely horrible season.

    Then, the final memory challenge was just rubbish as well. I was hoping they would have to find little pieces of each of the countries they went to, which would've been slightly more challenging. Alternatively, a memory challenge involving all those weird clueboxes would've been more challenging as well. This challenge required no brains whatsoever - how hard is it to remember where 8 countries are located on a map, considering you live in one of them, two of the others are gigantic (Thailand and Indonesia), the other two share borders with Germany (which teams took a train through). There was no challenge whatsoever involved. Taiwan is also obvious, considering it is a little island, of which there aren't many in the region. The only possible problem was Malawi, and that is not particularly hard to figure out either.

    Task design was beyond terrible. Enough said.

    Winners were beyond dreadful - their silly little love story is just irritating. If I hear one more comment about "Cindy's parents always wanting her to win everything" and "Ernie being a C student while Cindy is an A+" I think I might just throw up. Can't stand them, they're so insanely boring and I absolutely detest them.

    Jeremy & Sandy were absolutely ROBBED - I mean, whoever wrote that clue should've realised that there is a place in Atlanta that is actually called 'The Dump', and that any reasonable human being would surmise that this is the place where they need to go, as opposed to a place called 'The Dump' in a book. The clue was excessively ambiguous, and Jeremy & Sandy were truly robbed of a win they fully deserved.

    As for Amani & Marcus - after battling through eleven legs, it is a flight simulator that kills them. Who on earth came up with the idea to use that as a challenge on the final leg of the race? It's just preposterous.

    I don't blame anyone who never watches TAR again after seeing this episode - it was truly the most poorly constructed leg of all time, with terrible task design.

    If TAR20 isn't any better than this, I don't know if there should even be a TAR21.


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