The Amazing Race

Season 14 Episode 7

Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2009 on CBS
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The six remaining teams set off from the Jaigur Fort in Jaipur, India and receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 2,000 miles to Phuket, Thailand. All teams arrive on the same flight and, once there, begin their search for a gorilla statue depicted in a picture they all receive. Most teams find the correct location, Phuket Zoo, with little trouble, but one team is misled and wastes valuable time traveling to the wrong location. At the Phuket Zoo, the teams have their pictures taken with a tiger and then take part in a traditional performance that involves having elephants step and squat over them. Upon completing this task, they receive their photo from the tiger keeper, which is also their next clue. This clue directs the teams to the Nguan Choon Tong Herbs Shop in Old Phuket, which features a frustrating task requiring the teams to instruct the shopkeeper to select various drawers from a group of ninety-nine until they find their next clue. Once teams have found this clue, they participate in a Detour requiring them to either prepare a fishing ship for ten days at sea or guide a rickshaw along a two-mile course. Upon completing this task, teams travel to the leg's Pit Stop, the Wat Thep Nmit Temple. Upon arrival, one team sweats out two penalties, one racer collapses due to heat exhaustion and one team arrives just a little too late and is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • disgusting and sickening torture of the tiger.

    i was sickened watching that tiger be hit prodded and poked, and that was what made the final cut. imagine what the tiger endured in scenes that didnt make it to air. absolutely shameful. i emailed PETA to put this up on their wall of shame. in this day and age, with all the education on respecting animals, it is just plain disgusting that the amazing race would encourage and pay for animal torture. what goes around comes around. i am also sickened that i have to find 100 words to describe the outrage i feel towards the people who did thismoreless
  • Teams must take daring risks when taking a picture with a tiger and getting a massage from an elephant.

    I didn't like this episode too much. It was funny because the teams were so lost and confused, but it wasn't as risky and suspensful like it usually is. I saw right in the first few minutes who was going home because of their bad decisions in finding the statue. They weren't a favorite of mine, so it's not too big a deal to me. I would love to get my picture with a tiger, but the elephant massage would have be running to the hills! XD I would have been so terrified! I can't believe Luke's mother had a heat stroke! I was so shocked! I haven't seen something that big happen on this show in a long time!moreless
  • The show is about taking risks!

    This show is about taking risks. And that where there is a risk, it involves teamwork and also brawns. To get through the risk. One team had a rough time, with a store keeper who, was trying to find their card. And didn't seem to speak one ounce of English. So it almost cost them. While I am beginning to fall in love, with Margie and Luke. Margie collapse in the two mile thing. She shows guts and so does Luke. One team made it to first but however, had to sit out sixty minutes. After two penalties cost them. Mike and Mel are eliminated. But they are good sports nonetheless. But just wasn't enough, for them to catch up.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • With their sixth-place finish, Mel and Mike are the highest-finishing father/son team in the history of the show, breaking the record of Steve and Josh, who finished ninth in the fourth season.

    • Mel and Mike's elimination guarantees that there will be at least one sibling team in the final three. It also guarantees that Kisha and Jen will at least tie the record for the highest-finishing team of sisters in a two-person-team season, a record previously held by Kami and Karli from the fifth season, who finished in fifth place.

    • There was no Roadblock on this leg of the race.

    • Detour: Teams racing in this leg faced a Detour task of either 100 barrels or 2 miles. In 100 barrels, teams had to make their way to a harbor and work to prepare a fishing ship for 10 days at sea. They had to fill 47 barrels with drinking water and then move 53 empty fish barrels from the bottom deck to the roof, arranging them for the journey. In 2 miles, teams had to travel to a temple and then choose a rickshaw and pedal it along a 2 mile course. One racer would sit in the back while the other pedaled it to the park, though they were allowed to switch as needed. Kisha & Jen and Mel & Mike successfully completed 100 barrels, while Mark & Michael and Tammy & Victor successfully completed 2 miles. Both Margie & Luke and Jaime & Cara initially opted for 100 barrels, but chose to switch tasks when they discovered a taxi driver who knew the way to the temple for 2 miles.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Tammy and Victor (Prize: Trip for Two to Oahu, Hawaii, Courtesy Travelocity)
      #2. Jaime and Cara
      #3. Mark and Michael (First to Arrive, 60-Minute Penalty)
      #4. Margie and Luke
      #5. Kisha and Jen
      #6. Mel and Mike (ELIMINATED)

      Tammy & Victor and Jaime & Cara arrived in a virtual tie and stood on the mat together. Mark & Michael's first penalty was for tampering with the bicycle pumps at the 2 Miles Detour task and their second was for hiring a taxi driver to lead them along the course for this task.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Kisha and Jen are riding off to the Pit Stop following the 100 Barrels Detour.)

      Kisha: Ah-choo!
      Jen: Bless you.
      Kisha: Ah-choo!
      Jen: Bless you.
      Kisha: Ah-choo!
      Jen: Bless you. Shut up.

    • Phil: What's special about your son?
      Mike: Keep it together, Dad.
      Mel: What's special about Mike? Just about everything I can think of. He's smart, he's wise, he's mature. This is my kid and I've left something in the world that will make the world a better place.

    • Mike: Go, go, go, go, go, go, sir, please go. Everything is on the line!
      Mike: It's only a game, but boy does it get intense, this game, sometimes.

    • Margie: (panting) Oh man. I feel like I'm gonna pass out. I think Thailand was probably the hottest place I've ever been. Running in this heat, I get the chills.

    • Phil: You have incurred two 30-minute penalties.
      Mark: Incurred a penalty?
      Michael: Uh oh.
      Phil: First, for intentionally tampering with the pumps and putting them away and secondly for breaking the rules and hiring help by having the taxi driver lead you along the route.

    • Mike: I actually like everybody on the race. Except Jaime. She's kind of a mean girl.

    • Mel: Nobody knows where the ape is. He's probably at the top of the Empire State Building, holding some girl or something. We could end up never finding this thing.
      Mike: We're lost. We lost.

    • Jaime: I absolutely love the zoo. If I could just spend my life in the wild with animals and never see people again, I'd be completely okay with that. I would-- I would never look back. Jane of the Jungle.

    • Michael: Noticed that the, uh, the handler only had one arm. We're sitting behind the tiger, I'm going, uh, "I want to keep both my arms, thank you very much."

    • Jen: Kisha's my main focus and I'm hoping that I'm her main focus right now 'cause I don't really care about any of the other teams.

    • Tammy: I've been to Phuket, Thailand once before, but I went with my parents. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't even let me go to the beach.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jamie and Cara give Michael and Mark the nickname "the Tweedles." This nickname is based on the characters Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Lewis Carroll's novel Through the Looking Glass. These characters also appeared in the Disney film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. These two characters were known for their short stature and never disagreed on anything.