The Amazing Race

Season 14 Episode 7

Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2009 on CBS

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  • disgusting and sickening torture of the tiger.

    i was sickened watching that tiger be hit prodded and poked, and that was what made the final cut. imagine what the tiger endured in scenes that didnt make it to air. absolutely shameful. i emailed PETA to put this up on their wall of shame. in this day and age, with all the education on respecting animals, it is just plain disgusting that the amazing race would encourage and pay for animal torture. what goes around comes around. i am also sickened that i have to find 100 words to describe the outrage i feel towards the people who did this
  • Teams must take daring risks when taking a picture with a tiger and getting a massage from an elephant.

    I didn't like this episode too much. It was funny because the teams were so lost and confused, but it wasn't as risky and suspensful like it usually is. I saw right in the first few minutes who was going home because of their bad decisions in finding the statue. They weren't a favorite of mine, so it's not too big a deal to me. I would love to get my picture with a tiger, but the elephant massage would have be running to the hills! XD I would have been so terrified! I can't believe Luke's mother had a heat stroke! I was so shocked! I haven't seen something that big happen on this show in a long time!
  • The show is about taking risks!

    This show is about taking risks. And that where there is a risk, it involves teamwork and also brawns. To get through the risk. One team had a rough time, with a store keeper who, was trying to find their card. And didn't seem to speak one ounce of English. So it almost cost them. While I am beginning to fall in love, with Margie and Luke. Margie collapse in the two mile thing. She shows guts and so does Luke. One team made it to first but however, had to sit out sixty minutes. After two penalties cost them. Mike and Mel are eliminated. But they are good sports nonetheless. But just wasn't enough, for them to catch up.
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