The Amazing Race

Season 14 Episode 11

He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

The four remaining teams continued the leg in Beijing, China, after reaching Phil on the "Pit Stop" fake-out mat. He gave each team who arrived there, with only Luke knowing it wasn't a Pit Stop, their next clue. To kick off the second half of the leg, the teams were all sent to find gnomes around the general area and Margie and Luke found one first. They found out that on the bottom of each gnome was a clue telling them to find a set of marked bicycles and ride them Dong Dan Di Tie Zhan. Eventually, Jaime and Cara, Tammy and Victor, and Kisha and Jen, in that order, found gnomes of their own and were on their way. Tammy and Victor, due to finding a cab right away, whereas Margie and Luke, Jaime and Cara, and Kisha and Jen each had trouble finding one of their own, found themselves pulling out ahead in first place.

The Detour was a choice between Beijing Opera and Chinese Waiter. Beijing Opera involved getting made up and dressed up like a princess and a gentleman, then presenting themselves to an opera master, who'd give them their next clue. Chinese Waiter involved heading to a Chinese restaurant, taking orders given to them in Mandarin by some patrons, and successfully reciting them to a chef before serving the dishes. Margie and Luke, Jaime and Cara, and Kisha and Jen all chose and completed Beijing Opera. Tammy and Victor and Kisha and Jen all chose and completed Chinese Waiter.

Following the Detour was the U-Turn, which would allow one team to force another team to complete the Detour they didn't previously complete. Most of the teams got lost trying to find the U-Turn, not knowing it was right near the place they'd started the Detour, but Tammy and Victor were the exception, as they found themselves getting to the U-Turn first, and they used it on a surprising team: Kisha and Jen! This was mainly due to their athleticism, with Victor writing on the U-Turn photo that he couldn't outrun them. So Kisha and Jen, after already completing Beijing Opera, would have to go back and complete Chinese Waiter. They struggled mightily at the task, repeatedly giving incorrect orders, but eventually got the wording correct and moved forward.

The Roadblock saw one member of each team eating a fried scorpion, fried larvae, a fried grasshopper, and a fried starfish. Victor, Margie, Cara, and Jen all took the task for their teams.

In the end, Tammy and Victor, the only team not to get lost looking for the U-Turn, arrived at the Pit Stop, which was at the Bird's Nest Stadium in a place called Niao Chao, first! They won a trip for two to the Galapagos Islands, courtesy of Travelocity, as their prize. Also, they were officially in the final three! Margie and Luke finished second, also making the final three. This left things down to Jaime & Cara and Kisha & Jen. The sisters were on their way to third place in heading for the Pit Stop, but an ill-timed bathroom break by Jen sealed their fate, as Jaime and Cara passed them up at the last minute and came in third place, taking the last spot in the final three! Thus, Kisha and Jen finished last... and fell victim to the final elimination.