The Amazing Race

Season 18 Episode 1

Head Down and Hold On

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2011 on CBS
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Eleven previous teams who came close to victory, but have 'Unfinished Business', depart from Palm Springs, California to Sydney, Australia, but a pre-clue task gives one team an unwelcome handicap. Upon arrival, teams head to Ocean World in Manly, where a Roadblock forces racers to retrieve a large compass from a 1.5 million gallon tank with sharks and stingrays, then use its rim to help decipher a message outside on nautical flags. Correct delivery of the message sends teams sailing a 16' skiff to retrieve their next clue, the location of Phil and the mat: Shelly Beach.moreless

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  • some of the teams chosen seem an odd choice..

    mallory and he dad only just had a race ? and they lost out fair and square i didn't rate them at all they where just there last season..

    kisha and jen, wimped out on a swimming task and eventually got stuck on a food challenge and a pee break, i hated them them then i wonder if they changed ? and they'll be facing off against maggie and luke again.. yes the toilet stop eliminated them but beyond that they were annoying/bitchy..

    out of all the 'token gay teams' they picked those two ? which means alot of teams from the same season returning almost sounds like a repeat !

    the ep was ok no big tasks or annoyances yetmoreless
  • A great start to the new season of The Amazing Race, which welcomes back previous teams who have Unfinished Business!

    A lot of great aspects to this episode, so I don't know where to start. The Starting Line Challenge was great, and it seemed quite challenging, although as an Australian, it would've been pretty easy and obvious for me.

    The flight problem really shook things up, and it really worked to the advantage of those who failed at the aeroplanes challenge.

    I really enjoyed the Roadblock, as it was a frightening adn tricky challenge! The sharks were scary and the flag riddle was difficult for some, as they were rushing to avoid last place, and missing components of the clue in the process.

    The sailing boats were also interesting, particularly for Former NFL Cheerleaders Jaime & Cara, who were flipped over. Funny stuff!

    The funniest part, though, was Mallory rnating to Phil for a while, until Phil says, :"Mallory, stop ptalking, and go!!!"

    After the TBC was announced, things became a little less suspnesful, although it was very interesting to see who would form an alliance with who. TAR15 teams are keeping strong, as is the solid TAR14 alliance of Jaime & Cara and Margie & Luke.

    All up, a great start to the new season. Bringing back great teams for a second chance is a formula that can never go wrong!moreless
  • Will one of my favorites win this time? SPOILERS

    Unfinished Business started out wonderfully with twists right from the beginning. As Phil said, "Second chances don't come free". The teams have to find a flag that says "Quantas" and bring it back to Phil to receive their very first clue of the race. The last team to get their clue gets a U-turn. Ironically it turned out that Amanda and Chris received the U-turn. Let's hope this U-turn doesn't end their journey like the last one did. The first team to arrive at the Pit Stop will receive and Express Pass, which went to Gary and Mallory. The teams had to swim with the sharks to find a compass, which is then used to decipher a sentence in nautical flags. Zev gave the Globetrotters the answer and Marge helped Vixen and Kent.

    The episode ended on the cowboys having trouble deciphering the flags.moreless
  • Exciting! Some of my favorite teams return! But the tasks, well...

    First of all, some of my favorite teams returned! Gary & Mallory, Jaime & Cara, Ron & Chris, Kisha & Jen, Flight Time & Big Easy, it's just awesome!

    First there's a starting line challenge. The good news is there's no elimination if you complete the challenge last. The bad news is, you have an Automatic U-Turn on the first Detour you encounter. My favorite team, Gary & Mallory almost got this U-Turn! Instead, a team I don't really care about got it! That team is Amanda & Kris.

    Now, the first flight holds eight teams, and it's 90 minutes ahead of the second flight. The eight teams to make this flight are: Zev & Justin, Margie & Luke, Flight Time & Big Easy, Jet & Cord, Ron & Chris, Jaime & Cara, Mel & Mike, and Kent & Vyxsin.

    The second flight holds: Gary & Mallory, Kisha & Jen, and Amanda & Kris.

    However, the first flight has problems with a passenger and they are forced to land in Honolulu, Hawaii for a bit. This makes the second flight arrive earlier, making Gary & Mallory, Kisha & Jen, and Amanda & Kris taking the lead.

    So much boat riding this leg!

    The Roadblock? How was it that the sharks didn't see any of the racers? I just don't get it. The Roadblock was pretty interesting since it kind of had two parts. Part one, find this item. Part two, decode.

    Once again, no detour this leg.

    Then the teams will have to go to this sailing instructor and tell him what the decoded message is (Sorry I forgot what the message was).

    They will ride a boat (another one!) and try to grab clues from inflatable balls.

    Then, it's time for Pit Stop! At the Shelly Beach. Nice win for Gary & Mallory! I loved how Mallory kept talking! Amanda & Kris, will they get luck with the Automatic U-Turn? Kisha & Jen, great job! Meanwhile Jet & Cord are in dead last because they cannot decode the message. Will they catch up?

    Overall this was an okay episode. I liked how my favorite teams are returning, but nothing really happenned. Based on Phil's preview on the next episode, I'm not as eager to see that episode. So, an okay episode!moreless

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