The Amazing Race

Season 24 Episode 11

Hei Ho Heidi Ho

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2014 on CBS

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  • Yes country singers!!

    Congrats Girls!! Your in the final 3! hope you win!

    Ok so. Let me just say now i really hate Dave and Connor (With Passion) (so much Passion) The blondes did SOOOOOO we'll in that leg and definitely deserved that first place win!!! They did so well in that leg and made zero mistakes!!

    Hate Dave and Connor for taking that away from them

    Kinda sad to see the Afganimals go. Would of rather seen Dave and Connor

    Anyways. no one expected but THE BLONDES ARE IN THE FINAL 3!! YES. This i great because many people thought they would be the first team out, or be out really early but no!!! YES BLONDES

    I really, really, really really, hope the Blondes win and take home that million dollars.

    *This episode was good don't give it a five!!*
  • I honestly couldn't resist taking points off just for going to anfield.

    Well the episode in all honesty had few negatives aside from the annoying team winning, but they went to anfield of all places and that disgusts me. I hate that team so much kthx bye. That already made me rather annoyed.

    However the Roadblock was challenge number one in terms of difficulty, because that was intnese and really tricky!

    The Detour too was great - so much drama courtesy of Brenchel. The poor Country girls came so close to winning the leg (again) but again it is snatched away. I hope after 22 legs without winning, maybe they can take home the finale?

    Promises to be an exciting conclusion, as long as that annoying self-righteous and highly irrational team does not win.