The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 5

I Feel Like I'm In The Circus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • Better than last leg. (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)


    Placements of Teams + Thoughts:

    #1: Amani & Marcus - Surprising win! Happy for them! However, I wish Bill & Cathi had won the leg, but whatever, because I'm happy Andy & Tommy did NOT win this leg.

    #2: Bill & Cathi - FINALLY!!! Finally!!! These guys place higher than boring old lucky 7th. Too bad they didn't get 1st, but like I said, glad that Andy & Tommy didn't win this leg. But Bill & Cathi been strong, and I hope they continue to be!

    #3: Ernie & Cindy - I'm somewhat glad that these guys didn't win this leg, I just wanted to have a different team win. I'm starting to dislike them less, however.

    #4: Justin & Jennifer - Not much to say about this team as they weren't shown much. Pretty weird they thought they were 1st.

    #5: Andy & Tommy - Hilarious (but scary for them) moments especially towards the end of the leg. What happened was they asked a lady for directions (she looked formal) and she went upstairs. Andy & Tommy are later told the same lady is teaching a class upstairs. That was funny! I was surprised they beat Laurence & Zac and others to the Pit Stop.

    #6: Laurence & Zac - Even though they got a lot of screentime this episode, I still think they're nothing interesting. They are boring and should go out soon.

    #7: Jeremy & Sandy - Boy, the editing at the end made it look like they were out. I'm somewhat disappointed they survived, however.

    #8/Last: Liz & Marie - Sad they're out. They were really working hard this leg and did not stress out like last leg. They really overcame having no money and still almost survived. I'm quite sad they're out.

    Thoughts on Tasks:

    Roadblock (2): Finding a bag in the water & decorating a tower-like thing (I forgot what it was) - There were two Roadblocks since this leg/last leg were planned at the last minute. However, I found the first Roadblock to be boring, but the second was quite interesting but nothing special since there was no suspense at that point. They brought the score a little down.

    Detour (None): There's probably not going to be a Roadblock in the next episode, and a Detour and extra tasks only in the next. But, whatever.

    Speed Bump: Washing elephants - I found it quite interesting Liz & Marie liked their Speed Bump. I'm glad they enjoyed it at least, most other teams would want to get over it so badly.

    Bus: I'm glad this bus business was in this episode, otherwise Andy & Tommy would have gotten 1st again. Also, the buses helped change a lot of placements. Laurence & Zac's mistake was minor, so I didn't care.

    Extra Task: Fish Feeding - Boring, but at least they helped the fish. They brought the score way down.

    Overall a better-planned-at-the-last-minute leg. It felt long, but it was sorta boring.