The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 5

I Feel Like I'm In The Circus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • What an awful leg structure, although this leg was saved by a rather interesting and awesome challenge! (Spoilers ahead!)


    Well, there is a lot to criticise about this episode, and there are a few minor positives to also note. I do not think that this was a particularly good episode in many aspects, and beyond doubt, this was my least favourite episode of the season thus far.

    The first Roadblock was exceptionally simplistic and rather pointless. Swimming to the bottom of a pool of water to pick up a clue; what a waste of a challenge!

    However, the second Roadblock was definitely one to savour! Easily the best part of this episode, I loved the fact that they had to reassaemble the spirit house and was amazed that so many teams had not considered such an event occurring, although in most cases, one team member did want to take note.s

    The positives almost stop right there. Firstly, WHY on earth were ALL challenges done in Phuket and then the teams were instructed to travel 13 HOURS by bus to Bangkok, just to FEED FISH and check into the Pit Stop!?!?!?! The hardwork of most teams was undone and it was a complete waste of a leg!

    There was also close to zero Suspense. Liz & Marie were given a little too much screen time, and started too fa r behind to stand a chance, even with the editing.

    Great to see Amani & Marcus rope home a victory! I really love them, and they are my clear favourites! Also terrific to see Bill & Cathi snag second!!!

    The one other positive that I have to offer to this episode is that there was a lot of great drama in the latter stages, with Ernie & Cindy's tirade at the taxi driver, Liz & Marie's financial meltdown, Jeremy & Sandy's navigational breakdown and Andy & Tommy's dileemmma.

    All up, not an impressive episode for me. I expected to see more, and I ddid not expect such awful structure for aleg.

    Hoping for things to improve in Malawi; that should be beautiful and picturesque, and I can't wait to see what will happen!

    Glad to leave Asia finally; Leg 3 was good, but not too impressed with the rest.

    Farewell to Liz & Marie! I have loved this team, and although they performed poorly in the pool for me, I still loved watching them! I particularly loved them at the Speed Bump today! They were as ecstatic as little kids seeing an elephant, which was really awesome to see!

    Will definitely be backing Marcus & Amani from this point forth.