The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 5

I Feel Like I'm In The Circus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • It was superior to the previous leg, but still many miles off a decent watch


    Ooh boy. I don't even know what to say. Just really disappointing nineteenth season so far. There is just absolutely nothing special about it, though I do like the majority furtteams.

    This leg was obviously planned at the last minute. There was hardly anything to enjoy about it. The TWO Roadblocks twist was actually pretty good, but the first Roadblock stunk. Riding elephants did not raise the goodness of all the flaws that came from the rest of the task, like swimming down to the bottom of the pool.

    I also really dislike the fact that there are no clue boxes this season. It really feels like the very first edition of The Amazing Race when they were still setting up the show and preparing. The second Roadblock was actually very interesting, re decorating the statue thing, and having teams go back to look at the completed again.

    What Lawrence & Zac did in regards to taking a first class bus and then thinking it was false was actually kind of hilarious. They could have been eliminated today, but weren't thankfully enough. I still wish that Ethan & Jenna were still in, and especially Ron & Bill. Personally some of the weaker more boring teams have progressed further, and it absolutely stinks.

    Anyway, the race then continued to Bangkok for an absurd task of feeding the fish and then, lets JUST head to the next PIT STOP shall we? No Detour of course, and a few teams get lost in Bangkok and with taxi & money issues. Liz & Marie had no money, had to walk, ended up getting a free ride but were STILL eliminated. Jeremy & Sandy performed terribly today, and in the end it was either amazing_race - my great mate or me getting eliminated from the TAR 19 pool. The finishing order this leg otherwise was very positive, and different. It was nice to see a change in the outcome nevertheless.

    Overall however, the good aspects do not come out well over the negatives, and to call this and the previous leg in Phuket two of the worst legs in TAR history is no understatement. What the hell is up with Phil Keoghan's Amazing Race? Needs serious adjusting or even the Australian edition is going to surpass this.

    On a veeeeeery positive note, next week leaves Asia after five average legs and sends the seven remaining teams to Malawi. I can't wait, hope they perform better.