The Amazing Race

Season 5 Episode 3

I Got Electrocuted

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 20, 2004 on CBS
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The teams travel from the La Portena pit stop to San Carlos de Bariloche by plane. There, after finding the mayor, they participate in a Roadblock that involves finding one of twenty chocolates with white filling from a group of 11,000. Marshall and Lance struggle with the challenge, while Jim and Marsha fall behind after catching a late flight. After completing the Roadblock, the teams head to a scenic mountain for the Detour. Though given a choice between Smooth Sailing (paragliding) and Rough Riding (mountain biking six miles), all teams choose the much faster paragliding option. They then make their way to the pit stop at an unnamed island on Bahia Lopez. Jim and Marsha fight hard to remain in the race, but arrive too late and are eliminated.moreless

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  • I love this fifth season of the show. The producers have for sure done their all to bring up the show to a better standard. And it will only get bettermoreless

    I liked this episode more than last weeks due to the entertainment, let alone the scenery. More things occurred this time around, alliances were broken, new ones were made, teams changed drastically in positions and so on.

    First of all I have already chosen this as my favorite season to date, because of the new twists, the people in it have great intentions, this fifth season has just been the most exciting installment of The Amazing Race.

    This leg began and in which the nine remaining teams are now off to Patagonia at the southern most end of Argentina. Man... Trying to buy the tickets on the earliest of three flights came down to new alliances being formed, while others were ripped off. It all came down to sheer luck via standby tickets.

    I really felt for Jim and Marsha this entire leg. They never caught up from their late flight but still continued on... This round had some decent tasks like biting into chocolate or the nice Detour that everyone chose to do the same task. That was "Smooth Sailing" which was a lot faster than bike riding down the Andes. Charla and Mirna are a great team. I really wasn't sure on why Brandon and Nicole broke their alliance with Charla and Mirna, this one's a no comment. Still, I like both of them, as I also like Chip and Kim.

    The location of the Pit Stop, a small island was a stunning location. I still can't pick up why Phil stated "The last team to check in WILL be eliminated", but the clue states "The last team to check in MAY be eliminated". Out of the two, May be eliminated is suspenseful and better. I'd be glad to see WILL be eliminated out of the picture unless it was totally obvious that someone would be leaving the race on that particular leg.

    Overall, the airports were killers, the tasks were decent enough, stunning locations but more importantly, the show is very enjoyable, unlike the previous season because of the lack of twists.moreless
  • Collin is a bully

    I don't know why Christie is still with this jerk

    Because IMO, he is a bully and that he talks

    Down to her like she is his slave and will do

    About making her whine, scream, cry, and tear until she breaks down and gives into her "master's" demands

    Sure blame the editing but Collin is the villian of the fifth edition's season!
Christie Woods

Christie Woods

Runner Up with Colin (Season Five)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Kami French

Kami French

Eliminated 7th with Karli (Season Five)

Karli French

Karli French

Eliminated 7th with Kami (Season Five)

Marshall Hudes

Marshall Hudes

Eliminated 5th with Lance (Season Five)

Lance Hudes

Lance Hudes

Eliminated 5th with Marshall (Season Five)

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Balance Sheet: Colin and Christie move up from sixth to first. Charla and Mirna remain in second. Brandon and Nicole move down from first to third. Bob and Joyce move up from fifth to fourth. Kami and Karli move up from ninth to fifth. Linda and Karen move down from fourth to sixth. Chip and Kim move up from eighth to seventh. Marshall and Lance move down from seventh to eighth. Jim and Marsha move down from third to last and are eliminated.

    • Colin/Christie and Charla/Mirna got on a 9:10 flight from Buenos Aires to San Carlos de Bariloche.
      Brandon/Nicole and Marshall/Lance got on a 9:40 flight.
      Kami/Karli, Linda/Karen, Bob/Joyce, and Chip/Kim got on a 10:30 flight.
      Jim/Marsha got on an 11:30 flight.

    • When Marshall and Lance were at the factory, the one eating the chocolate tossed at least three white filled ones onto the floor. You could clearly see them and if you paused and played slower (tape or DVR), you could get a better view.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Colin and Christie.
      #2. Charla and Mirna.
      #3. Brandon and Nicole.
      #4. Bob and Joyce.
      #5. Kami and Karli.
      #6. Linda and Karen.
      #7. Chip and Kim.
      #8. Marshall and Lance.
      #9. Jim and Marsha (ELIMINATED)

    • No team used the Yield for the second episode in a row, so it was not shown in the broadcast. There was no Fast Forward on this leg of the race; only 2 legs this season have a Fast Forward.

    • Roadblock: One member from each team was required to bite their way though 11,000 pieces of chocolate to find one of 20 with a white center. Colin, Charla, Brandon, Marshall, Joyce, Linda, Kami, Chip and Jim completed this Roadblock.

    • Detour:
      All teams chose "Smooth Sailing," where both team members did a tandem paraglide with an instructor from a 5,000' high mountain. No team chose "Rough Riding," where they would've taken a six mile mountain bike ride along a rugged trail down to the paraglide landing site.

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