The Amazing Race

Season 17 Episode 10

I Hate Chinese Food

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2010 on CBS
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The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka, Bangladesh and fly to Hong Kong, then head to Cheung Chau Island. In the Kowloon area, a Roadblock at the Majesty Chinese Restaurant makes racers search a buffet for one of five fake food items, but also eat any real food they pick up along the way. A Detour at the Bruce Lee statue along the Avenue of Stars gives a choice of riding the "Ding Ding" trolley to search for three signs revealing the Pit Stop location, or taking a "Sampan" to deliver parakeets to an awaiting boater in Aberdeen Harbor who held the Pit Stop clue, directing teams to Phil and the mat in Statue Square.moreless

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  • And it got tougher...

    The tenth leg sent the four remaining teams to the city of Hong Kong, China. It was intense, and the first time the race has visited the city since The Amazing Race: All Stars back in Season 11.

    At this point, I was getting sick of the way Nick was treating Vicki during the challenges, he should take some responsibility before he goes off and starts bad mouthing her. I was happy with Jill & Thomas and Nat & Kat's performance this leg, but the Roadblock was very tough. To be quite honest, if I had done that Roadblock I would have thrown up as well as I dislike most seafoods. The Bruce Lee statue was pretty awesome as I loved him and his movies.

    The Detour was also very good, and I would have chosen the first task, even as much as I like animals and birds, that challenge was slower than the first option.

    Nick & Vicki for who knows why took a six hour penalty for not completing the Detour, sealing their fate, or did it? Nope, this was the last of three pre-determined non-elimination legs and they were spared once again, now six hours behind and a Speed Bump on the way. They really have no chance at this point.

    Overall, great episode and the best since the Swedish episode earlier on this season.moreless
  • quiters are pathetic

    if anything big easy and flight time proved quiting a task half way through is a monumentaly stupid choice..

    nick is a wimp, yes he can't cheat/lie/bully/rush/ mope/ or dump the work on to vicky his way through the race so he just sits/lays down and pouts like a little bitch... he needs a serious attitude adjustment..

    vicky isn't the brightess spark but she tries bless also think she should remove those piercings from her face... she would look way hotter.. now why do they get speed bump now ? and not before ? odd...

    luck only gets you so far will it continue ? or desert them on the final leg ?moreless
  • The most scintillaing of Roadblocks!

    This was a very good leg of TAR, and I was quite entertained! There were many laughs in it, and the tasks were good, but the suspense was down, as one racer just gave up.

    The Road Block was amaizing! I loved it! Really challengeing, not easy at all and very problematic!

    The Detour was also good. Not the best one, but it was interesting. I would've definitely chosen 'Sampan', because the signs in Hong Kong are plentiful and confusing, im sure!

    I was thrilled at Nat & Kat's fourth leg win and I hope they go on and win the race! Brook & Claire were extremely entertaining (well, mainly Brook) and they are also a great team!

    Vicki was inspiring and very determined in this episode, but Nick was really dreadful. If you're gonna give up, don't come on the race - that's just my opinion!

    Keep it up, guys! This season has been great thus far, and I hope that it is going to continue!moreless
  • "BLAH!" goes Claire and Vicki

    This episode was entertaining! It was predictable that is was a non-elimination leg, because that's pretty much how all the other seasons do it, a non-elimination leg on the final four.

    Claire has trouble doing the Roadblock, after eating so much food that she doesn't like. And guess what happens... "BLAH!" she throws up.

    Vicki has the same problem. She even says "I Hate Chinese Food". And she goes... "BLAH!".

    1st Place: Nat & Kat - Great job beating Jill & Thomas's luck at the Detour! You managed to get a great taxi driver, which is actually what you both are good at, getting a great taxi driver.

    2nd Place: Jill & Thomas - You both had some good luck at the Detour. However, you had some bad luck getting a taxi, which I loved! I'm sick of you Thomas, I really am. I want to see you outsmarted some time.

    3rd Place: Brook & Claire - How come Claire can't run anymore? I've seen her run, but ever since the last leg or something, she couldn't run. Brook still has energy by the way, which is great!

    Last Place (Non Elimination Leg: Nick & Vicki - It's not very likely to give the same team two non-elimination points for coming in last. But, like I said, the Race follows this rule to have a non-elimination point in the final four. Nick promised a couple legs ago that he'd never freak out with a temper ever again, and once again, he does. Vicki is such a sweetheart!moreless
  • Average episode...Nick and Vicki are the luckiest team ever...

    This time everyone went with the same plane...Funny that they didn't had an earlier one...The challenges were brutal, very easy to stay behind...I'm talking the fake food challenge, and the bird challenge/ding ding...

    What was pretty disappointing was seeing the wrong people do the challenges, such as Claire doing the food challenge, when Brooke was clearly more fit, and Vicky instead of Nick...Nick's attitude really sucked...He bloody gave up and was really nasty...And the worst part is they still didn't got eliminated...Talking about a conspiracy, eh? However next leg I don't know how they will do it,6hour penalty+1 task only they must complete...The only way they could save themselves, is probably for the next leg to be in another country and for them to find an earlier plane...Else they will be spectators.moreless

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