The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 4

I Love Monkeys!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • what?

    yes the lets save the express pass... lets take almost an entire episode to scheme plot and trick other teams in to doing our work for us..

    lets back stab everyone... oh we're behind lets keep going we got this... team jj lost serves them right for getting cocky/complacent.. good riddance those teeth were freaky... and att he mat what does phil say just before the credits roll ? 'crazy ? jonathan was a freak all his talk about not wanting a million dollars ? and his poor 'gf' i reckon and hope she dumped his egotistical guy was all talk.. and still even though they lost his smile hardly wavered till the very end... he's clearly mentally ill..

    as for team cancer yes if you achilles was that weal you should of known before the race like have a physical test done to make sure you're up to it ?? reckon they are being a bit cheeky still in with a shot but it's going to come to an abrupt end when it's a 'physical task' or they somehwo skate by on 4 hour penalties... would be VERY UNFAIR on other teams if they happened to win by doing that each time..

  • This was a pleasantly surprising episode!

    This episode was quite good, and for sure the best Indonesian episoed we have ever had. I was disappointed that Indonesia was chosen for this season, as it has been heavily overused in recent times. However, at least they executed this leg right.

    The Detour was great! Both sides were challenges, but I was baffled because I thought everyone would opt for the sand thing. I would've doen that.

    The Roadblock was PERFECT! A Memory Challenge this early on is a TAR rarity, and to incorporate surfboards is almost a Switchback to TAR14! That was brilliant!

    Can't believe Jessica & John go home wiht an Express Pass! That's inasne! I liked them, so that's a real shame, as they were strong too.

    This episode was bannanas. I thought it was funny when the monkeys would steal some teams coconuts and then they would have to get another one! I thought the surfboard memory test was cool and so easy! I would've got the right one right away. I give this episode a rating of 8. XD
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