The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 1

I Told You Less Martinis And More Cardio

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on CBS
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Eleven teams from previous seasons take off on a new adventure around the world. The lively mix of teams includes a past winning team, a diverse of group of players and many familiar faces both hated and loved. The teams take off from the starting line at Miami, Florida and each takes one of two flights departing for Quito, Ecuador. Tension builds early on as one team lies to another about the arrival times of the flights. Once in Ecuador, the teams takes taxis to the Plaza San Francisco and then travel to Pim's Restaurant, three-miles away, where they receive one of three fifteen-minute staggered departure times for the next morning. That morning, teams make their way to the Hacienda Yarahurco in the Cotopaxi National Park, guided by a provided map and with the advice to head to the north entrance. Once teams arrive, they take part in a Detour that involves either searching for missing items from the uniform of a soldier or wrangling and then grooming a horse. Several teams find themselves at the wrong end of the massive park, a costly mistake for one team that ultimately leads to their elimination.moreless

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  • The start of a new season that brought back teams from previous seasons to participate again... It had it's up's and down's

    Firstly, I'm glad to see the show back on again! It was also cool to see some of our favourite teams from the previous seasons return! But now I'm going to tell you all what my positive and negative apects of this episode were: I'll start with the downside stuff:

    -There were no teams from Seasons 4, 6 or 8 and I really wished that someone from the sixth season came back like: Lori/Bolo, Kris/Jon or Jonathan/Victoria -(despite their bickering) -The premiere was only ONE hour long and everything seemed to be rushed, like the beginning and many scenes were probably skipped which was a real disadvantage.

    -Uchenna/Joyce from Season 7 made a return to the show and had already won $1 million from the seventh season, So why come back? For MORE money??? Gees, Is $1 million not enough?

    And of course, Let me tell you the good parts about this first episode:

    -There was a lot of competitiveness with the teams, especially with Rob/Amber (of course) and the other teams. I liked it how Eric (Frat boy) from Season 9 was so used to winning most legs but ended up in 4th place! YIP! It's going to be extremely challenging , but he's finally met his match!

    -It was nice to see our old racers return! I'm glad to see Danielle (Season 9) return as well as Kevin/Drew (Season 1), Rob/Amber (Season 7) and the two women; One being a little lady (Season 5) come back!

    -There were some funny parts in it!

    Overall, there were quite a few downsides and a few positive things, good start to All-Stars although not what I was expecting. Hopefully next weeks leg will be better than this one.moreless
  • This is the first leg of the new All Stars edition. A lot of other shows have done this same thing and mostly it’s not worked out.

    We meet the 11 teams and it’s a love, hate and who cares. A few I’m very glad to see back, The Cha Cha’s, Kevin & Drew, Rob & Amber, and Mary & David. Then there’s the ones that I just never thought much about at all Uchenna & Joyce, Eric & Danielle, John Vito & Jill, and Teri & Ian. Then it’s the ones that I really don’t like and some I’d use the “h” word, Charla & Mirna, Dustin & Kandice, and Joe & Bill

    Personally, I’m pulling for the Cha Cha’s. David and Mary are star struck by most of the other players, it was very cute. And they even call Rob and Amber, Rob and Kim. Haha! In the end John Vito (why does he have two names?) and Jill are last to check in and they’re sent home. All and all I guess it was a fairly interesting start.moreless
  • All Stars episode 1

    The start was good all the teams saying it is good to be back on the race they but this episode just had alot of driving and nothing relly happend intel the end of the episode when the last place team came in last but it was still see them back in action I'm very happy with the All-star cast this is the only season besides 5 that i liked all of the teams on the season some of the teams do bug me a little but not like other seasons where they just got on my nerves all the time most of these teams do not bother me i think most of them are funny and enjoy watching them race against each other.moreless
  • Worst All-Star Cast Possible.

    This is the second time "The Amazing Race" is up for a plane-crash. First the anticlimatic "Race Around America" / "Family Edition" Season 8 which almost brought the show to an end. Season 9 (& for those who didn't had the chance to see it also "The Amazing Race Asia") managed to save the series, but now this.

    This "All Star" Cast consists of the most annoying former contestants they could find, headed by the media-whores Rob and Amber. For all I know I applauded when Rob & Amber where casted off / elimited in previous sellouts (Amazing Race, Survivor etc.). Their annoyance level is closly followed by Dustin & Kandice, Joe & Bill, "I can do everything-sniff-sniff" Charla & Mirna and "We-have-friends-in-low-places" David & Mary.

    In every previous season those couples where the most annoying & painfull ones to watch and I was glad when they finally got elimited. Now they are _all_ there, so you either wade thru the pain until the end (because there is nobody which really deserves to win), or you stop watching. Sub-standard boring editing just adds to the pain, but doesn't cause it. For my part, I will probably watch the next Episode. If Rob & Amber are still there then, I won't take it anymore. Go, Teri, Go !moreless
  • The first leg was average, not enough action, too much wasted time looking at cars driving down dirt roads. They did show a new part of the world but for All Stars they should have done a better job.moreless

    This is the All Stars and I feel they could have done a better job in the selections. There are 3 teams I just don't like like Ramber, Joe/Bill and Ian/Terri. How much exposure and money do Rob/Amber Ramber need, considering they get promotional consideration for showing up in the race. They will make more money losing than almost all the other teams combined.

    I wish they would spend more time with the teams instead of the airports and driving down dirt roads. They show a team member fall and hurt themselves and nothing is said the rest of the episode. Their editing the last 2 years is not as good as it was.

    They needed teams to love and teams to hate, they have 3 teams to hate, and a few to love. I am not pleased that Ramber won the first leg, their luck just keeps going, but eventually it runs out. Rob thinks he is a poker player as evidenced by the Fox Reality show he is on, he is not. And like all poker players he will take a gamble somewhere in this race which will blow up in his face, I just hope it leads to elimination early so I do not have to watch him much longer.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • This is the first season without a parent/child team.

    • Charla & Mirna and Danielle are the only All-Stars who did not have a first place finish on any leg in their previous seasons.

    • Kevin and Drew are the only All-Stars to have appeared on more than two seasons of The Amazing Race, as they had previously raced in Season 1 and made a cameo appearance in the first leg of Season 8.

    • This is the third season to have no team of siblings, the second being season four and the first being season one.

    • Jon Vito/Jill, Rob/Amber, and Eric/Danielle are the only teams to have change in their relationship status since their first races. Jon Vito and Jill went from "Dating" to "Formally Dating". Rob and Amber went from "Engaged" to "Newlyweds". And, of course, Eric and Danielle were on separate teams on their previous race.

    • In the beginning of the race, Mary wears a shirt that has a picture of Erwin & Godwin on it. The shirt reads "MISSING," similar to shirt worn by that team when they were on the race that featured a picture of host Phil Keoghan.

    • Thermacare The Amazing Race All-Stars Moment of Relief: This new feature takes a look back at memorable moments from past seasons. This one looked back at David and Mary completing a fiery task to obtain a Fast Forward.

    • Detour: Teams in this episode were given a Detour choice of Wrangle It or Recover It. In Wrangle It, the teams had to rope a horse and then give it a trimming, including its hooves. All teams except Eric and Danielle completed this task. In Recover It, one member of the team had to put on a soldiers' uniform and then both searched for three items missing from it. Both Rob and Amber and Eric and Danielle selected this task, though only Eric and Danielle completed it.

    • Balance Sheet: The Balance Sheet is not available for the first leg of the season. However, watch for this feature beginning with the next leg, to track placement of the teams from episode-to-episode.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Rob and Amber (Prize: Trip for two to the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler, Canada, courtesy Travelocity)
      #2. Oswald and Danny
      #3. Teri and Ian
      #4. Eric and Danielle
      #5. Joe and Bill
      #6. Dustin and Kandice
      #7. Uchenna and Joyce
      #8. Charla and Mirna
      #9. David and Mary
      #10. Kevin and Drew
      #11. John Vito and Jill (ELIMINATED)

      Charla and Mirna and David and Mary finished in a virtual tie, but Charla and Mirna were checked in first.

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  • NOTES (9)

    • International Airdates: Sweden: February 14, 2010 on TV6

    • On-Screen Team Designations:

      Rob and Amber: Newlyweds
      Charla and Mirna: Cousins
      Uchenna and Joyce: Married
      Dustin and Kandice: Beauty Queens
      Joe and Bill: Life Partners
      David and Mary: Coalminer and wife
      Eric and Danielle: Dating
      Teri and Ian: Married Parents
      Kevin and Drew: Lifelong Friends
      John Vito and Jill: Formerly Dating
      Oswald and Danny: Best Friends

    • Team Nicknames:
      Rob & Amber: Romber, Boston Rob
      Oswald & Danny: Cha Cha Boys
      Eric & Danielle: Frat & DD
      Joe & Bill: The Guidos
      Dustin & Kandice: The Blondes
      Charla & Mirna: Mirna & Schmirna
      David & Mary: Kentucky
      Kevin & Drew: The Frat Boys
      John Vito & Jill: Team 9/11/01, The Rock and Rambette

    • In Australia, the first seven seasons aired, then Season 9 was aired after the seventh season, skipping Season 8. After Season 9 had finished, Season 8 was then aired. All-Stars is also being aired before Season 10.

    • Uchenna & Joyce from Season 7 are the only previous season winners to compete on All-Stars. Also, Eric & Danielle from Season 9 are the only all-stars who did not previously race together as a team on their season, though they did race against each other's respective teams. They met during the race and later started dating.

    • Members of teams from all seasons except four, six and the Family Edition are represented in this edition of the race.

    • Colin & Christie were expected to be on All-Stars but Christie became pregnant, so they could not participate.

    • The original broadcast of this episode began 26 minutes late in some markets due to an overrun of the PGA's Nissan Open.

    • The Amazing Race returns in the same timeslot used for the tenth season --- Sundays at 8 P.M.


    • Rob and Kimberly
      When David and Mary first talked to Rob and Amber, David called them "Rob and Kim." Rob and Kim were competitors of David and Mary's from Season 10.

    • The Gutsy Grannies

      Amazed at the energy shown by the teams from Race 10, Team Guido compares themselves to the Gutsy Grannies, a team from the second edition of the race. Senior citizens Peggy Kuhn and Claire Jinks christened their team themselves, although as game players they often found themselves over their heads; shying at scary challenges and falling far behind in the physical ones. Nonetheless they managed to hold on until the third leg where they ended up a full day behind the other teams.