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The Amazing Race

Season 2 Episode 7

I'm Gonna Throw Up on Phil's Shoes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The teams drive from their Pit Stop in Northern Thailand to Chiang Mai. After receiving a clue, they find themselves facing another long drive, this time to Hong Kong. There they must find the Central Plaza and then the Star Ferry. There, they reach the Detour, which is a choice between Wishing Tree or Herbal Tea. Most teams choose the Herbal Tea option, but one decides to go a separate way by doing the Wishing Tree. Yet another skips it all together, by taking the Fast Forward. The remaining teams then do a Roadblock that involves operating a crane. One team falls hopelessly behind and is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • I enjoyed this episode. The way that the teams were at each others throats made it more entertaining than some of the others, a couple of downsides but still a great episode all aroundmoreless

    The six remaining teams took off from Karen Village for the seventh leg in a race around around the world.

    Now, I enjoyed the departure interviews from the teams because I saw more insight into how irritating it can be to have other teams as your enemies but this only improved the entertainment side of things for me. I was glad to see that the teams were leaving Thailand, it's not my idea of a nice place unless your vacating in Phuket, but nothing more. Instead, the six teams were instructed to search for a green star ferry at the top of the highest building in Hong Kong City, the Peoples Republic of China. It was indeed one hell of a large place, I'm just glad that I'm watching the show. Now, I was always slightly disappointed during this episode because of Mary and Peach. It was mistake after mistake. It was so easy to guess that the elimination would go to them. Even worse when they decided not to complete the Detour because of a little fear of nasty tea. That was a downside and unfortunately it was a big one. They were constantly in last place all the way through, making mistakes. Also, Oswald and Danny began to bicker over decisions. Honestly, the scene where Oswald wanted to stop for food was a laugh out loud. I enjoyed the task design in this leg. First of all it was a careful search, in other words an eye for detail. I was constantly entertained by a great Detour in which I respected Oswald and Danny's decision to choose the wishing tree rather than the Tea challenge. Gary and Dave decided to use their one and only Fast Forward in order to skip tasks and go directly to the next Pit Stop. It worked with only a fortune teller, they won the leg. I was happy with this result.

    The others soon encountered an interesting Roadblock requiring careful hands and eyes. I would not even be able to handle on of those high bulldozers. Next, the teams made their way to the Pit Stop which was surprisingly on a boat in the middle of the Hong Kong harbour. Chris and Alex finished second which was another outstanding result from last to first. Tara and Wil were third followed by an anxious Oswald and Danny who were shocked to be fourth and not eliminated.

    Blake and Paige once again just narrowly escaped their doom.

    Predictably, Mary and Peach were the last ones to arrive and were eliminated. Sad but it was definitely their time to leave. I've said this once and I'll say it again lol, Phil Koeghan takes the suspense away when he says "The last team to arrive will be eliminated" except in non-elimination legs. It was one thing that the later seasons had, more suspense.

    Overall, it was better than the previous leg. Suspense was definitely in there except for Mary and Peach being all the time. Nice task design and some moderate entertainment there.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Paige Mycoskie

Paige Mycoskie

Second Runner Up with Blake (Season Two)

Mary Lenig

Mary Lenig

Eliminated 6th with Peach (Season Two)

Peach Krebs

Peach Krebs

Eliminated 6th with Mary (Season Two)

Alex Boylan

Alex Boylan

Winner with Chris (Season Two)

Chris Luca

Chris Luca

Winner with Alex (Season Two)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • With their sixth-place finish, Mary and Peach would hold the record for the highest-finishing team of sisters in a two-person-team season for three seasons. Their record would later be broken by Kami and Karli (who'd finish in fifth place in the fifth season), who'd later have it broken by Kisha and Jen in the fourteenth season.

    • Phil was at the Hong Kong junk Pit Stop for 14 hours partly because of the amount of time Mary and Peach took.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Gary and Dave (Fast Forward).
      #2. Chris and Alex.
      #3. Tara and Wil.
      #4. Oswald and Danny.
      #5. Blake and Paige.
      #6. Mary and Peach. (ELIMINATED)

    • Mary and Peach do not do the Roadblock. They are instead sent straight to the Pit Stop.

    • Balance Sheet: Gary and Dave move up from second to first. Chris and Alex move up from sixth to second. Tara and Wil move up from fifth to third. Oswald and Danny remain in fourth. Blake and Paige move down from third to fifth. Mary and Peach move down from first to last and are eliminated.

    • Detour:
      Chris/Alex, Tara/Wil, Blake/Paige, and Mary/Peach chose "Herbal Tea", a short walk to a crowded, confusing market where they had to find an herbalist and drink a nasty-tasting tea.
      Oswald/Danny chose "Wishing Tree", an 18 mile taxi ride followed by simply writing down their wish and throwing it into a tree. Oddly, neither wished to win the race.
      Gary/Dave bypassed the Detour via the Fast Forward.

    • Fast Forward: The Fast Forward was to search the basement of the Wong Tai Sin Temple for a fortune teller who would give each a reading. Gary and Dave, as well as Mary and Peach, went for the Fast Forward. However, it was Gary and Dave that claimed the Fast Forward.

    • Roadblock: One member of each team was required to get up in a crane and then operate it competently enough to pick up a steel container and then put it down again. Chris, Tara, Danny and Blake completed the Roadblock. Gary and Dave skipped the Roadblock via the Fast Forward. Mary and Peach received notification at the Roadblock to go directly to the Pit Stop because of all the time they spent at the Detour.

    • This was the second episode that Mary and Peach unsuccessfully went for the Fast Forward. The first time was in Leg 4, which this Fast Forward was claimed by Danny and Oswald.

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