The Amazing Race

Season 6 Episode 2

I'm Not His Wife -- He Doesn't Need to Scream at Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2004 on CBS
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The ten teams take off from the Pit Stop at Iceland's Blue Lagoon and learn that they must fly over 1,000 miles to Oslo, Norway. Once there, they must travel to a ski jump where they find themselves facing a Roadblock. In this Roadblock one team member must perform an "Olympian" feat, sliding down a long zip-line. The teams are then instructed to make their way to a traditional Viking Village where they must spend the night. In the morning, the teams split up into two groups of their choice and then compete to paddle boats across the lake. One team makes a critical mistake. Once completed, they must travel by train to the town of Voss and then make their way into the country. The teams face a Detour which involves rollerblading one and three quarter miles or participating in three grueling challenges. Many teams initially choose the rollerblading and then opt to do the three challenges instead. Later, the critical mistake comes back to bite the team that made it as they have received a 30 minute penalty. After some close calls, one team is unable catch up and is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • if john and vic are so good at business and drive a ferrari

    why the hell do they need a million bucks ? greedy much ?

    or something fishy going on.. john is a total freak..

    i see the cast n crew has spoilers in it cheers for that !!
  • Outstanding episode that sent the teams into the Norwegian countryside in a very exciting and non-forgettable episode. It was also very emotional.

    This was a very nice episode filled with a great scenery of Norway, great challenges, great teams (except a couple) and awesome new twists, like no person being able to complete more than six Roadblocks throuhout the entire race.

    The second leg started in Iceland where they finished on the last leg. I desperately want to go to Scandinavia because the scenery is absolutely remarkable!

    Firstly, I liked the Roadblock how teams had to perform the olypian feet and watching team members scream their way to the bottom and then the viking boat challenge how there were two boats, one with all the good paddlers and the other with all the bad paddlers was hilarious.

    What I also found funny was when Freddy and Kendra lost their clue again, took another one from the clue box and got a 30 minute penalty at the pit stop. That'll teach those other ugly Americans how to play the game.

    Another team member Jonathan was pretty much yelling at Victoria the whole time. Lena & Kristy also witnessed this and Jonathan asked Victoria to apologize in front of them for doing nothing! Jonathan's abusive behaviour( like Colin from season 5) I can't take it but soemtimes he's entertaining. I just hope that Jonathan soon learns how to treat his so called girlfriend properly before he looses her.

    In one of the show's best Norwegian based Detour's, teams had chose between 'Endurance' or 'Accuracy'. The problems were that both tasks were very difficult so there was some laughter there. It was interesting how teams had bad accuracy, and the older couple taking Adam and Rebecca's car by a silly mistake. On the other hand, the Endurance choice was a crack-up! Team members were just falling over the whole time, Lori and Aaron especially, they couldn't handle the ski's. Then, after receiving a stiff warning that the last team to check-in to the pit stop may be eliminated, it grew into a rush. It was close however when Freddy & Kendra received that penalty for stealing another clue from the box which sent them from sixth down to eighth place. In conclusion Meredith & Maria couldn't get to the pit stop in time resulting in their elimination. Overall a very interesting and emotional episode with a nice scenery of Scandinavia. The show just keeps getting better.

    Episodes one and two of Season 6...Incredible!moreless
  • Another great episode!

    This was a great follow up of the first episode. Teams started in Iceland where they began. Their first clue instructed teams to go to a Norway ski jump where in a roadblock all teams had to ski down the ski ramp. When I found out that no person could do more than six roadblocks I knew this season was going to be a challenge.

    There isn't much competition in this episode but the scenery of Norway and the challenges made this a great episode.

    But Jonathan is so mean to Victoria like Colin from Season 5. I hope something is done about that relationship!

    Freddy and Kendra are my least favourite team because again they lost their clue and took ANOTHER clue which gave them a penalty but still made it out of last place! But it's a nice episode with a sad a Elimination for Meredith and Maria.moreless
  • One of my least favorite episodes

    This is one of my least favorite episodes of the show

    Everybody is starting to get on one another's nerves

    And this is going to be the first of what happens

    To Jonathan and Victoria as Jonathan is the man that the

    World loves to have a lot due to being abusive to his wife

    Sure Victoria is a ditz but she is an angel compared to her loud husband!
  • It was a very emotional episode filled with new rules, new penalties, and new challenges for the teams.

    Tempers start to flare up as the second leg begins. I laughed when I saw how mismatched the two rowing teams were. This continues to support the notion that: Adam is a whiny kid, Bolo is a brute and Jonathan is a jerk.

    This is the season that introduces the Roadblock limit in which no team member can do more than 6 Roadblocks throughout the race.

    I like how something as simple as forgetting a clue can change a team's standing, further stressing that each leg can be decided in a matter of minutes. Since Freddy/Kendra picked up a second copy of the clue to replace a lost one, they were given a 30 minute time penalty. As we see the clock count down, two other teams reached the mat, dropping Freddy/Kendra from 6th to 8th.moreless
Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller

Eliminated 6th with Jonathan (Season Six)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Jonathan Baker

Jonathan Baker

Eliminated 6th with Victoria (Season Six)

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Eliminated 7th with Bolo (Season Six)

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Eliminated 7th with Lori (Season Six)

Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca Cardon

Second Runner Up with Adam (Season Six)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Don and Mary Jean were assessed a thirty minute time penalty in the next episode for using a vehicle that wasn't theirs in this one. It placed them below Freddy and Kendra.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Kris and Jon. (Prize: 7 night Alaskan Cruise, compliments of Royal Caribbean International)
      #2. Jonathan and Victoria.
      #3. Gus and Hera.
      #4. Hayden and Aaron.
      #5. Lori and Bolo.
      #6. Adam and Rebecca.
      #7. Don and Mary Jean.
      #8. Freddy and Kendra. (Arrived in Sixth, 30 Minute Time Penalty)
      #9. Lena and Kristy.
      #10. Meredith and Maria. (ELIMINATED)

    • There was no Fast Forward or Yield in this episode, making it the second episode in a row that had neither.

    • Freddy and Kendra received a thirty minute time penalty that dropped them from sixth to eighth. A timer was shown on screen, tracking their remaining time until Phil would check them in at the Pit Stop. They had broken a race rule by taking a second clue from a cluebox after losing one. Race rules require that a team only take one clue. Rules also specify that only one of any of the following information cards may be taken: Yield, Detour, Roadblock.

    • Balance Sheet: Kris and Jon move up from second to first. Jonathan and Victoria move up from fifth to second. Gus and Hera move up from tenth to third. Hayden and Aaron move down from first to fourth. Lori and Bolo move up from sixth to fifth. Adam and Rebecca move up from seventh to sixth. Don and Mary Jean move up from ninth to seventh. Freddy and Kendra move down from fourth to eighth. Lena and Kristy move down from third to ninth. Meredith and Maria move down from eighth to last and are eliminated.

    • Roadblock: In previous seasons, any team could choose which member could perform the Roadblock and there were no restrictions to how many times that person could do it. Now, no one can do more than a maximum of six Roadblocks throughout the race. The Roadblock on this leg began with the statement "Who's ready to perform an Olympian Feat?" On this Roadblock, team members had to climb to the top of the highest ski jump in Scandinavia and from there they had to ride a zip line down to the bottom to retrieve their next clue.

      This is a list of the people who completed this Roadblock:

      Jon, Adam, Bolo, Maria, Kristy, Hera, Kendra, Don, Jonathan and Aaron

    • The task with a Viking boat that teams featured was the only task ever on The Amazing Race that required interteam cooperation, up to that point the programs' run. Jon and Kris, Lori and Bolo, Hayden and Aaron, Adam and Rebecca, and Lena and Kristy were in one boat while Jnathon and Victoria, Gus and Hera, Don and Mary Jean, Freddy and Kendra and Maria and Meredith were in another one. In the tenth season, a feature that required two teams to work together called the Intersection was added.

    • Detour:
      Freddy/Kendra, Adam/Rebecca, Hayden/Aaron, Lori/Bolo, and Lena/Kristy chose "Endurance", where they had to roller-ski down a 1¾ mile course.
      Gus/Hera, Jonathan/Victoria, Don/Mary Jean, Meredith/Maria, and Kris/Jon chose "Accuracy", where they had to complete a trio of traditional Viking games.
      Freddy/Kendra quit Endurance to complete Accuracy.
      Rebecca/Adam switched to Accuracy, but then quit that and returned to complete Endurance.

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  • NOTES (1)


    • Most Teams (reading clue): Welcome to a traditional Viking Village.
      In this episode, the teams travel to Oslo, Norway and then camp out at a traditional Viking Village. This village is one of several throughout Europe. Vikings have been popularized as as raiders and pirates, although many were simply traders and settlers.

    • Phil: This is Iceland, known as the Land of Fire and Ice.
      Iceland is known as the "land of fire and ice" for its volcanos and glaciers. Its capital city, Reykjavik, is located at 65° N and 18° W. You can learn more about at PBS's pages for their Nature documentary: "Iceland: Fire and Ice."