The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 3

I'm Sorry I'm Wearing A Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on CBS
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The nine remaining All-Star teams receive a clue that directs them to travel from their Pit Stop at the Valley of the Dead in Chile four miles to a church in the village of San Pedro de Atacama by the same name. There, they find that they must fly 800 miles to Puerto Montt and then drive 30 to fishery in Metri. As teams maneuver for flights, several find themselves behind when they are unable to catch an early flight, but catch a small break when the flight arrives slightly early. At the fishery, one member of each team completes a Roadblock that requires them to transfer fish from one tank to another. Afterwards, the teams travel fifty miles to Petrohue and find La Maquina, a popular spot for adventure spots. All teams take part in a watery Detour and one loses time—but not position—after neglecting to pick up a clue. Ultimately, one team is unable to make up time after struggling to find the Detour location and is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • This was a huge improvement over the first two episodes! Good work!

    After having seen two not so nice episodes and then watching this one, I was highly impressed with the challenges, scenery etc. Before I begin my opinion on this episode I thought I should talk about last weeks Elimination for Kevin & Drew. They were silly! They come in last right, one of them didn't care about being Eliminated! Jees, I wonder how they coped on Season 1? I only saw the 1st, 12th and final episodes so I didn't really see them much.

    The third leg began with the nine remaining teams continuing in Chile, I liked the part where Teri & Ian were giving Charla & Mirna a go at the ticket counter in the airport! Hilarious. The Roadblock for this leg was good-all around with the sea creature thingy. I think the show is getting quite dirty with Eric & Danielle and how she should hold the basket thing with her body parts (the you know what).

    I really wish Uchenna & Joyce never came to All-stars, They've won $1 million already! The Detour was rough as the teams hit the water in a boat with the river being fierce. One thing I don't like Is when all teams choose to do one Detour and no one does the other which is annoying. Romber once again came in 1st place! The most exciting part was when Dustin & Kandice realised that missed out a clue, went back and got it and still arrived in 4th place. The end was a little sad but Kentucky were not really good racers. This episode was a huge improvement over 1 and 2 and I shall be looking forward to next weeks one where a huge shock strikes all the teams! I know who comes last and It maybe a shock to you, will they be eliminated?

    Next time on TAR!!!moreless
  • Rombuh finishes first yet again, Kentucky's shot at the million is gone... And please, Dustin and Kandice... don't scare me like that again.

    All of the BQ's mistakes really made me love this episode. That said, I don't dislike them. In fact, they're my favorite team this season. It's just that the suspense, the anxiety, and the worry made for an exciting leg. Amazingly, after missing one of their clues, they made it to the pit stop in fourth place.

    The Detour and Roadblock were pretty good. First of all, what was with Eric at the Detour? Wasn't he unhappy with his edit last time around? Apparently not. The white water rafting looked fun... I bet Terri had the most fun, though :P Not meaning to be mean or insensitive, but I always love the episodes where someone goes through some sort of accident (i.e. Gretchen's fall in the cave, etc). This one was a bit anti-climactic, though, but I'm glad Terri was alright.

    I'll admit, I didn't think that Kentucky should have been on All Stars, but I still liked them. They almost seem too nice for the race, which is not that bad, if you think about it. I'm glad they changed their opinions on the BQ's and admitted that they didn't give them a chance. That's all people seem to need: a chance.moreless
  • Dustin And Kandice Missed A Clue, The Guido Missed Few Words, Kentucky Missed Out A Spot In The Final 8

    This episode was nervewrecking. Teams were screwing up left and right. Dustin and Kandice and Teri And Ian got lost before arriving at the airport. Then, Rob and Amber got lost after driving off from the airport (but caught up amazingly quick all thanks to Amber's fish catching skills). The fish road block was hillarious with Danielle so afraid of the fish and Eric's comments about using her boobs as a tool. The usually careful Team Guido screwed up big time when they missed out few important words of their clue (luckily they caught up with charla and mirna). Then Dustin and Kandice missed their clue and had to return to get it (but they recover quickly and STILL checked in 4th place). Charla and Mirna left their keys in the tent but luckily they found it again.

    Unfortunately, everyone's favorite team Kentucky (not my favourite time. i thought they were overrated) failed to catch up with the other teams after getting lost and became the third victim of the philimination. However, I am really surprised at the fact that they beat out two other teams. Everyone thought the Kentucky's was going to be the first team out. I guess I underestimated them.moreless
  • So sad to see them go...

    This was another exciting episode of The Amazing Race, with the contestants bickering, back-stabbing and generally being nasty people. All the things we love to watch!

    The fish road block was funny, and I just sat there thinking "they're just fish!" ...but then again, I've never tried to pick up a fish, so I don't really know how hard it would be. But to see grown men and women screaming over touching a fish... that was really funny. I was hoping that Charla and Myrna would fall seriously behind, given the screaming that was going on. But, alas, no.

    It was David and Mary who came in last. I was sad to see them go, as I liked them. However, they did seem too dependent on creating another 'six pack'. This is a race, and it's every team for themselves. David and Mary come off as better, nicer people, but in the end, that's not really what the race is about.moreless
  • All I have to say is: Team Kentucky--goodbye!

    So far this season, this was the best episode as it was full of cool challenges and plenty of crazy mishaps.

    Thankfully, Team Kentucky is out of the race. To all of you Team Kentucky fans, let's be honest--they had absolutely no business being in this All-Stars season. They are certainly not smart and they have no talent at all. The only reason they were here was because they were a fan favorite, which I'll never understand. Being a Rob and Amber fan, I was happy to see them finish this leg of the race in first place for the third time in a row. Yes, Rob is a tad arrogant, but the man always has a plan and can always get it done. Even the other teams recognize that Rob and Amber are the team to beat. As Joe said, "Rob isn't Jesus." Um, maybe he is.

    Two of my other favorite moments occurred when Charla forgot the car keys in the raft and the beauty queens forgot a clue and had to backtrack to find it. I thought for sure they were going to get out of it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Rob & Amber are the third team to win three consecutive legs during the race. The first was Colin & Christie in the fifth season and the second was BJ & Tyler in the ninth.

    • This is the third leg that Rob and Amber have spent in Chile, with the others being the previous leg and the second leg of the seventh season. Rob and Amber have won all three of these legs in Chile.

    • David and Mary have been last in four legs -- three times in the tenth season and once this season. This is the most that a team has placed last.

    • Including their previous race, Rob and Amber currently hold the record for most legs won total with seven.

    • Thermacare The Amazing Race All-Stars Moment of Relief: In the seventh season, Rob and Amber received help from a sympathetic airline employee. He helped them to a board a flight after the boarding was already announced as being closed.

    • Detour: In this episode, teams faced a Detour choice of either Vertical Limit or River Wild. In Vertical Limit, both team members would have had to have walked 200 yards and then completed a forty-foot rock climb, each ultimately receiving half of a clue. However, all teams completed River Wild, which required them to first travel back two miles and then complete a two-and-half mile river-rafting course through Category Three and Four rapids.

    • Rob and Amber are the first team in the history of the show to win the first three legs of the race in a row. They are also the third team overall to win three legs in a row, the first being Colin and Christie from the fifth season and the second being B.J. and Tyler from the ninth season.

    • Phil varied from his normal opening patter, asking "Who will be eliminated tonight?" With the exception of the first season, this phrasing is normally only used for an extremely obvious non-elimination leg, such as the first or last legs of a season.

    • Balance Sheet: Rob and Amber remained in first. Uchenna and Joyce rose from fifth to second. Eric and Danielle moved up one spot, from fourth to third. Dustin and Kandice rose two positions to fourth. Oswald and Danny dropped from second to fifth. Teri and Ian rose from seventh to sixth. Joe and Bill plummeted from third to seventh. Charla and Mirna remained in eighth, hanging on to avoid elimination. David and Mary remained in ninth and this time were eliminated from the race.

    • Dustin and Kandice arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth, but were told by Phil that they could not be checked in, as they had not yet received all clues. They had completed the River Wild task for the Detour without receiving the clue presenting the Detour choice. They retraced their steps and retrieved the clue, losing time but not placement, as they were checked in fourth.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Rob and Amber (Prize: One Full Home Gym Each)
      #2. Uchenna and Joyce
      #3. Eric and Danielle
      #4. Dustin and Kandice
      #5. Oswald and Danny
      #6. Teri and Ian
      #7. Joe and Bill
      #8. Charla and Mirna
      #9. David and Mary (ELIMINATED)

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  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates: Sweden: February 28, 2010 on TV6

    • The CBS official website for The Amazing Race mentions that two teams attempt the 40-foot climb part of the Detour and switch tasks in this leg. This is not shown in what was broadcast on television.


    • At the flounder-wrangling roadblock, Joe is referred to as the "fish whisperer," playing off the name of Nicholas Evans' 1995 novel/Robert Redford's 1998 film The Horse Whisperer.