The Amazing Race

Season 17 Episode 11

I'm Surrounded by Ninjas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on CBS
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The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Statue Square in Hong Kong and fly to Seoul, South Korea, with Nick and Vicki needing to overcome both a six-hour penalty and a Speed Bump. Teams head to the DMZ, where a whitewater rafting expedition from Seungil Bridge gets them partway to U.S. Army Base Camp Casey and the Roadblock involving picking a headband and searching a field of 200 soldiers practicing tae kwon do for the one wearing a match. Directed to Seoul World Cup Stadium, teams obtain their Detour choices: doing 24 "Full Throttle" laps in a speed skating rink or delivering six "Full Bottle"s of ginseng root. A stop at Yeouido Hangang Park gives the location of the penultimate Pit Stop: the Temple of Heaven.moreless

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  • brooke and claire read the clue so many times but still missed the crucial transport limitation..

    all the bickering about which roadblock to go for they still missed that last bit ?? wow..

    shame mr ego pants thomas caught up and got first with jill i hope they don't win, he's been a jerk, and loves him self alot.

    hopefully nicky has learned his lesson but as the race showed he forgot on occasion..

    common you ladies !!
  • The Final Three is determined!

    The outcome of this leg was always predictable and inevitable, buit the tasks were good, and that made for some interesting viewing, as The Amazing Race returned to South Korea for the first time in thirteen seasons.

    The drive towards North Korea was interesting! Especially Nick & Vicki getting free food from a cabbie!

    The Road Block was a good challenge, and I really enjoyed watching that. It seemed to be easier than I first thought it would be.

    The Detour was also quite good. I would've opted for 'Full Bottle', as me fear of ice-skating is only second to my fear of dogs.

    Overall, this episode was entertaining. It was disappointeing to see Brook & Claire toss away first place with that penalty, but hopefully one of the all-female teams will power home in the finale!moreless
  • It felt like the final three with a non-elimination leg, however there were four teams, with NO non-elimination leg.

    Overall this episode was fun to watch. I would've liked to see Nick & Vicki do more, but their later flight was way too far back of the other teams. Let me review the teams now:

    1st Place: Jill & Thomas - Stop being cocky! The Race is not over yet... and it's not even the finale!

    2nd Place: Brook & Claire - Come on girls! You've made this mistake before, now you got penalized! Great job anyway!

    3rd Place: Nat & Kat - I keep saying this in my reviews, but this team is ALWAYS calm. There's no fighting with each other or any lame drama.moreless
  • Episode proves the non-elimination legs and challenges aren't rigged.

    Well this was probably the worst episode of the season, which is really sad to say because it has been a fantastic season with great people! I give the mediocre score based on the fact that as soon as the last team didn't get on the early plane, and had to wait 9 hours for the next one, not to mention their Speed Bump to complete, and the fact that none of the challenges required the front teams to wait several hours for it to open, we, the viewers, knew, quite correctly, who was going to be eliminated within the first 10 minutes... it made for a rather mediocre episode, and likely the worst penultimate episode of The Amazing Race. The only excitement left was seeing who won come in 1st, not that it really matters as I'm sure in the finale they will all bottleneck to even again at the airport going back to America.

    The challenges themselves weren't all that difficult either. The 200 army personnel should've been 2000. 25 laps is actually quite a lot, but it should've been at least trebled or quadrupled to really punish teams choosing that route.

    As for whitewater rafting, do teams even need to paddle? Though it may cost them very minimal time, teams can just hang on and let the guides do all the work. Hardly a difficult roadblock.

    All-in-all an extremely disappointing episode given how amazing the season has been so far!

    The one positive is that we learn:

    a) the non-elimination legs ARE decided before the leg starts, and

    b) the challenges/destinations ARE decided before the leg starts

    Next week is the Finale!

    We have two all-women teams in the finals. As most of you know, there has always been at least one man in the winner's circle, even after 16 seasons... There's a 66% chance that lucky 17 will bring a new footnote for the show, and here's one man who will be cheering for both all-women teams over the typical (and boring) mixed team.moreless
  • The four remaining teams were actually three.

    Well the final will be next and I am happy to say that each of the last three teams remaining have a chance...I hope it will be Brook and Claire even though it seems unlikely because they make plenty of mistakes due to greater enthusiasm...Nat and Kat seem most likely to win because they have been the most motivated team I saw here...They grew the most and fought the most...Jill and Thomas seem to have recovered what they had at the begining of AR but I don't seem them winning...Even though Nick and Vicky are probably the luckiest team ever to have played the Amazing Race they couldn't surpass this, penalty was to high.moreless

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