The Amazing Race

Season 5 Episode 2

It Turned Really Ugly Just Now

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 13, 2004 on CBS
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The teams head to Montevideo in Uruguay, where they visit a foam discoteque and pop rubber balls to find clues. They all end up in the same ferry and feel the pressure of being bunched together after having been in various positions. They travel to Buenos Aires, where they take part in a Detour, Perro or Tango, in which you have to choose between walking eight dogs for about a mile, or instead first travel about a mile and a half for the Tango. In the Tango, the teams receive a photo and then try to identify one man from a group of people dancing the tango. The Tango turns out to be the better choice, because the dog-walking takes a long time and the dogs are difficult to control. After completing one of those two, the teams participate in a Roadblock in which they have to remove a scarf from a calf. Fortunes change for the teams, as many who were behind end up advancing, while Alison and Donny are eliminated.moreless

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  • Loving Season 5 immensely

    I reckon this was justa as great, if not better than the premiere. The racers this season are so likable in fact, that you can barely take your eyes off the TV for even a second.

    Teams went from Uruguay into Argentina where they encountered some decent tasks.

    The dog challenge would have been dirty like when Alison says "My dogs are having sex". Still, it wasn't really the best choice of tasks for a Detour. I would have gone with the "Tango".

    I was delighted when Alison and Donny were eliminated. Like Dennis and Erika, they boss each other around in a negative manner. It seems that all the less likable teams are leaving sooner rather than later, which is very good...

    I was thrilled with Brandon/Nicole for winning this second leg. They're great and are now my favorite. They trust in the lord, they try to respect each other, and this will be the very thing that will get them far.

    Kami and Karli are now getting annoying. The taxi business involving them and Chip and Kim wasn't necessary. I like Chip and Kim for the reason that they honor and respect each other.

    Well, the one enjoyable task was the Roadblock. Running skills to grab bandanna's off cows was the challenge, fun.

    I was surprised when one of the blond girls said "last team to check in may be eliminated". That's a first, Phil said WILL be eliminated. I hope they change it to MAY to bring up the suspense to a higher level.

    Overall. I was happy with the outcome and the teams being jerks to the others, lol.moreless
  • From First To Worst

    How can Donny & Allison go from being first to worst

    I haven't had the slightest clue at all

    They won the first leg of the race but then fall back

    Shocks me a whole lot IMO but glad to see both

    Kim & Chip as well as the Bowling Moms in the race

    As we will get a first glimpse of what is to come with Colin and Christie
Christie Woods

Christie Woods

Runner Up with Colin (Season Five)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Alison Irwin

Alison Irwin

Eliminated 2nd with Donny (Season Five)

Donny Patrick

Donny Patrick

Eliminated 2nd with Alison (Season Five)

Kami French

Kami French

Eliminated 7th with Karli (Season Five)

Karli French

Karli French

Eliminated 7th with Kami (Season Five)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Alison and Donny are the second consecutive team to be eliminated second after winning the first leg. Amanda and Chris had the same fate in Season 4.

    • Alison and Donny decide to break up.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Brandon and Nicole.
      #2. Charla and Mirna.
      #3. Jim and Marsha.
      #4. Linda and Karen.
      #5. Bob and Joyce.
      #6. Colin and Christie.
      #7. Marshall and Lance.
      #8. Chip and Kim.
      #9. Kami and Karli.
      #10. Alison and Donny. (ELIMINATED)

    • Again, no team used the Yield, but this episode did not show it in the broadcast. There was no Fast Forward on this leg of the race; only two legs this season have a Fast Forward.

    • Roadblock: One team member had to enter a corral and remove a red bandanna from a calf. Brandon, Mirna, Marsha, Karen, Bob, Colin, Lance, Chip, Kami and Donny completed the Roadblock.

    • Detour:
      Linda/Karen, Kami/Karli, and Bob/Joyce chose "Perro," where one team member walked eight dogs, supplied right outside Ricoleta cemetery, while the other navigated them through three checkpoints along a one mile course. Marshall/Lance, Charla/Mirna, Alison/Donny, Brandon/Nicole, Chip/Kim, Jim/Marsha, and Colin/Christie chose "Tango," where they went to a theater 1½ miles away and had to find a specific male dancer on a stage full of dancing couples, using a supplied photograph. Alison/Donny decided to do Perro when they discovered how close they were to the dogs, but eventually quit, along with Linda/Karen, to complete Tango.

    • During the dogwalking segment featuring Kami & Karli and Bob & Joyce, a cameraman is briefly visible on the extreme right-hand part of the screen.

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