The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 11

It's A Great Place To Become Millionaires

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • tar by name tar by nature !

    i'll agree the tasks do seem to have a rather simplistic vibe in the last few finals but when a team some how misses out a whole task, goes to the winners mat and yet don't seem that suprised to be turned back ? hmmmm FAKE team actors ? or a swift re edit for the camera..

    some how a fat guy takes ages to ride a thin sled ? wow

    a thin woman does it second time ? wooo

    i didn't even care if either rachel won just as long as art n jj didn't... all that ego male posturing.. got them runners i hope the fbi girls are feeling good.
  • What an intense finale! Suspense was super high, even though the tasks were awful.

    So I'mma review this in two parts, one for each leg.


    For the Japan hour, I loved the beginning when they visited the building daamaged by the bomb. It was really sad and I love it when they reflect on things like that.

    The Roadblock was sorta fun. Japanese game shows are awesome. I felt the task was way too plain, though. However, I felt so bad for Vanessa, watching how she struggled through the pain barrier!

    The Detour was sorta interesting as weell. The sumo wrestler task was obviously going to be easier, which is why I am astounded that only one team performed it! The Sushi Bingo sounded great in concept, but I honestly had no idea what was going on while watching the task, so it was sorta a waste of time, really.

    So we say goodybe to Team Ranessa after the first hour! That was a sad departure, as they were truly an awesome team! Vaness a is the best thing in a while! Her epic quotes will never be forgotten! She is beyond doubt the funniest person to ever run The Amazing Race.

    PART 2 - HAWAII:

    So it's off to Hawaii. It was really awesome at first, when Art & JJ seemingly fell so far behind. I thought it would be a fun battle to watch between my two favourite teams. However, sadly the Evil People caught up and even led at one point.

    The ascending and rappelling looked insanely scary! It reminded my of Linda & Karen for sure. That was perhaps the best task of the leg. Shaving ice is pretty interesting to watch, but not for a finale episode. If this wasn't a finale, I would've enjoyed that task. But for a finale, it left me disappointed.

    Then the search and rescue type of task was pretty much the same as the shaving ice - it woulld be pretty interesting on any other leg, but it is not up to scratch for a finale. Not at all.

    The last Roadblock was the worst taskk of all! That sledding was downright preposterous! However, I am really thankful for that task, because it was the difference between a disgustin team winning and a great team winning!

    Th e paddle to the Finish Line was definitely original. Bonus points for that!

    The tasks in this finale was terrible, especially the absense of a memory task again. However, there was so much drama to unfold, especially with a team crossing the Finish Line and being turned back! I t was definitely exceptionally suspenseful, which made ti fun to watch!

    TAR20 was a huge step up from TAR19, clearly. I just hope TAR21 is even better! Congratulations Rachel & Dave! What a powerhouse couple!
  • Thank God!

    I'm soooooooooooooooo happy that the Big Brother B1TCH didn't win!! That women is probably one of the MOST HATED players in race history!!! EVERYTHING about that B1TCH was ANNOYING!!!