The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 9

It's Speedo Time

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on CBS
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The five remaining teams depart from the Havet in Copenhagen, Denmark and race to a statue of Hans Christian Andersen for a Roadblock involving remembering a poem and biking to Teatermuseet to give a dramatic presentation for a critic's approval. Successful teams then drive to Legoland in Billund, where they must go on a spinning teacup ride and assemble a puzzle that will reveal their next destination is a train station in Hamburg, Germany. After driving there, teams are instructed to take a train through Cologne and on to Brussels, Belgium. Directed to the European Parliament Building, the racers learn they will be judged in a body posing competition. Teams earning the minimum score are awarded the location of Phil and the mat: Parc Elizabeth.


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  • wow phil is actually pretty cut/ripped under his shirt !

    other wise mostly agree with other reviews.

  • First PERFECT score from me this season :)

    I loved this episode, there was everything. A bunch-up point, suspense, errors, some humor, drama (I guess?), and even the shocking ending. I loved it.

    Thoughts on Teams (Listed in order of my predictions of the placements of the teams this leg, with the exception of Amani & Marcus who were shown checking in):

    1st : Amani & Marcus - I'm so glad to finally see them catch up, and yet, win the leg! I thought it was funny when Amani said "Oh brother" when he told them to continue racing.

    And now, my PREDICTIONS of the rest of the outcomes :

    2nd : Ernie & Cindy - To me, their ticket-situation was fake, I don't know why. I'm not gonna go "Oh I wish they lost their ticket!" because that would be mean, because that's a very frustrating situation. So I'm glad nothing happened to their ticket-situation.

    3rd : Jeremy & Sandy - IF they get 3rd, I would be happy to see them finally catch up. They're a really likable team, I don't see why they seem to act like they need to fix their relationship problems, because they're so calm and don't seem to bicker.

    4th : Andy & Tommy - I just think they're going to be 4th, I think they would do a bigger improvement on the performance than Bill & Cathi. Tommy's lack of drama in his acting was just so hilarious and it was like he had no emotion at all.

    5th (Last) : Bill & Cathi - Even if they get last, I'm just glad they will get to stick around for another leg, which will be the 10th leg! Hopefully, they will make up time.

    Thoughts on Tasks :

    Roadblock - I thought this was a creative and cool Roadblock. I don't think it would have been as easy for me as it was for the other teams.

    Legoland Puzzle - This was also another creative task. I loved it.

    Body-Building Task - I'm pretty sure from other sites this was one side of a Detour, as the other side went unaired. I'm going to count it was a Route Info, as shown in the episode. Anyway, this was a funny task, and really unexpected for the teams.

    Overall a perfect episode with so many things happening, in fact, it felt so long.moreless
  • If I was reviewing all of the tasks in Denmark, I'd score a 15 out of 10, but the second half of the episode was, ofr me, abysmal. (Spoilers ahead!)

    Truly a tale of two halves, with a great set of challenges in Denmark.

    The Roadblock was terrific - it was a terrific combination of the bikes, memory and acting, and it was really exciting! I really enjoyed it and it was definitely a hard challenge!

    The Legoland task was also spectacular! I love d it, and I enjoyed the teams almost puking - that was rather hilarious!

    The ticket thing with Ernie & Cindy was just such a fluke! They were careless and they get rewarded for it. What are the odds that there was no ticket inspection on the 2nd train and there was an inspection on the 1st train. They get very lucky today, and I'd lik e to see them gone - and hopefully soon!

    Now that bodybuliding hchallnege was such a waste of my time. I sincerely hope that this was a Detour, because with the whole country of Belgium as the set, it seems really pathetic that this was the best they could come up with. We have never been to Belgium before on the race, and instead of them showcasing the beauty of the country, we get some extremely pointless and stupid task.

    Thankfully it is a TBC, and not just because Bill & Cathi might get there last. I would've said that this was the worst leg structure in TAR History, but because of the TBC, that is not the case.

    All up, a great first 20-25 minutes, and then very pointless remainder of the episode, although I am thrilled that Amani & Marcus won the leg!

    Hope for more beautiful scenes of Belgium next week...moreless

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