The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 8

Let Them Drink Their Haterade

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • art n jj oh how the might hath fallen.

    shame they didn't get eliminated, but talk about ego trips.. yes a team ahead of you doesn't u turn the last team who escaped philimination who has the speed bump... get over your selves i'm stilling reeling from their generosity to team like that 5k will go to boppers knee first ;)

    they u-turned team bigbro, why didn't they instead u turn team fbi ? if they where sooooo threatened by them... no they just pouted and whinged like little bitches and u turned the team most likely to quit...

    and then saying no more help no more buddy time with the army job guys single handedly showing why us military don't work well with all the immigrants coming through the borders you are shit at your job..

    but you throw a child like tantrum and dummy spit cos some one didn't do as you i actually liked the them up to the point they decided suddenly to attack team lying...

    tasks were boring, not really challenging but merely a way to pass the time..

  • Better than last wek, with more great drama! (Spoilers ahead!)

    Task-wise, this leg was better than the last, but not by very much. The Detour was definitely interesting, and those water queues were really eye-opening. Great choice for a Detour task.

    The Double U-Turn made things very interesting and dramatic of course! First time ever that both victims have survived! And this is also the firt time ever that a U-Turn (of any kind) has been successfully used but did not claim any victims to elimination.

    Art & JJ are childish and stupid as usual... Terrible move to U-Turn Brenchel, given that the 'teachers' were hours behind and had little hope of catching up. Rachel & Dave made a great move to keep their U-Turn powers for later in the race - when it could be more important - but Art & JJ act like angry little children and are unable to see the intelligence in Davechel's move...

    The Radoblock was fun! Beekeeping! This exact task - helf in the same village - appeared as part of a TAR5 Detour, but was unused by all six teams. Great task to recycle and I really enjoyed it!

    This leg was great! Reminded me a little bit of some old school Africa legs in TAR, and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the rest of the race route looks dismal...