The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 2

Long Hair, Don't Care

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • running to the rear.

    Amy and Daniel went backwards and it is to bad. They were a good team. The taxi messed it up. Only reason it wasn't a non elimination I believe is a couple other teams were in the same boat.

    The bull race did lack something, I almost thought they would have to beat it on the mopeds.

    The Road block balloon part was ok, and The detour i am surprised more didn't go for the fish. The twins did good keeping up with the ice. Luckily the dumped ice didn't have to be replaced.

  • Better... just.

    This was slightly better than the premiere, solely because the episode wasn't as rushed - although you could argue with that statement since we barely saw the middle of the pack at the Detour.

    I thought the bull thing was pointless. It would've been nice if teams had to ride the bulls - similar to TAR4 Leg 7 - but this task was pointless.

    The Roadlblock was unique. The challenge wasn't that exciting, but it's definitely a type of task that has been missing from TAR, so I am glad they included it!

    The Detour wasn't too exciting. Both tasks were largely manual laboutr, and the ifish task looked much more difficult and detail-oriented.

    Overall, I am really sad Amy & Daniel are gone. They were such a strong team, but like many others, a bad taxi screwed them. :( They could've been great contenders too! :(