The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 2

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • the obgyn's are gay right ?

    team youtube are clearly insane or drug users they seem normal one min then off their collective tits the he gay as he sounds and acts that way ?

    the two oriental chicks don't listen do they ? they apparantly missed the option of two express passes ?

    caroline and jen are one of those teams who don't seem to need the money..

    it seems the teams selection is getting worse each season..

    now for the 'alliance' yes lets make a big fuss over it and then when it's camera interview time you say 'means squat' we are in a race there is no alliance..

    team 'cancer beaters' yes yet another sob story team that NEVER lets us forget stfu already !

    well done and congrats but a pro cyclist award winning ? hmmm surely again he gets paid well for that ? or is he a lance armstrong jnr ? on so many drugs that he somehow gets away with ?

    not overly bothered about anyone yet, no one stands out as deserving or worth watching all seem fake/ false/ full of shit, too successfull in their lives, stupid, lame, sickeningly gay, or too photogenic..

    dad: 'i ruptured my achillies' (yet still walking)

    son: 'are you ok ?' (seriously what a ***ed question)

    as they leave phil..

    dad is still 'i can't

    no suprise the second express pass is still up for grabs..
  • Great continuation!

    This has to be one of the best second lges on The Amazing Race I have ever sseen! I think in general Leg 2s have been of a low quality in most seasons, with the notable exception of TAR6 and a few others, including this one, with a perfect leg!

    I liked the equaliser because the penalised teams were able to close the gap but not close it fully, making things very interesting!

    Lots of problems on the water in more ways than one! The Detour was ultra cool! Stilt walking has been done before by TAR, but never on an incredible Pacific beach! So the Roadblock was all right too!

    Poor Dave! Hope he is all right!

    And I was really happy that the two late teams fought back so well! Really disappointed with who went home though. :/

    The teams I don't like so far are Bates & Anthony (way too many annoying teeth jokes) and Joey & Meghan (they seem way too happy). Anyway, that's about it.
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