The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 13

Low to the Ground, That's My Technique

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2007 on CBS
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The All-Stars final three -- Dustin & Kandice, Eric & Danielle, and Charla & Mirna -- compete in the final leg to determine who will win the one-million-dollar prize. The teams take off from their Pit Stop in Guam and are instructed to fly 3,500 miles to Honolulu, Hawaii. One team secures an early flight, but the advantage is largely neutralized when the teams must sign up for charter flights leaving ten minutes apart in Hawaii. The teams travel to Kaumalapau Harbor via Jeeps and find themselves in involved in a Detour that tests their ability at a skill either above or below water. All teams then travel to Shipwreck Beach and crossing rocky terrain, face a challenging kayaking task to retrieve their next clue. Ultimately, all teams board the flight to Oakland, California, en route to their final destination city of San Francisco. A final task tests the ability of the racers to think like their partners. When one team proves rather more adept at it than the others, it turns out to be advantage they need to secure victory. They cross the finish line in San Francisco's Botanical Garden first and become the winners of The Amazing Race: All Stars.moreless

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  • After a really entertaining season, what a dull and sickening end...

    Beauty Queens... Blondies... D&K... These AWESOME girls soooooo deserved to win. I watch a lot of reality television and rarely do competitors in these shows inspire much passion from me. But these girls, using extraordinary physical ability and, more importantly, such a positive attitude and great teamwork, were a joy to watch in back to back seasons. When I saw Eric and Danielle cross the finish line, I wanted to hurl my TV out the window and quite frankly, just hurl...

    As an episode, I thought this was the weakest of the season. What happened to the "2-hour Amazing Race Finale?" Those were exciting. This Finale showcased no real ability and since when did mind-melding of team members about who they despised most mean the difference in a million bucks? Disappointing and unfortunate. Dustin... Kandace... if you girls are reading this, all I can say is... I hope the exposure you have received from this show makes all of your dreams come true, and helps you two get that million dollars that was robbed from you. And also, if either of you is single (or both), lets hook up sometime!! :)moreless
  • I'm glad Eric & Danielle won!

    Look it was OK but I must say this show is nothing like it used to be.

    Overall I'm disapointed with this season of the amazing race. The editing wasn't very good, some of the challenges were silly and easy, the teams racing in this season wern't very ideal and I'm sure there is more but I can't be bothered telling everything.

    This episode in particular was very good with the challenges though but there was NO Roadblock included which I was annoyed about. Every episode of this season just seems to have one mistake in it, except for Hong Kong leg which was perfect indeed.

    Honestly I have to admit the show is not like it used to be. It used to be fun, beautiful, suspenseful (still is but not as much) etc. Now the show just seems different from what it used to be but not in good way. It pretty much started feeling strange when Season 8 began but it has slowly gotten worse. I don't know but I'm just not keen on this show anymore. I liked it how Eric & Danielle won, that was the best part for all they've been through. If Dustin & Kandice had won, I'd be annoyed and would have scored this final as a 6.7 Fair. Sorry about these negative comments but I'm being honest here. It took too long to get into shape, meaning good. Dustin & Kandice played their best and so did Charla & Mirna. I reckon the show will start getting worse from now looking at the previous season along with parts of this one. Will Season 12 be any better??? Find out next year until then good bye...moreless
  • The final leg.

    The whole season it seemed that most detours and road blocks were not very physical. In my opinion that is why Charla and Mirna made it this far. I liked them and actually wanted them to win so it annoyed me that during the last leg everything and I mean EVERYTHING was physical. Because of this The beauty queens and charla and mirna lost. I was very annoyed that "they" won.moreless
  • It was a consistent series with an unexpected finish.

    I must say, I did not see the ending coming. I was sure the Beauty Queens would take it out, but they didn't. I suppose I'm happy that the winners were from my favourite season and also with the final task, not brains nor brawn, just testing your relationship with your teammate. All in all, this season was very enjoyable, with some of my favourite charcters coming back for what I would presume to be one last time. Some teams did better, some teams did considerably worse. I cannot wait until S12 and I hope that this season comes out on DVD.moreless
  • The Final Leg!!!

    The Race started.... I wanted Dustin and Kandice to WIN.... Didn't mind if Eric and Danille won...BUT i did not want Charla and Mirna to win( because they are annoying)...

    All this season I wanted Dustin and Kandice to win... I also wanted D&C to win the last season that they were in... It was sorta a Upset but i was still happy that Eric and Danille Won!

    Dustin and Kandice cam 2 place!

    And Mirna and Charla came 3rd!

    I would have rather of seen another team that was in the final three instead of Mirna and Charla..

    But Mirna and Charla worked hard through the intire race so they deserved to be in the Final 3!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Teams received $201 for this leg of the race.

    • Departure Times: The teams departed from the Pit Stop and began this leg of the race at the following times:

      Dustin and Kandice: 11:53 A.M.
      Eric and Danielle: 12:55 P.M.
      Charla and Mirna: 1:29 P.M.

    • Jon Vito/Jill, Kevin/Drew, David/Mary and Oswald/Danny are the only All-Star teams to be eliminated twice.

    • The Amazing Race: All Stars was the first time in the history of the series that every all-female team in the race made it to the final three.

    • Eric is the only racer in The Amazing Race: All-Stars not to experience elimination.

    • Eric and Danielle, Dustin and Kandice and Charla and Mirna, the top three teams, all finished higher in All-Stars than in their original seasons.

      John Vito and Jill, Kevin and Drew, David and Mary, Rob and Amber, Teri and Ian, Joe and Bill and Uchenna and Joyce all finished lower in All-Stars than their previous seasons.

      Oswald and Danny retained their finishing position from the second season.

    • Dustin & Kandice were the only team in The Amazing Race: All-Stars to not finish any leg in last place.

    • This was Danielle's first win. She has the record of going 17 legs before winning one.

    • Charla/Mirna and Danielle are the only teams in the All-Stars to never have used a Fast Forward or Yield in either their respective races or in the All-Stars.

    • Geographic Error: During the opening narration, Phil announces that Guam is an island in the South Pacific, which is incorrect. Located north of the equator at 13.5°N 144.5°E, Guam is located in the North Pacific.

    • Eric/Danielle became the first team to win The Amazing Race without winning a previous leg during the season. In addition, they are the first to win without using a Fast Forward or Yield during the season.

    • In the final task, one member of each team was required to answer questions about other teams, such as "Who is the least trustworthy?" Those answers were turned into numbers for a code that was input into a safe. Their teammate was then given the opportunity to match those answers and the safe would open if they matched the combination. If they were not able to complete the task within ten minutes, then they were simply given the clue. Eric and Danielle were the only team that succeeded in this task.

    • There was no Roadblock on this leg of the race.

    • Detour: Teams were given a Detour choice of either Under or Over. In Under, they required to search for a clue in an underwater cave. Dustin/Kandice and Eric/Danielle completed this task. In Over, they were required to travel to inlet and use paddleboards to make their way to a buoy. Charla/Mirna completed this task.

    • Dustin and Kandice finished the race in second. They are officially the highest-finishing all-female team in the history of the show, taking the title from Lyn and Karlyn, who finished third in the previous season.

    • Eric and Danielle are the official winners of The Amazing Race: All Stars.

    • Balance Sheet: Eric and Danielle moved up one place, going from second to first and winning the million dollars. Dustin and Kandice dropped one place, going from first to second. Charla and Mirna remained in third.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Eric and Danielle
      #2. Dustin and Kandice
      #3. Charla and Mirna

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