The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 13

Low to the Ground, That's My Technique

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • After a really entertaining season, what a dull and sickening end...

    Beauty Queens... Blondies... D&K... These AWESOME girls soooooo deserved to win. I watch a lot of reality television and rarely do competitors in these shows inspire much passion from me. But these girls, using extraordinary physical ability and, more importantly, such a positive attitude and great teamwork, were a joy to watch in back to back seasons. When I saw Eric and Danielle cross the finish line, I wanted to hurl my TV out the window and quite frankly, just hurl...

    As an episode, I thought this was the weakest of the season. What happened to the "2-hour Amazing Race Finale?" Those were exciting. This Finale showcased no real ability and since when did mind-melding of team members about who they despised most mean the difference in a million bucks? Disappointing and unfortunate. Dustin... Kandace... if you girls are reading this, all I can say is... I hope the exposure you have received from this show makes all of your dreams come true, and helps you two get that million dollars that was robbed from you. And also, if either of you is single (or both), lets hook up sometime!! :)
  • I'm glad Eric & Danielle won!

    Look it was OK but I must say this show is nothing like it used to be.

    Overall I'm disapointed with this season of the amazing race. The editing wasn't very good, some of the challenges were silly and easy, the teams racing in this season wern't very ideal and I'm sure there is more but I can't be bothered telling everything.
    This episode in particular was very good with the challenges though but there was NO Roadblock included which I was annoyed about. Every episode of this season just seems to have one mistake in it, except for Hong Kong leg which was perfect indeed.
    Honestly I have to admit the show is not like it used to be. It used to be fun, beautiful, suspenseful (still is but not as much) etc. Now the show just seems different from what it used to be but not in good way. It pretty much started feeling strange when Season 8 began but it has slowly gotten worse. I don't know but I'm just not keen on this show anymore. I liked it how Eric & Danielle won, that was the best part for all they've been through. If Dustin & Kandice had won, I'd be annoyed and would have scored this final as a 6.7 Fair. Sorry about these negative comments but I'm being honest here. It took too long to get into shape, meaning good. Dustin & Kandice played their best and so did Charla & Mirna. I reckon the show will start getting worse from now looking at the previous season along with parts of this one. Will Season 12 be any better??? Find out next year until then good bye...
  • The final leg.

    The whole season it seemed that most detours and road blocks were not very physical. In my opinion that is why Charla and Mirna made it this far. I liked them and actually wanted them to win so it annoyed me that during the last leg everything and I mean EVERYTHING was physical. Because of this The beauty queens and charla and mirna lost. I was very annoyed that "they" won.
  • It was a consistent series with an unexpected finish.

    I must say, I did not see the ending coming. I was sure the Beauty Queens would take it out, but they didn't. I suppose I'm happy that the winners were from my favourite season and also with the final task, not brains nor brawn, just testing your relationship with your teammate. All in all, this season was very enjoyable, with some of my favourite charcters coming back for what I would presume to be one last time. Some teams did better, some teams did considerably worse. I cannot wait until S12 and I hope that this season comes out on DVD.
  • The Final Leg!!!

    The Race started.... I wanted Dustin and Kandice to WIN.... Didn't mind if Eric and Danille won...BUT i did not want Charla and Mirna to win( because they are annoying)...

    All this season I wanted Dustin and Kandice to win... I also wanted D&C to win the last season that they were in... It was sorta a Upset but i was still happy that Eric and Danille Won!
    Dustin and Kandice cam 2 place!
    And Mirna and Charla came 3rd!

    I would have rather of seen another team that was in the final three instead of Mirna and Charla..

    But Mirna and Charla worked hard through the intire race so they deserved to be in the Final 3!
  • Very satisfied with the outcome

    It's amazing how this game can switch around. Charla and Mirna were in first place at the start, but when all the teams catch up it made no difference. That figuring out the combination task was tripping people up, but Danielle was the only one to figure hers out, and that's what helped her and Eric win !! The beauty Queens did come in a close second. So we are still without an all female team to win. I have to hand it to Charla and Mirna, they are real good about finding flights no one else could. That was pretty smart getting on that 7am flight the way they did. That paddling the little canoe was a serious challenge. Because I was watching I could tell they were moving, but I'm sure being they were doing the rowing it did not seem like they were moving much. I know their arms must have been hurting after that event. Looking forward to the next season when it starts to see the teams, and the wonderful destinations they will be going to.
  • brains win over beauty.

    Congratulations to eric and danielle on thier win.They proved that if the team uses thier wits together they can win. The old mint in san francisco is the downfall for the front running beauties who have a disagreement before this task and they do not answere as they think the other has, eventually the only team that thinked alike has won the race where the other 2 has spent 10 minutes each in frustration trying to resolve the puzzle. Congrats to the cousins Myrna ans Chirna who did better this time out and also the the beauty queens for finishing higher than any other all woman team. Can't wait till the fall for the next race.
  • All three teams do everything they can to get there first. Right up till the end all of the teams are very close.

    Besides the ending this was actually a pretty good episode. It was so exciting, and all the teams were really close until the end. I loved how Charla and Mirna were once again able to get on a great flight that no one knew about. It started to get you thinking that they may actually have a shot at winning it. I really liked how the charter flights were just 10 minutes apart. It kept the teams close but they were still trying to play catch up or keep their leads. The kayaking challenge was really intense and you could tell how badly all the teams wanted to do well. It was a bit of a disappointment that they all got on the same flight so close to the end of the race, but it defiantly made it exciting. I just didn’t like how these three teams had been trying to get in a good position for the last few legs and then it all came down to the last fifteen minutes. I kind of like the last task because it showed how well you knew your teammate, but maybe it should have tested them in something other then gossip. They did a good job making it seem like Dustin and Kandice could win it, but from watching enough of the past seasons I knew they were just getting our hopes up. This episode was really interesting, and it would have been great if another team had won.
  • Nail Biting right till the end

    In my opinion, this was probably one of the most nerve wrecking finales in any seasons of The Amazing Race. The three teams were neck to neck throughout the whole leg.

    Charla and Mirna were superb in the beginning of the leg, especially when they managed to get an earlier flight out of Tokyo to Hawaii. However, as expected, the physical challenges like the canoeing, always pose to be a problem for the girls. However, I am still impressed on how far these girls have gone in this race, against all odds.

    I thought Dustin and Kandice were the favourites to win the race but too bad about the final task. I guess luck was not on their side this time. They had been such strong competitors throughout the entire race. I guess the pressure was too much for them as we see them crack and had a minor meltdown with each other. Still, 2nd place is a fantastic finish for them.

    Eric and Danielle had always been targetted as a threat to most of the teams. After being Yielded twice in this race, they understandably deserved to win this race. Although we see a lot of bickering between the two lovebirds, they really showed that they can also communicate in a civilised way as they proved to be the only team to complete the final task. In addition, Eric's physical strength in the canoeing task helped catapulted them into the lead.

    Congrats to Eric and Danielle on winning the Amazing Race: All-Stars.
  • What a finish! Not the one I wanted, but still a classic. I hereby declare Dustin and Kandace the winners, as they were a real team that raced. In the finale there were fake boobs, fake accents and a fake team. In my opinion a real team should win.

    The race is a strength, smarts and luck. And in the final episode the luck of Eric and Danielle continued and they got through the final obstacle ahead of the other teams and won the race, and there was no strength or smarts involved. Sometimes it pays to be lucky.
    The final legs were incredible, going to Lanai and out in the surf in a kayak, diving and helicopter rides. It was worthy or the All Stars and the Amazing Race. One for the books. I can't wait until next season, to see where they go and what they will do next.
  • Oh noes, not *them*.

    I never *really* liked the beauty queens. I rooted for them in their original season because it would have been fun to see an all-girl team beat out the competition.

    I was actually really excited to see five out of six girls in the final three (most ever!) - and thought that this was girl-power time. But no, the obnoxious guy and his bimbo girlfriend had to win.

    That's how it always seems to go - my favourite team has never won a race (go Dave and Mary!). Maybe I'm due a favourite-win in season 12?

    Anyway, as an episode I thought it was average. From the moment they passed Charla and Mirna on the beach, the race was won - and I thought that was disappointing. Well done to Charla and Mirna for beating out the competition at the airport, I don't know what went so wrong for them to lose a 40 minute lead.

    Oh well - the show doesn't get old. I'm looking forward to season 12.
  • Not exactly the ending I was hoping for.

    I must first point out that all though I really hated the ending of this episode and I have been Eric and Danielle bashers since the beginning, all of you have to admit they did NOT deserve that million dollars. They fought constantly, were rude with the other teams (remember Joe and Bill?), didn't run the race together the first time around, and talked about just giving up numerous times. It just doesn't seem right to me that they got to even RACE again.

    Anyway, moving on to the episode. I'll admit I was half-bored with this episode. I loved that Charla and Mirna got on an earlier flight to Hawaii, but unfortunately for them the helicopter rides were only 10 minutes apart, giving the other teams a chance to play catch up. That detour looked like fun. I've actually been to Hawaii and the water is absolutely beautiful, so I am hoping that even though none of the teams said they enjoyed it, they really did. Charla and Mirna did the "paddle" thing, which almost looked like it would have been the smarter choice. Charla, of course, surpassed my expectations and did very well. Mirna whined something was wrong with her board. The other two teams did the swimming detour. Not too much drama except one of the Beauty Queens freaked out a bit. Claustrophobia sets in.

    Then the teams had to do a grueling boat exercise. Those waves looked rough. Amazingly, Eric and Danielle did very well. There was alittle bit of arguing, but all the teams argued on this one. Especialy the Beauty Queens. Mirna yells at Charla and asks if she's deaf. Tsk, tsk. The Beauty Queens get into it, but once again, I am reminded why I love these two so much: they make up after a bit of crying (and not the overly-dramatic crying thing). They both state they are very happy to be in the race together and wouldn't dream of doing it with anyone else.

    All the teams then catch the same flight to California. I was excited when the Beauty Queens got to the final task first. I was not surprised, however that Eric and Danielle finished first because Danielle has a big mouth. I also forgot to mention that although it is very common, I freaking hate gossip. So I hate that gossip is the thing that put them in the lead.

    That final taxi-ride sucked. I knew at that point that Eric and Dani were going to win it and I was very unhappy about it. As per my last week's review, I was waiting to have an aneurism. When they crossed that finish line though, I saw Rob and Amber and was a little happy that THEY didn't win it this time. You could actually see the aggrivation on Rob's face. It was like, "Dude, that should be me up there". Then when the Beauty Queens pulled up you could see the pain in their faces as they realized they weren't first. I feel for you girls, I really do. Charla and Mirna were third. I love Charla and part of me wishes that they had won the race because even though the team has been overly-dramatic and Mirna is a nagging whiner, they really did work hard for it. Plus, I think I would have pretty much rather seen anyone but Eric and Dani take it (except of course Rob and Amber).

    In the end, Eric and Danielle do not deserve that million (although the phone call to Jeremy was quite amusing)! It's just too bad that America can't vote who gets the million like American Idol (oh wait, that voting system is bullcrap too). Sorry, I don't mean to be hating on reality shows, it's just that so many other teams worked so much better together and deserve that million more.

    Oh well, until next season: Let's just hope a deserving teams wins it next time.
  • A fitting finale... Great finish to a great race!

    To start, I was actually rooting for Danielle and Eric. I guess that started when they were Yielded for the second time... they took on an "underdog" quality that I liked. And I think it's only fitting that they won, seeing as they were the only team to actually COMPLETE the final Roadblock.

    And if Eric and Danielle were my favourites to win, then Charla and Mirna were a very close second. For the very same reason as before... the underdog factor. Dustin and Kandace were by far the strongest team left in the final three, and they put in a very good effort. I was a little surprised to see the spat between the two after the Detour.

    All in all a great race, right down to the very end!
  • Jump the Shark in the end

    Everything was going great into the very end as I
    Was a bit disappointed since Eric & Danielle, who both
    Did nothing but complained and whined, won it. When I thought the Blondies aka Dustin & Kandice should had won. But at least, they made it higher in the final three of the all-female team. And that is something to be proud of. Despite not liking Charla & Mirna, you have to give them credit, especially to Charla. For really playing it hard. As she is one tough person for someone like her.
  • I'm a little disappointed in this season, but even if they team I was rooting against won, it was an okay finale.

    11 teams returning from previous seasons competed in this race, and this episode determined the winnner. They didn't exactly choose all the best teams, but most of them were All-Star quality. What was more disappointing was overall ease of tasks compared to previous seasons. You'd think an All-Star season be, well, an all-star season. To me, this indicates the task designers and itinerary planners are running low on ideas. It's not totally surprising since such a concept can only be fresh for so long. The finale was still a step up from that, though. I was on the edge of my seat when Dustin and Kandice had an excellent taxi driver, because after all, taxis are what determined last season's winner. I was almost sure they would edge out Eric and Danielle for first, but sadly, that was not to be.
  • Review

    I thought the episode was good, jusyt thought it couldh ave been a little lionger. I really dont agree with the fact that the winners of "All Star" version wasnt even a team when they raced in there perspective season, I really wish D\=K would have won considering they were without a doubt the strongest team. Props to Danielle for coming through when it mattered and getting the couple minute lead that they needed. The race wasnt too close, but I thought overall it was a good finale. Everyone was together when they arrived in san fransisco and I thought that the last challnege was one of the best ones to finsih off the show. I think Danielle and Eric worked very well to get to the million dollers, I just wish it would have went to an actual team.