The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 7

Move Goat

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on CBS
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The seven remaining teams depart from the Kumbali Village in Lilongwe, Malawi and travel by bus to the town of Salima, where their Roadblock awaits. One team member has to use a bicycle taxi, called kabaza, to take a passenger carrying fish to one of three different addresses. After completing this, they must go to Lake Malawi and do the Detour tasks: they must join the 'Dugout' canoe race and use a traditional canoe, they have to paddle out to pass the drummer, and paddle back to the shore in order to receive their next clue. Teams also may choose to 'Lugout' eight passengers, two boxes of cabbages, two bundles of sugar cane, two brooms, one chair, and one fan from ferry to the shore. Succeeding in doing the tasks, teams must search Jamaica Shop and face the first Double U-Turn. After deciding which teams should be U-Turned, they must walk all the way to the seventh Pit Stop: Sunbird Livingstonia Beach.


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  • why wear torch lights on your head in the day time ??

    why does cindy shave/pluck her eyebrows so much ?

    why are these teams making so many stupid mistakes ?

    so what if team snowboarder have won 5 times 3 of those times are down to other teams making mistakes, i say keep winning as they are consistant don't fight, don't moan, they don't throw a temper trantrum cos another team is ahead of them... seriously you people got issues...

    teams who don't work together well do not deserve to win anything...

    yes jen showing her iq level... forgets clue, stands around for ages whinging talking rubbish before 'being told' to go back to the wasn't even thinking about going back but staying put, suddenly she decided to go back ? yeah is gay ? wow totally didn't see that coming /sarcasm....

    the u turn now uses 4 ipads ??

    zac n daddio u turn the team ahead of them ?? oops

  • It was a superb leg! This 19th installment is getting better and better!

    After spending one night in Kumbali Village, teams continue racing in Malawi where they must headed to town of Salima. I was so glad that everybody got on the same bus, so they all were in a same position.

    The Roadblock was decent. Teams must use a bicycle taxi to take one passenger to three different locations. It's not that hard, actually, but with hot temperature, teams started to get tired. It's getting more thrilling with Andy's bike pedal and Jennifer's clue. I don't know what Jennifer thought at that time by waiting the other teams. It's as if she were possessed or something like that. However, I'm glad that Cathi didn't have any problem with bicycle task. She said that she loved bicycle, back on Leg 3, and she really enjoyed that task.

    The Speed Bump was okay with me. At least, it's better than unkink rope or wash the elephant. It's a good thing Marcus raced with her wife. They are balanced team, either good inphysicalthing or mind thing.

    The Detour was also great. I prefer to do the Dugout since Lugout was pretty tough for me. It's amazing how Amani & Marcus could manage it well. Bill & Cathi surprised me again with their ability to paddling the canoe. I like when Sandy said that Bill & Cathi once again put her & Jeremy on a shame.

    I don't know what's wrong with the teams, but Laurence & Zac also lost their idea. They bumped into Amani & Marcus, yet they still insist to U-Turn Amani & Marcus.

    The race to Pit Stop is so heart-dropping. My heart stopped beating when I watch that footrace. Congratulations for Andy & Tommy for obtaining their fifth victory.

    I really love all teams now, so it's a sad thing to see Jennifer & Justin got eliminated. They are a strong team, and they were not annoying as before.

    Another Double U-Turn ahead? Are you serious? Looks like Cindy will take her revenge, and I guess she will U-Turn Andy & Tommy (but it will be too obvious, right?). We're headed to Copenhagen next week. Can't wait for it! Go Bill & Cathi! Beat those young people!moreless
  • Great episode! SPOILERS AHEAD

    Thoughts on Teams (Placement Order) :

    1st - Andy & Tommy : I dislike them so much, probably hate them. I discovered in this episode how greedy they are. They were mean to steal Ernie & Cindy's 1st place finish.

    2nd - Ernie & Cindy : I still don't get why people hate them so much. I've read that people think Ernie lacks a personality, so what? They play fair and stay mostly calm (at other times, Cindy freaks out) throughout the race. I really felt bad for them losing the 1st place finish. Andy & Tommy were just smiling at Cindy exhausted from running. Ernie & Cindy deserved the win. I didn't get how Ernie & Cindy didn't even U-Turn Andy & Tommy who have won like 2/3 of the race! And Cindy seemed like she wanted to U-Turn Andy & Tommy so bad.

    3rd - Bill & Cathi : Their low amount of screentime in this episode makes me worry they're getting eliminated next time. (Just my thoughts) xD. They continued to play strong and they scored a finish in the Top 3!

    4th - Amani & Marcus : They just eat up the screentime way too much. They are my favorites, but I think the editors are giving them way too many screentime. It's a possibility they're making it to the F4 or F3, but it's just too much. Nice catch-up!

    5th - Laurence & Zac : I now get this team's personality. Laurence is the rude annoying father while Zac is just being let down. I feel bad for Zac, because Laurence IS very mean to Zac, and Zac always listens to him. Poor Zac. And they were dumb to U-Turn Amani & Marcus, whether they were ahead or behind.

    6th - Jeremy & Sandy : As usual, they never really get screentime. They may have gotten more than 2 minutes of screentime last few legs, but they still just never get any screentime. Their bickering is so minor, I don't say they're annoying.

    7th (Last) - Justin & Jennifer : After the Roadblock, it was predictable they were getting eliminated in this leg. I began to like them after they stopped fighting. However, I just thought Jennifer was so dumb at the Roadblock, seriously. She was waiting for another team to see their clue, but the only "another team" could really be Amani & Marcus. I was a little sad they got eliminated, especially since they deserved 1st place last leg. Besides their fighting, they're an amazing team.

    Thoughts on Tasks :

    Speed Bump : A pretty awkward Speed Bump, those puzzles where you slide the pieces (I don't know what they're called). Even though it seemed a little easy, I think it was a pretty unfair one. Those kind of puzzles drive you crazy and Amani & Marcus seemed to waste some time on that. Well, that's what Speed Bumps are meant for, no purpose, just to waste time.

    Roadblock : Interesting, I liked it better than last leg's Roadblock.

    Detour : I remember Dugout but not the other one's name, so I don't know what Detour Dugout belongs to. Anyway, I thought the Detour with the canoes was better and it included patience. I thought the other Detour choice with getting objects/passengers from the boat was more physical and a little harder. I would've gone with the canoes Detour.

    Double U-Turn : Worst Double U-Turn. No suspense at all as no one was technically U-Turned.

    In my opinion, the Race needs to plan more extra tasks/Route infos, rather than just going to destinations, doing Roadblocks and Detours, and running to the Pit Stop.

    They need more footraces like Ernie & Cindy and Andy & Tommy's. However, it didn't end the way I wanted it to. :(

    There were big gaps in between teams in this episode, I hope everyone catches up into a group.moreless
  • Absolutely terrific episode! Best of the season thus far (goes without saying)!!!s (Spoilers ahead!)

    Well this was certainly an episode to remember, as it was really great! I loved having the equaliser at the beginning, and thank God that Amani & Markcus made it in time, other wise the whole leg would've been pretty dull (not to mention very disappointing).

    As for th e Raodlblock, I really enjoyed it. THere was a lot of room for error, and a lot of drama with Jennifer's clue and Andy's bike pedal! Jennifer should've gone to the start immediately after losing the clue (or realising that she ha d left the clue at the start) - waiting was not a good idea, and it was a very costly one (I'm talking $1,000,000 costly).

    As for the Speed Bump, this was the best Speed Bump since they created that penalty! It was difficult, bust not overly difficult. It didn't waste too much time, yet it actually had the potential to waste a lot of time if teams were not smart - compared with the tasks that merely involved sitting for 10minutes in a Saunabus or on ice - which were quite stupid Speed Bumps in my opinion.

    At the Detour was the best part of the leg definitely. The 'Dugout' would've been my choice, as was the case with six sevenths of the cast. I thought 'Lugout' was way too hard, but Amani & Marcus did absolutely spectacularly at the chalenge - very impressive!

    The Double U-Turn appeared - I can't believe Luarence & Zac were actually stupid enough to use the U-Turn on a team that they just saw leaving th e village and they definitely should've attacked Jeremy & Sandy - although I'm personally glad the U-Turn wasn't used to any major effect, as Jeremy & Sandy are great.

    The Express Pass was wasted by Ernie & Cindy. They were in control, and they used it to simply get first place - I don't agree with the logic, because they could be in trouble on the next leg and need it, whereas today they might've slipped down a few spots, but they certainly were safe.

    I was glad Andy & Tomy outran them, although theire winning is getting a tad boring. It made the Use of the Express Pass go from a bad decision to a complete waste!

    My opinions of the teams hasn't changed much sicne last week, although I'm definitely getting rather tired of Laurence's screaming sessions at his son. He's definitely extremelty rude and exceptionally controlling and I think it is getting rather annoying.

    All up, absolutely terrific episode! can't wait for spectacular Denamrk next week - and another DOuble U-Turn!!!smoreless

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