The Amazing Race

Season 7 Episode 8

Mow'em Down Like Grass

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on CBS
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The teams travel from their Pit Stop at the Khwai River Lodge to Lucknow, India, taking a series of flights: some prescheduled and some that they have to schedule themselves. Some teams stick with the pack and secure a later flight, while two less-liked teams manage to make their way onto a slightly earlier flight. Once in Lucknow, the teams all choose not to Yield each other and then do a Roadblock that involves searching heavy steel boxes for one of ten clues. Some teams get lucky and find them quickly, while one has a real time of it, but makes it out okay in the end. The teams face a Detour with a choice of Solid or Liquid. All teams pass on Solid, which involves smashing coal and instead choose Liquid, which requires them to make tea deliveries to five people at a local business. As one team lags behind, they receive a standing ovation when they reach the Detour clue. A surprise waits for the teams as they make their way to a location after they receive a clue telling them to meet Phil at the mat.moreless

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  • This is the first time where teams reach the pit stop but discover that it's not the pit stop and that the leg isn't over

    Every episode just seems to be better than the one before!

    The five remaining teams started in Botswana where they left off receiving their next clue which instructed them to fly to the country of India. So far every episode that has visited India proves to be the more difficult ones!

    I thought this episode was cool like how teams had to find a clue hidden in only 5 of many closed baskets for a Roadblock and how Meredith and Gretchen found it very complicated which made me hope withen all my heart that they'd finish in the top four or come in last but only if it was a non-elimination leg( which it should be by now) so that they would still be in the race and prove to the world that older people can be capable of this!

    I was a bit annoyed that there was Yield on this leg but wasn't used( for the second time). The Detour was very confusing for the teams which made me hope even if it was a 1 of 10 chance that Rob and Amber would finally be Eliminated or possibly stripped of all their things. But in the end something even better happened to Romber when Phil told 'em that this leg is NOT over( a bit like Season 6's double leg) which gave last place Meredith and Gretchen a bit of hope!

    A great result which will keep us in even MORE suspense to find out who will really be going home or not?moreless
  • This is the first time that the show created a cliffhanger by using the mat as a non-Pit Stop. The suspence was killing to see the teams realizing that the leg was not yet over.moreless

    Teams completed a grueling leg to meet Phil at the mat only to realize that the leg was not yet over. This was the first cliffhanger since season 6 in which the episode didn't end where the leg ended. Season 6 was different since the reason why the leg didn't end was because a team was lagging far behind. This was different. It was intentional. It provided great television.
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano

Runner Up with Amber (Season Seven)

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich

Runner Up with Rob (Season Seven)

Lynn Warren

Lynn Warren

Eliminated 7th with Alex (Season Seven)

Alex Ali

Alex Ali

Eliminated 7th with Lynn (Season Seven)

Uchenna Agu

Uchenna Agu

Winner with Joyce (Season Seven)

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  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Roadblock: One team member was required to search through more than 600 different-sized tin boxes for one of ten containing the next clue. Alex, Amber, Kelly, Uchenna and Gretchen completed this task for their respective teams.

    • As seen in the next episode, the teams arrived to the "non-Pit Stop" mat to recieve their next clue from Phil in the following order:

      #1. Rob & Amber.
      #2. Ron & Kelly.
      #3. Uchenna & Joyce.
      #4. Lynn & Alex.
      #5. Meredith & Gretchen.

    • No team was eliminated in this episode, as the leg did not end and there was no Pit Stop. At the end of the episode, only Rob and Amber had arrived at the roof of the Charbaugh Multiflats, where Phil made an previously unheard-of mid-leg appearance to tell them personally that they had not reached the Pit Stop and handed them a clue to their next destination. The Route Info with the clue that directed teams to Phil contained, for the first time ever, no information whether their next destination would provide another clue or be the Pit Stop.

    • Yield: The second of three Yields was available in this episode, but no team chose to use it, meaning it has not yet been used this season.

    • There was no Fast Forward in this episode. The first of two was used by the now eliminated Ray and Deana earlier in the race.

    • This is the second time an episode has ended before the leg is completed.

    • This is the first time the mat has been used for a non-Pit Stop. Therefore, this is also the first time there is no greeter at the mat.

    • Balance Sheet: All teams remain their placement from the start of the leg.

    • Detour:
      No team chose "Solid", where they would've travelled a mile to a coal depot, smashed and loaded 175 lbs. onto a flatbed tricycle, and delivered it 4 blocks to get the next clue.
      All teams chose "Liquid", where they travelled three miles to a tea shop and pushed a tea cart to an office building 100 yards away. Once there, they had to deliver five cups of tea, then return the cart to get their next clue.

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