The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 8

My Cheese is Out of Control

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Clever, and definitely an improvement over Botswana

    Unlike many, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this leg in Switzerland. It's not common TAR just as a review below mentions, but I enjoyed the Swiss Alps in Eiger where the teams raced during this leg.

    The switchback task with the Cheese rolling down the hill was nothing spectacular, considering everything was covered with ice. The Roadblock and Detour weren't that exciting but I enjoyed the competitive dynamics between the teams this leg.

    Overall, an improvement over the Botswana legs but not one of the great's.
  • A great big advertisement for the Swiss railway system, but not much else.

    I am just baffled. This is one of the most un-TAR TAR episodes I have ever seen, if that makes any sense. The whole episode was basically taking trains to places. There was almost nothing else. There was no Detour, and very few non-Detour legs ever turn up good. The Roadblock was simply traversing a plank. Not exciting.

    I don't understand. What happened to the tasks? They just took trains, delivered cheese and checked in, pretty much. What was the point of the dogs? What was the point of any of it?

    The only good thing was the beautiful scenery. Switzerland was breathtaking, especially in the middle of winteer. Stunning!

    The penalty that was assessed was absurb. I'm sorry, but every team on TAR14 was doing it that way, so if you're going to change the rules, don't call it a Switchback as far as I'm concerned. Horrible.

    Very underwhelming episode. Can we actually have some tasks next week? What a waste of a Switzerland leg.