The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 4

No Babies on the Race!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on CBS
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Eight All-Stars teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Playa Petrohue and receive a clue instructing them to fly 800 miles to Punta Arenas, Chile and then take taxi fifteen miles to Lord Lansdale's shipwreck. The teams arrive on two flights and take part in a Detour, where lack of attention-to-detail allows teams on a later flight to catch up to teams that had gained a lead. One team experiences a near-meltdown during the Detour, but regroups and rallies by switching tasks. Meanwhile, a previous top team finds itself falling behind. The teams take two charter flights leaving three hours apart and find themselves faced with a Roadblock that requires one member of each team to sort through mail. As reward, each team receives a message from a past team, some negative and some positive. One team lies to another, hoping to gain an advantage. This team, however, is ultimately unable to recover from falling behind and is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • justice is served

    ha romber are out, their downfall rob thinking he knows everything and acting on it giving amber no choice, to mis spell a country thats on a map is pretty idiotic..

    and then to lie to other teams and even make jokes about them behind their backs and then to assume you can out run them ?

    pure asshole. and i question why people like these types ?? funny in some ways but down right nasty evil and moraly bankrupt..

    the words 'over confidence' spring to mind, he got so big headed and rapped up in other teams drama they forget themselves. plus the smack he talks is all wind and piss no substance... when the chips are down if he can't bribe /cheat or steal his way through he is lost....

    other teams did well and got stuck in,, i tihnk mirna needs to chill out, always screaming at charla when it's physical and yet she's surprised by her being slow or struggles with stuff but darn she tries way more than some of the drama queens on this show, for example picking up ...

    there is no doubt romber have skills as do other teams who are 'way nicer' and actually play there have been other countless teams philiminated on one bad why should romber get any more sympathy ? they had it all they won three freaking prizes for firsts and they already won a show/million previous seasons all you romber ass kissers can go cry in to your cerials...

  • Best episode!

    WOW! The more exciting episode ever. I have to say I really enjoy rob and amber,it's very interesting what they do to arrive first at the end of each leg, they are the best racers of the show with no dude, but it was great when they were eliminated, they deserved it...

    The rest of the episode was great, we remember teams of past seasons, we know a beatiful country and we can see tension and frienships between teams.I only hope that beauty queens do her best and they don't be eliminated, they are my favourite team last and present season. El mejor capítulo hasta el momento.

    Sorry, my english is very poor.moreless
  • It was a decent episode with a great ending

    Last weeks episode was a huge improvement over the first two because of the suspense and challenges teams faced, this episode however was pretty good, more clues appeared and the bickering starts but I'd honestly say that the previous was better...

    The fourth leg began in Chile and the first clue instructed teams to find a ship anchored somewhere where the next clue would be waiting.

    Once again positions on the first flight became a real issue especially for Romber. The next clue was a Detour, Navigate or sign? The navigating was by far the easier of the two and because Romber decided to keep on going with the build, It caused their downfall. The other teams continued on to Argentina! I love that place, haven't seen it since Season 7. There was a clue telling the teams to catch a boat ride over to the other side of the river, some teams had trouble finding the clue such as Teri & Ian and Romber. Charla accused Amber of lying to her about the directions which gave her one HELL of a shock!!!

    "Roadblock" was to find a letter written to the teams from another team in their first season. This is a list of people who wrote to the 8 teams:

    1. Susan & Patrick (Season 7) to Romber and Uchenna & Joyce

    2. Jeremy & Dani (Season 9) to Eric & Danielle

    3. Blake & Paige (Season 2) to Oswald & Dani

    4. Frank & Margarita (Season 1) to Team Guido

    5. I forgot who wrote to Charla & Mirna

    6. Can't remember who wrote to Dustin & Kandice

    7. Flo & Zach (Season 3) wrote to Teri & Ian!!!! I hated Flo!

    That was nice for the teams to write to the teams racing on thi season! The next clue was the Pit stop, "last team to check in may be Eliminated". It was Rob & Amber's downfall but they just laughed! WHAT THE! I thought they'd be "OH NO!" But overall It was still good and I'd say it's: "Another great installment". The next episode appears to have a good score of 9.1! I'll be looking forward to that!

    With a twist involved at the very end.moreless
  • The race continues Rob keeps running his mouth and this time when he forgets to engage brain, good things happen, Ramber get eliminated. Great TV. Contrary to the way it was shown on TV, Rob and Amber finished 10-15 minutes behind Charla and Mirna.moreless

    I have read all the other reviews before starting mine. Many of them have great points. As someone who has seen each episode of every season at least twice, except the finale of last year which I still have not watched in full didn't care who won as long as it was not Lyn and Karly, I see if there are not little things in them that will later come into play. I do not mean in the same episode but a statement or reaction in one episode will have meaning 2 legs later.

    Rob your cockiness wore me our in All Stars, got me nauseous in the first Amazing Race and this time was pure torture. Yes you and Amber won a million dollars on Survivor and you finished second previously and cried all over TV how American Airlines and CBS deliberately screwed you. What are you going to say this time, they should be held responsible because you cannot spell or read the instructions. And the roadblock, you did not look at each piece of mail, you could have very well missed the first piece with your name on it. And for the one reviewer that seemed to imply that Charla/Mirna got special help in the sorting room get real.

    Rob you and Amber lost, maybe blame your teacher for you being unable to spell, but I think you should look in the mirror and be mature enough to say I screwed up, but then you are not that mature yet, and probably never will. That is one reason you will never be a world class poker player, you do not have all the skills, there are immature brats on that tour like you but they have real talent which you also lack.

    I was surprised at the detour, the map with the compass would have been the one I would have taken, but then having to navigate through parts of the world with a map and a compass with people shooting at me was hard, take away the jungle or the dense forest and their guns and put me in a metropolitan city it becomes a no brainer.

    The roadblock with notes from prior racers was interesting, and some of the notes were from only one member of a team, like Lyn and Frank, not Lyn/Karly and Frank/Margaruite I guess the teams were not talking. My favorite one was when Rob opened and read his hoping that they were in last place facing elimination, how appropriate.

    I do not feel sorry for Rob and Amber they got more money in appearance fee that the second place team will win, if not more than the winner. I will not miss his attitude and I think the race will be much better without them. It will be much closer and in some instances get much nastier.

    One of the reviewers noted that of the remaining teams left each one was from a different season, I had not thought about that but then I feel that is a good thing. Who do I think will win, I really do not know. But here are my thoughts

    Team Cha Cha Cha smart, at home in Spanish speaking countries, well traveled, not very physical

    Team Guido smart, well traveled, prone to make mistakes by not reading clues and acting too quickly.

    Dustin/Kandice smart overall but they do make some blonde mistakes but can over come a lot of them by asking for help and being pretty, physically strong

    Team Kahuna smart, traveled, annoying and prone to Ian making up his mind too quickly and making mistakes

    Uchenna/Joyce smart, do not count them out, they make mistakes but he has the strength to over come them and she is right there with them, could be a winner

    Combo team it is a long date, they are not quite there as a team but are a physical presense, but think they are not a leader, I do not think they will win

    Charla/Mirna smart, if they ever get out of South America may have a chance to use their language skills, but alas the worst team in the physical sense and that will eventually be their downfall. Yes they are annoying but with Rob/Amber gone they are good TV.

    Which one will win, any team can, the top 5 will be in final 5 in my opinion and anything can happen. I was watching the DVD of the first Rob/Amber race a few weeks ago and when Uchenna is out trying to sell a kidney to pay his taxi driver and you see Rob and Amber bearing down on them with all the TV drama in the world, the group at the finish line are saying no Rob and Amber, no Rob and Amber, that was my mantra for the race, no Rob and Amber to win.moreless
  • From the pit stop at Playa Petrohue, teams had to catch a plane to travel to Chile for their Detour and Roadblock. The sequence was caught in the middle of the puzzle due to flight schedules and tasks.moreless

    It's quite obvious that most viewers poised a happy face with devilish smirk having seen Rob and Amber's humiliating exit. From the top, they stumbled at the bottom of the pit on the 4th episode causing them their downfall from the $1M race. But I'm not one of them. I was disheartened by this event. I didn't want "Romber" to end their stint so early, especially not with easy tasks. Rob may be (possibly is) sneaky with his moves. He may have lied several times to the other teams. But hey! That's part of his strategy. Face it! Clean competition is balanced by dirty tricks. Admittedly, he has been unruly to others, whether intentionally or not. But he and Amber keeps everybody in his toes. Everybody knows how competitive these two are, so they do almost every possible way to topple them down. "Romber" adds life to the Amazing Race, they make the race exceptionally exciting.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Rob and Amber received a letter from Susan and Patrick from the seventh season for their Roadblock. Rob revealed later that he didn't even remember who Susan and Patrick were until they got home and looked it up on the Internet.

    • So far, this is Danielle's highest finish ever. She only finished as high as eighth in the ninth season (with Dani).

    • Rob and Amber finished in eighth (and last) on this leg, the lowest they've ever finished. Their previous lowest finish was fifth place, which occurred on the third and fifth legs of the seventh season. Additionally, their eighth-place finish marks Amber's lowest reality show finish. Previously, it was her sixth-place finish in Survivor: Australian Outback.

    • Roadblock: The Roadblock in this episode required one member of each team to take on the duties of a postal worker. That member was required to sort through 1,600 envelopes, searching for one of two letters addressed to his or her team. Each letter was written to them by another team from their original season. Oswald and Danny received a letter from Blake and Paige. Eric and Danielle received a letter from Jeremy and Dani. Teri and Ian received a letter from Flo and Zach. Joe and Bill received a letter from Frank Mesa of Frank and Margarita. Dustin and Kandice received a letter from Lyn of Lyn and Karlyn. Charla and Mirna received a letter from Marshall and Lance. Both Uchenna and Joyce and Rob and Amber received a letter from Susan and Patrick.

    • Detour: Teams in this episode were given a Detour choice of either Navigate it or Sign It. In Navigate It, teams were required to navigate by map to a town plaza and then use a compass to find the Nautilus Building. In Sign It, they chose a pole and building supplies and then built a traditional local signpost featuring the cities visited on the legendary journey of Ferdinand Magellan, making sure to spell all cities correctly. Eric/Danielle, Teri/Ian, Oswald/Danny, and Joe/Bill all opted to complete Navigate It. Rob/Amber struggled in Detour. Rob didn't spell Philippines correctly, instead, he wrote it as Philipeans. So, after spending a good 30 minutes in their task, they opted to shift to Navigate it. Uchenna/Joyce had difficulty at first. They didn't know where Ferdinand Magellan came from. They thought he started his journey in Guam. But, it was from Seville, his starting and finish point. Nevertheless, Uchenna and Joyce successfully completed Sign It. Rob/Amber, Dustin/Kandice, and Charla/Mirna, who initially selected Sign It, got frustrated with the task and they all ended up choosing to complete Navigate It.

    • Balance Sheet: Oswald and Danny rose from fifth to first. Eric and Danielle rose from third to second. Teri and Ian also gained ground, moving up from sixth to third. Joe and Bill gained three positions, rising from seventh to fourth. Dustin and Kandice fell from fourth place to fifth. Uchenna and Joyce dropped from second place to sixth. Charla and Mirna rose from eighth place to seventh. Rob and Amber plummeted from first place to last and were eliminated from the race.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Oswald and Danny (Prize: Trip for two to Maui, Courtesy Travelocity)
      #2. Eric and Danielle
      #3. Teri and Ian
      #4. Joe and Bill
      #5. Dustin and Kandice
      #6. Uchenna and Joyce
      #7. Charla and Mirna
      #8. Rob and Amber (ELIMINATED)

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