The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 10

Not a Well-Rounded Athlete

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • One Great Episode

    This was by far the best of the season so far.

    It was even better than last week's leg in the Netherlands, and it was nice to see a very unique European location that has never been seen yet.

    Honestly I do wonder where the hell they find these people, as this season's cast may be one of the all time worst they have ever had. Even so, I really enjoyed this Spanish leg. The Detour was the real shining light, as was Barcelona views and sights. The tasks were a bit easy I admit but I can't really complain.

    It was the last non-elimination leg of the season which was expected, but it was a nice set up for the 2 hour season finale next week to be making a visit to Loire Valley, France for the penultimate leg. I hope the chips win.

    Overall, terrific leg and a nice return to form, but SERIOUSLY what the HELL was up with that 'fake' Pit Stop greeter?!! That was pathetic