The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 12

Oh My God, The Teletubbies Go To War

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Triho de Taipa Pequena 2000, receiving a clue to fly 7,500 miles to the island of Guam, then drive nine miles to Anderson Air Force Base. A struggle for flights results in one team only narrowly making it onto the first flight to Guam with the other three teams. Once at the Air Force Base, the teams are escorted by naval officers to a control tower, where they receive a clue for a Detour in which they can choose to test their mettle at cleaning, or dare for some high-flying. On the way to the next task at the U.S. Naval Base, one team finds itself lost and needs local help in order to locate the destination. As other teams complete the Roadblock task, they fall behind. Still behind as others are struggling to complete the Roadblock task, a search-and-rescue, they try their best, but fear elimination. In the end, they are ultimately unable to catch up and check in last at the Pit Stop, Fort Soledad, and are eliminated from the race. The final three teams are left to race in the finale for the one million dollar prize.moreless

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  • It was average, I was expecting more out the episode that would determine the final three (meaning this one).

    The whole season has had it's ups and downs. But the last two episodes were great! Packed with action, entertainment and suspense.

    After last weeks surprise non-elimination leg it was definite that this leg would be the last for someone but the competitiveness of this leg was rather poor.

    I didn't mind this one but I've seen better like the previous two episodes which were awesome! The amount of clues for different tasks were a bit short again probably because of the purchasing of airline tickets to get to Guam. The teams raced their guts to get into the final three and it was very interesting to see what each team would do to get in.

    The Roadblock was funny, Charla kept touching the screen while the guy helping told her not to. The Detour earlier on was nice. I would've chosen the washing one though. Oswald & Danny were pretty much in last place throughout the entire leg anyway. They became the last team to be eliminated from the game.

    Now we're left with our final three! Who will win TAR: All-Stars? It has been an average season but this final should be exciting, Can't wait! Overall this was just an average episode of Tar, not bad still good.moreless
  • the beauty queens show thier stuff

    Well the final 3 teams have been decided and team beauty wants to use thier charms on a drill sargeant and find that in the real world brute sometimes beats beauty. Charla nad her partner take the easier of the two detour tasks and wind upin third spot, they show perserverance wins good job. Danielle and eric could have won if danielle didn't keep losing her head during the roadblock. I think that if all three of these teams were out in thew wild with a gps system they all be in serious trouble. Wonder where the final finish line is this year, great begining to a greater ending for this race.moreless
  • The teams go to Guam, where they learn about what it is like to be in the military

    I liked how most everything in this episode dealt with the military. It was cool to see a theme for the episode and it was really neat to see the military tasks. I especially liked the roadblock where they had to find the wounded solider. This seemed complicated and it was interesting to see who did well at it. I feel like they did a good job making the race to the finish interesting. Because some of the teams got lost, I was not sure who would come in last. The beginning of the episode was really good. It was really exciting to see Danny and Oswald running to see if they made the planes. This episode really set us up for an exciting finale next week.moreless
  • Just your average episode of TAR.

    This episode pulled out no shockers for me. Probably because I was a goof and read the spoilers. But anyway, I thought this episode was just average, as nothing incredibly exciting happened. I didn't see Danny/Ozzy coming last because Ozzy seemed to be doing good in the roadblock where Danielle (hot as she may be) was struggling and I think it was probably her and Eric's time to go. We'll see how the teams go next week. I don't think Dustin and Kandice will win because they seem to have a fight in the preview, which the have never done and will probably lead to a team meltdown. I predict Charla and Mirna to get along, worry only about themselves and win the $1 mil.moreless
  • Well this should be interesting....

    First, I would like to request a moment of silence to mourn the loss of my favorite team EVER on this race. Ok, moment's over. Hate to say it, but I knew from the beginning that Cha Cha was doomed. But at least they went out with a good sense of humor.

    We start out with all the teams catching a Ferry (I think there ended up being 3 different ferry's, I don't know, I was distraught knowing that Oswald and Danny were gonners from the beginning). Everyone catches the same flight to Guam and the teams pursue the Detour on the US Air Force Base. Everyone but one team chose the cleaning of the plane (which looked like a b!tch to hat is off to those guys that do it every day). Charla and Mirna load up a care package (although to say it was actually loaded with care by those two is a load of crap). They ended up in last place after everyone finished the plane wash. Mirna begs the pilot to fly the plane faster. I can't even express the loathing I have for her. Even though they were behind all the other teams, Charla and Mirna somehow managed to get to the next point of the race BEFORE Cha Cha (but after Dustin and Kandice and Eric and Danielle)! Roadblock. Apparently Eric has done all of his Roadblocks (yay, maybe the last roadblock will be to hard to Danielle and they won't win!!) so Danielle has to do this one. She whines the whole way through it. Team Drama Queen always has some kind of moaning and crying to do.

    The Roadblock: another search and rescue thing (remember the snow beacon a few episodes that but in the forest...). I would have been totally lost, and again my hat is off to the Air Force, the Army, or anyone at all in the military who does that kind of stuff on a day to day basis. Charla gets yelled at numerous times for "touching her screen". Ha ha ha.

    Everyone finishes the roadblock (but not before poor Charla does another face plant) and it's off to the finish line. By now I'm completely distraught. My poor gay boys. I've been pulling from them since day one. But I think they are one of the first teams (besides Uchenna and Joyce) who sincerely bowed out of the race with good humor and genuine love for each other.

    So: we have 3 teams left to fight it out. I really want to see the Blondes take it all the way. They have worked their butts off (and yes, they have been conniving, but still...they know how to play the game and deserve that million more then the other two teams left). I wouldn't be heartbroken if Charla and Mirna won it just because I'd rather see them take it over Eric and Danielle. If Team Drama Queen wins yall, I'm gonna have an aneurism....

    So for now: GO BARBIES GO!!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Departure Times: The teams departed from the Pit Stop and began this leg of the race at the following times:

      Dustin and Kandice: 2:15 A.M.
      Charla and Mirna: 2:50 A.M.
      Eric and Danielle: 3:06 A.M.
      Oswald and Danny: 4:37 A.M.

    • Oswald and Danny is the only team in the All-Stars to have the same overall finish as in their previous race.

    • Oswald and Danny had 4 last place finishes, 2 in their original season and 2 in the all-star season. They tie with Joe/Bill and David/Mary for most last place finishes. However, unlike the previous two team, Oswald and Danny had 4 outright last place finishes.

    • With only one male and five females remaining, this is the second season to have less males than females in the final three, the first being season eight, which had five males and seven females.

    • The elimination of Danny and Oswald leaves Eric the only male left in the race.

    • Eric and Danielle are the second team to make it into the top 3 without winning a leg. The first team was Lyn and Karlyn in the tenth season.

    • For the first time in the history of the show, two all-female teams have made the final three. This is the highest number of all-female teams to ever make it this far in the race.

    • Roadblock: Teams were given the clue "Who's ready to search far and wide?" to help determine who should complete this Roadblock. In this task, one member of each team was required to use a GPS device to find a naval officer. The naval officer then inputted coordinates in to the GPS for a landing zone. Once there, the racer was to then send a smoke signal to request extraction by helicopter. Dustin, Danielle, Charla and Oswald completed this task.

    • Eric is now the only racer ever to make it to the final three twice. The first time he did it was with Jeremy in the ninth season.

    • Detour: Teams were given a Detour choice of either Care Package or Engine Care. Care Package required them to fill a box with five hundred pounds of supplies, then participate in air drop training exercise that included a brief zero-gravity flight. Charla/Mirna completed this task. All other teams completed Engine Care. This task required them to choose an engine pod and wing flap on a B52 bomber and then scour them clean.

    • This is the second time that Oswald & Danny have been eliminated near the end of the race. The first time was in the second season.

    • Dustin and Kandice won their fourth leg of this race. This is the most legs ever won by an all-female team in one season.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Dustin and Kandice (Prize: One All-Terrain Vehicle Each)
      #2. Eric and Danielle
      #3. Charla and Mirna
      #4. Oswald and Danny (ELIMINATED)

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Mirna: (on Dustin/Kandice) Charla said they don't know how to use the Internet.

    • Oswald: (ripping first clue) Roadblock! No, kidding.

    • Oswald : Hello. Did I just passed you like a thousand times?
      Pilot: Yes.
      Oswald: You were right here?
      Pilot: Uh-huh.
      Oswald: All the time?
      Pilot: It's good camouflage. Here you are. (He hands Ozzie back the GPS.)
      Oswald: How much do I not like you.

    • Charla: (at the Roadblock) I would be dead if I was in the navy right now. They would have found me dead and come and take my body.

    • Charla: (at the Roadblock) In this hot beaming sun, it's not that easy. You guys have a tough job. No wonder there's all this Military Navy discounts. You need a little more than that. You guys do too much for stuff.

    • Mirna: (to Charla at the Roadblock) Careful. Follow instructions. God be with you. Use the GPS, it tells you which way to go. You should not press any buttons. Do you understand that?

    • Army Sergeant: Alright guys, you are done.
      Oswald: Literally or figuratively?

    • Dustin: (in an interview segment) There is no charming the Sergeant. The Sergeant was all about business. We weren't getting anywhere with a smile. We had to scrub!

    • Mirna: (in an interview segment) Getting on to that plane was an amazing feeling. It was gigantic and we look like two little ants.

    • Army Sargeant: (at the "Engine Care" Detour) See, right beside the big streak?
      Danny: This streak.
      Army Sargeant: Over a little bit. Up.
      Danny: (sprays water on the AO) Sorry, I didn't mean to wet you.

    • Oswald: We're not sure whether we landed in Japan or in Alaska, coz we felt the cold breeze, freezing cold. But we don't care.

    • Oswald: (at the ferry terminal) There are no signs from the other teams. We're assuming they're already running around like chickens without their heads at the Hong Kong airport.

    • Mirna: (in a foreign accent) You have cellphones? Call airport, airport information. How you say airport?
      Cab Driver: Airport.
      Mirna: (repeating after the cab driver) Airport. (to the cameraman) We have to try to do the right accent, makes all the difference in the world.

    • Eric: (referring to the Beauty Queens) Do you think they went to the airport to research some flights?
      Mirna: I don't know. I mean, Charla said that they don't know how to use the internet.
      Charla: I didn't say that. I said, I haven't seen them using the internet.

    • Charla: (in an interview segment) At first I was a little hesitant coming back to the race because it is challenging on my body and having racers of the Amazing Race competing against you, it is scary. You have to be tough. There is no other way of playing the game.

    • Eric: I just want to win. I don't want to be second place. I'm not doing it again.

    • Oswald: I'll tell you who we want to win. We would love for Charla and Mirna to win.

    • Oswald: Oswald and Danny...
      Oswald and Danny:'re the last team to arrive.
      Danny: Not fair, no. I want to stay.

    • Charla: Okay. So I'm going to the landing zone. I hope there's no poison ivy out here.

    • Danny: To be able to go through this and survive it twice leads me to believe that I will have Oswald in my life always. He will pushing the wheelchair as I'm going into the home. A gay nursing home that I'm going to "open up."
      Oswald: And hopefully by then we wont be speaking as much that's he'll be interrupting me every time I say something.

    • Danielle: Eric is going to kill me. We're not going to be in the top three because of me. I don't know what to do.

    • Phil: (to Dustin and Kandice, after awarding them ATV prize for first place) Do you have any idea how many toys you guys have?

    • Dustin: (waiting for helicopter to arrive and rescue her) My brothers are going to be so jealous of me.

    • Charla: (regarding Dustin and Kandice) We'll knock those crowns off their heads.

    • Charla: (indicating item on the GPS) Is that the arrow?
      Naval Officer: Ma'am, I told you not to touch the screen.

    • Danielle: I'm the worst at directions.

    • Eric: Danielle is doing the Roadblock because I've already done all my Roadblocks.

    • Oswald: Oh my God, the Teletubbies go to war. I am at the landing zone for pickup.

    • Pilot: Going to take a steep nosedive and you will experience Zero-G.
      Mirna: Got my barf bag, that's all that matters.

    • Mirna: Charla, please hurry. Mathematics books are really important. They help you out in life.

    • Mirna: Charla, can you run?! Please, Charla, it's for a million dollars!

    • Charla: We decided to do the humanitarian Detour because I like to help people that are in need.

    • Airport Employee: You need to hurry, the plane is boarding now.
      Oswald: Oh God, here we go again.

    • Danielle: Hopefully we'll get a good flight because, as we all know, our worst luck comes with flights.

    • Oswald: (in an interview segment) We know that karma was a particular bitch on the last leg of the race and we got slapped hard for it. But we have asked for forgiveness from the universe and we hope things will go our way.

  • NOTES (1)


    • At the Roadblock, Oswald referred to Charla as the Teletubbies, a children's television show, featuring four small, colorful creatures.

    • During the Air Force flight in the Detour, Mirna mentioned that it reminded her of Top Gun. Top Gun is a 1986 movie, starring Tom Cruise, about naval air fighters.