The Amazing Race

Season 10 Episode 3

Oh, Wow! It's Like One of Those Things You See on TV!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2006 on CBS
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The teams continue from their Pit Stop at a hillside pavilion and receive a clue instructing them to fly over 2,300 miles to Hanoi, Vietnam. Teams are surprised to learn that they were receiving no money for the start of the leg. Following an argument over line placement between Tom/Terry and Dustin/Kandice, teams arrive at Hanoi, where at 8:00 A.M., they enter a prison nicknamed the "Hanoi Hilton" and searched for John McCain's flight suit. Some teams choose to stop briefly for a moment of silence out of respect for the veterans of Vietnam. They then make their way 1½ miles to the Old Quarter, where at a flower shop, one member of each team participates in a Roadblock that required them to sell flowers and make 80,000 Vietnamese đồng. Teams were allowed to keep money made and afterwards travel thirty miles by public bus to Vac Village. Here, the teams participate in a Detour that gave a choice between Fuel or Fowl. One team makes a critical error in not following a clue's instructions, potentially dealing a fatal setback.moreless

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  • family values mean a lot to some people..

    duke maybe a a bit of a tactless oaf but he has his principles just like indians/asian arranged marriages go against the family and you are in the agree he could of handled his daughters choice better and the fact he assumes every woman holding hands is also a couple just shows how clueless he is ignorance is not bliss..

    anyone else notice the error with peter and sarah arriving at the fuel task ? it said first place ? yet the cho bro's had already arrived at phils pit

    i also don't quite understand why peter and sarah where in last /or why a bus carrying another team didn't stop for them sooner (either full or diiferent routes)

    i knew tnt were in trouble as soon as they used the bikes..

    as for team redneck if you ankle is so bad HOW ARE YOU STILL WALKING ON IT ?

    plus peter being a prosthetics expert surely can fix her leg ? seriously the guy didn't think to bring a repair kit ? heck even bring spares ? she has other 'foot bits'

    some people should learn to put their clothes BACK ON..moreless
  • Perhaps not as good as last week but all the same it was good

    The nine remaining teams set out from Mongolia and flew to Hanoi, Vietnam for the third leg of the race.

    This leg wasn't as good in general as the previous but I still loved it and every minute of it was stunning.

    Teams experienced visiting a Prison (similar to Season 6 in Goree, Senegal where the teams went through a slave house) where only one team: Erwin & Godwin took the moment of silence while the other teams continued. It was funny when Dustin & Kandice bickered with Tom & Terry while purchasing airline tickets. "Don't pick on the Beauty Queens! They're awesome" -That's what I would say.

    Teams encountered a Roadblock in Vietnam which required teams to sell flowers. It was a crack-up: entertaining and hilarious. But when you start the leg with no money and have none in total (like Duke & Lauren) it really puts you at a disadvantage. Save your money, not spend it all. At the Detour all teams except for Duke & Lauren chose "Fuel" which was fairly tricky. Before I continue, I must comment on the teams. I really like Erwin & Godwin because they respected Vietnam and they work together nicely. Dustin & Kandice will always be my #1 for Season 10 no questions asked. David & Mary are kind and funny, nice team. I'm not keen on Lyn & Karlyn just because they're not as kind as some other teams. Teams were instructed to go to the next Pit Stop where Erwin & Godwin made an outstanding finish at number 1, Tom & Terry narrowly escaped elimination while Duke & Lauren were sent packing in elimination. Overall, this was not as good as last week's episode but there was more support and more encouragement out of the people this time. It was great and I am looking forward to next week.moreless
  • Good one.

    I love this show. This episode was fine but not much surprising for me. But we have some funny situations that teams were involved in. The most funny for me was flower sale in Vietnam when the savage crowd wanted to get flowers for free. There was also a suprising moment when Tom and Terry found out that they received a 30 minute penalty because they were riding on a backseats of motorbikes with local people. This was forbidden so they must wait at the finish line 30 minutes. They were very lucky because only one team didn't pass them. Episode was good I can't wait what will happen next.moreless
  • Not quite as exciting as last week.

    Last week's episode was really exciting with all the horse riding (and being dragged) and the ox carts (with the over-zealous ox!), and had lots of action.

    This week, there wasn't quite as much action, although there was some cat-fighting! The beauty queens line-jumped in front of the male-male couple, and that caused a bit of a hissy fit. It could come back to bite the beauty queens in the future, as sometimes, you have to depend on the niceness of your co-competitors to get you through, as we saw last season with Tyler and BJ, when they needed money, and the other teams gave them some.

    So we'll have to see if there's future repercussions to that. It's interesting to see the bonds that are being made here, with the two southern teams joining together with the male-male couple... intesting, and not a bond that I would have guessed!moreless
  • And another one's gone...

    This episode had some real tension in it, and teams wandering around, totally lost. It can be difficult, when in a foreign country, to find your way around, but a lot of what we've seen is that the teams have had a lot of help with english speaking people and lots of english signs.

    Yet somehow, one team here managed to get on the wrong bus. Everyone else got on the right bus. I have to wonder how that happened. But even worse, another team did something that they were specifically warned (all teams were warned) not to do: they rode on motorbikes. They were penalized for that with a 30-minute penalty, and almost were eliminated because of it. Now, those instructions were definitely in english, so it really makes a person wonder.

    But the most touching thing of all was the two teams who took a moment to honour the memory of all the soldiers who never made it home from Vietnam, and the ones who had to stay in the Hanoi Hilton. The saddest part of that was that only two teams did that.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


David Conley (VI)

David Conley (VI)

Himself (with Mary, Season Ten)

Duke Marcoccio

Duke Marcoccio

Himself (with Lauren, Season Ten)

Dustin Konzelman

Dustin Konzelman

Herself (with Kandice, Season Ten)

Erwin Cho

Erwin Cho

Himself (with Godwin, Season Ten)

Godwin Cho

Godwin Cho

Himself (with Erwin, Season Ten)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • As well as being the first Asian team to be on the show, Erwin and Godwin also became the first Asian team to win a leg of the race in this episode.

    • At one point during the Detour, a caption under Peter and Sarah's name read that they were currently in first. However, they were actually well behind.

    • Excedrin Power Through and Go Moment: Peter and Sarah recover brilliantly from their struggle with the Detour in the previous episode to finish in first place.

    • At the beginning of this episode, Phil asked "Who will be eliminated tonight?" Since the second season, Phil normally asks "Who will be eliminated next?" except in legs where an elimination is generally certain, such as the first leg of the race. However, later on when announcing the Pit Stop, Phil stated that the last team to check in "may be eliminated."

    • Balance Sheet: Erwin and Godwin skyrocketed, rising from eighth place to first. Tyler and James remained in second place. Rob and Kimberly rose from sixth to third. Dustin and Kandice rose from fifth to fourth. Peter and Sarah dropped from first to fifth. Lyn and Karlyn rose from ninth to sixth. David and Mary retained seventh position. Tom and Terry arrived second at the Pit Stop, but checked in at eighth, dropping from fourth place. Duke and Lauren struggled with their Detour. They plummeted from third place to last and were eliminated from the race.

    • Detour: Teams in this episode had a choice between "Fuel" or "Fowl." Fuel required the teams to travel on foot to a workstation and then press coal to create 30 coal bricks. Fowl required them to travel on foot a courtyard and then construct a single birdcage. All teams except Duke/Lauren selected Fuel. Duke/Lauren initially opted for Fuel, but stumbled upon Fowl and choose to complete that task.

    • Tom and Terry received a thirty minute penalty for riding a motorcycle. Teams were instructed in their clue that they may not ride any motorcycles / motorbikes in Vietnam, as it was potentially dangerous.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Erwin and Godwin (Prize: State-of-the-Art Home Entertainment System)
      #2. Tyler and James
      #3. Rob and Kimberly
      #4. Dustin and Kandice
      #5. Peter and Sarah
      #6. Lyn and Karlyn
      #7. David and Mary
      #8. Tom and Terry (Second to Arrive, 30-Minute Penalty)
      #9. Duke and Lauren (ELIMINATED)

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  • NOTES (2)

    • Though it was never specifically stated, as in all previous TAR legs in Vietnam, on clue box stands the standard race colors of red and yellow were switched to white and yellow, to avoid confusion with the national colors of that nation.

    • The original broadcast of this episode on CBS started 34 minutes late in some markets due to the Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington Redskins football game going into overtime.