The Amazing Race

Season 14 Episode 9

Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2009 on CBS
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The five remaining teams set off from the eighth Pit Stop at a royal palace in Bangkok, Thailand and receive a clue instructing them to travel over 1,000 miles to Guilin, China. With one team facing a huge penalty, the teams arrive in China on a series of flights and travel by taxi to a hair salon on the street of Qing Xiu Lu. There, they receive a clue instructing them to travel to the #24 bridge. One team faces a Speed Bump before they are able to continue and drama begins when two racers enter into a shoving match, leading one to call another a "bitch." At the #24 bridge, the teams face a Roadblock involving some "fowl play" and one team encounters a great difficulty when the birds they need for their task keep flying away. Next, the teams travel to a 1,000 year old, structure, the Ancient South Gate and participate in a Detour requiring them to either paint calligraphy or complete a dance routine. They then receive a clue instructing them to travel to the Pit Stop, the Bangan Lake nestled between the Sun and Moon Pagodas. Here, the conflict between two racers comes to a head, and one team is eliminated from the race.moreless

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  • classic example of hypocrites

    14 seasons and we've only had a few clue box fights and then we get two in one episode !

    first come first served all your attempts to sound like the victim go out the window when you walk past the flippin clue box.. i wonder was it deliberate ? just cos they didn't like them for the wrong directions thing..

    i say it's a draw luke was clearly wronged on the first instance and was simply defending his position totally normal thing to do.. but no jen and kisha make it all about them and make everyone else the bad guy..

    second instance jen/kisha get there first, luke was in such a hurry he couldn't help but run in to her impossible to stop in time..

    spilt milk ?

    then jen and kisha do the usuall we'll bad mouth everyone cos they play the game / race and don't help us, but we don't help no body cos we can and thats much the definition of a bitch) and did admit they would laugh and smile to piss off luke and mag when the meet them next...

    tammy and victor caught in the crossfire... but this is the jerry springer side of people coming out airing dirty laundry...

    personally i'm glad team short ass are out..... kinda proves the point not all 'disabled people' are nice seems like their ego's are writing checks their little buts can't bitches !

  • Jen and Luke fight throughout the entire race.

    When I first saw the previews of Jen and Luke fighting, I thought it would be funny. It was at first, but then it just got troublesome and more like children fighting. They just kept going on and on about it, and complaining. Just move on and race! Jeez! Same thing with Jamie! She's so worried about falling behind, that she feels she needs to yell at everyone in sight! I felt so sorry for that poor dancing instructor that was trying to show her and Cara the dance. Jamie just kept putting her down and talking bad about her.moreless
  • The teams race in Bangkok, Thailand.

    I expected so much from this episode, like so much drama. However, the only real drama was Margie's speech at the end. Something I get tired of is Jaime's temper, sure it's a race but what if you were the person trying to help them and they spoke a language totally different than yours. So the next time she thinks about blowing up she needs to remember that/

    The actual tasks they had to do didn't seem as interesting as some of their latter episodes. The most interesting was the choreography. So, basically, boring tasks lead to a boring episode. The little conflict however manages to raise it.moreless
  • Finding just one classification is very hard, since so many bad ones can apply, like appalling, sickening, painful & pathetic to name a few.

    I think Lakisha & Jen need to be thrown off the show. Their behavior should have been completely unacceptable to Phil and any other person involved in the production of this episode. Hey Phil: Just rewind the tape and you'll hear for yourself that Jen said, in the last cab ride to the final destination, that she was going to...."really piss him off and laugh at him..." Straight from the horses mouth with millions of witnesses can't be argued or misunderstood. I also think Lakisha and Jen should be made to give a formal, public apology to Luke and Margie, but especially to Luke. I feel they need to apologize to the other teams as well for injecting this type of animosity on the show and involving them either directly or indirectly. They put Tammy and Victor in an awkward position that was clearly visible by their expressions and body language, leaving them with no choice but to deal with it, rather than giving them a choice of either wanting to be involved or not.moreless

    Wow I'm very disappointed and have loss a GREAT AMOUNT of respect for all, Margie with her "You're Black…" comment (REALLY WTF!!), Luke denying THE FIRST arm throw (I watched the incident about 7 times, even in slow-mo! And it was EXTREMELY CLEAR that Luke did push Jen first) and Jen with the name calling. Furthermore, I don't believe the girls were laughing a Luke. It was a tense situation and the grin was not directed toward Luke being deaf (Kisha was most likely trying to stay calm and not argue with Margie and just brush the whole situation off). They we're not laughing and smiling as Margie put it "Like they had got away with something". Margie never addressed her son's behavior nor did he own up to it, Jen did (I'm not excusing her for it I'm just stating the facts here folks). Bottom-line Margie took everything to a whole new level with the "YOU'RE BLACK…" comment. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This is the first leg that Margie and Luke had a finish other than first or fourth.

    • Kisha and Jen set two milestones in this episode. First, they became the first all-female African-American team to win a leg of the race, and the ninth all-female team to win a leg overall, following in the footsteps of Christie and Jodi from this very season, Charla and Mirna from the eleventh season, Dustin and Kandice from the tenth season, the Godlewski Family from the eighth season, Debbie and Bianca from the seventh season, Tian and Jaree from the fourth season, Mary and Peach from the second season, and Pat and Brenda from the first season. In addition, this is the second season to see two all-female teams win at least one leg instead of one, the first being the eleventh season.

    • Mark and Michael's elimination guarantees that at least one all-female team will make it to the final three this season. It also guarantees that Kisha and Jen will break the record for the highest-placing team of sisters in a two-person-team season, which Kami and Karli from the fifth season previously held. However, they will have to make the final three to break the overall record for highest-placing team of sisters in any season, which is held by the Godlewski Family from the eighth season.

    • Detour: This leg's Detour required each team to take part in a task involving one of the ways that the people of Guilin express themselves artistically. The choices were Choreography and Calligraphy. In Choreography, teams had to travel to Central Island and then join in a group of locals performing their morning dance routine. After learning the dance, they had to perform it for a team of judges, who would provide the next clue when satisfied. Jaime & Cara and Mark & Michael successfully completed this task, though Jaime & Cara briefly flirted with the idea of switching to the other task. In Calligraphy, teams had to make their way across the twin bridges and copy characters at calligraphy stations. Each item of calligraphy that they copied would direct them to their next station, a total of four stations and upon completing the fourth station, they received their next clue. Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke and Tammy & Victor all successfully completed this Detour task.

    • Speed Bump: Since they finished last in the previous leg but were not eliminated, Mark and Michael were hit with a Speed Bump in this leg. This Speed Bump required them to work as stylists at a hair salon, washing and drying the hair of two waiting women.

    • Roadblock: Teams were given a clue reading "Who's ready for some fowl play?" to help them determine whom should complete this leg's Roadblock. This Roadblock required one member of each team to take part in Guilin, China's fishing industry, the old-fashioned way. They had to raft to the middle of a river and then train a Cormorant bird to catch fish. Then, once it had caught ten fish, they had to return to the dock to turn them and receive their next clue. Tammy, Jaime, Jen, Luke and Michael completed this task for their respective teams.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Kisha and Jen (Five Night Trip for Two to Barbados, Courtesy Travelocity)
      #2. Tammy and Victor
      #3. Margie and Luke
      #4. Jaime and Cara
      #5. Mark and Michael (ELIMINATED)

      Kisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor and Margie & Luke arrived at the Pit Stop in a virtual tie and stood on the mat together.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Mark: All in all, it was a great dash around the world.

    • Luke: All hearing people put deaf people down. They think we're stupid.

    • Margie: Don't laugh at my son when he signs.
      Jen: I'm smiling.
      Margie: I'm sorry, but that's rude.
      Jen: I'm smiling. I'm smiling because that's what we do.
      Margie: No, you weren't smiling. You were laughing and if you laugh at my son again...

    • Jen: (regarding Luke) I called him a bitch because it was a bitch move.

    • Victor: (speaking in Chinese) If we don't win, our parents will cry themselves to death.

    • Tammy: We are writing calligraphy in Chinese. Sadly, Victor and I did not pay attention in Chinese school.

    • Margie: She said you pushed her first at the other place.
      Luke: I didn't.
      Margie: I know you didn't.

    • Victor: We do a lot better now. We've learned to not, like, attack each other. You know, as long as we're working together, it works out.

    • Jen: We're actually the first ones out. Margie and Luke, I believe in karma. It was extremely bad sportsmanship.

    • Michael: Oh, the Speed Bump was a gasp. We had to basically just shampoo, wash and dry these wonderful two little old ladies' hair.

    • Victor: (to Tammy, as she completes the Roadblock) When I think of birds and smelly fish, I think of you.

    • Jen: Game on, they're bitches.
      Luke: Good thing I'm deaf. If I had heard her yell at me, called me a "bitch," it would have been on.

    • Jen: I don't trust Margie and Luke. They steered us in the wrong direction when we were in Bangkok. So we're going to be battling head to head with them.

    • Tammy: Even though we can communicate with our cab driver, all it means is that we understand him when he says
      Tammy and Victor: he doesn't know where we're going.

    • Tammy: (in Chinese, to a taxi driver) We are racing against two teams of foreigners. It feels so good to be in a country where we speak the language and none of the other teams do.

    • Victor: We get to speak Chinese now.
      Tammy: And we're really excited because, um--
      Victor: We're Chinese.
      Tammy: We're Chinese and I've actually been there before.

    • Jaime: The only thing I know about China is that it is very populated, which is not one of my favorite things.

    • Luke: It's nice for me being here in a different country where people don't speak English. That way, we are both in the same boat.
      Margie: It is kind of eye-opening for me. Yeah.

  • NOTES (2)