The Amazing Race

Season 23 Episode 9

Part Like The Red Sea

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • disappointed

    Really? They call themselves good parents trying to set an example and he humiliates his wife on national TV? So she wasn't a music person. What happened to grace? Bad showing on his part. I don't know about his kids but I'm very disappointed.
  • Nice leg for a change with only a few gripes.

    The afganimals : i wish someone would sew their mouths shut, they talk complete rubbish act like complete egomaniac's and are hypocrites when complaining about other teams tactics.

    team er doctors: the guy was being a bit of a asshole after the musical challenge, give the lass a break man, she had no clue and eventually got help, get over it.. you weren't last..

    team ice rink: god they got dumber this round ! and their voices just sound so fake/insincere

    team pinky and no brain: almost got through without a fight or argument, but no brain needs to slap this bitch...

    and the last team remaining: they got through it..
  • Interesting and not completely predictable!

    So my expectations were pretty low this week considering the awful standards of Indonesia legs of late, but to be fair, we have never had a leg in this country with so few teams remaining and that added a whole new dynamic.

    So some things here were very predictable - the ice girls were doomed to finish last. There was just simply no other outcome.

    However, some parts of the leg were quite unperdictable - the separation on the girls being on the faster train gave them some hope which they blew, but also I thought this was bound to be a non-elimination leg, because recent seasons have made a trend of having a NEL in the Final Five and no Final Four NEL (with the exception of TAR21 of all post-UB seasons) plus it was also the first of two legs in Indonesia, and we tend to get NELs in the first half of those double legs in a country.

    Nonetheless, I was a little surprised that the girls were not given a speed bump and were sent packing. However, this means that the next leg is virtually guaranteed to be a NEL.

    Nonetheless, I am looking forward to next episode. Next week's previous made it look interesting.
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