The Amazing Race

Season 12 Episode 3

Please, Lord, Give Me Milk

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on CBS
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The remaining nine teams took off from their Pit Stop in a lakeside village in Amsterdam and were instructed to fly Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in Africa. Upon arrival, the teams took taxis to the area train station, where a long wait for a morning train allowed them to mingle and have fun. The teams then took a train to Bingo in the middle of the African Savannah, where they were faced with a Roadblock. This challenging Roadblock forced one member of each team to deal with camels, a task that proved extremely frustrating for one racer in particular. Upon completing the task, they then led a group of four camels along a marked path. Several teams were forced to backtrack after going in the wrong direction, leading one racer to admit that their partner is better at navigation. Once the teams reached the cluebox at the end of the correct path, they were presented with a Detour. Ultimately, one team that had struggled was able to just make it ahead of another to the Pit Stop on the outskirts of Bingo, causing another team to be eliminated.moreless

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  • people actually do cry over spilt milk :D

    pun intended ;)

    all i can say about the milking is some of the women probably suck at hand another pun lol)

    grainy milk ?

    well they made it !! wow epic finish !

    kinda sorry to see the 'kstew lookalikes out'
  • I suppose I might have second thoughts towards this season...

    I suppose I might have second thoughts about this season... Yeah, and when I say that, I mean that the first two episodes of this season were down the tubes. Leg 1 wasn't really something to be excited about. Last weeks episode was even worse, it was too short, not enough clues because of the time spent in airports. This leg on the other hand got me back on track with this edition. The nine remaining teams faced some fun/exciting challenges on this one, and there was an extra clue. The delay of the one flight got me within the suspense. The Roadblock was exciting, the producers didn't just get the teams into a Detour/Roadblock as soon as they landed. They had to spot the clue box instructing the teams to travel by train to the middle of nowhere and then... find the clue with the Roadblock task. Seriously, good thing that camel milking was a Roadblock, I would have gotten my partner to do it. I would not be keen on the taste of.. Ah, camel milk? It was a little rotten of the blondes to think of Burkina Faso as being a dead and rotten whole. I didn't particularly like it, but I have seen worse. I was pleased with the team who liked the country. They did well, even through the Detour in which they could choose between Learning or teaching. I would have taught the child, because I don't pick up new languages quickly.

    At the Pit Stop, five of the nine teams landed at around the same time as one another. As for the female team and the couple who were in last place, I hoped the couple would make it. All female teams do not usually make it far (except for Seasons 5, 10 and 11). Overall, a rough ending for the female team who were sent home in this elimination.

    Good episode and the one that brought this season back to it's feet. Enjoyable all around.moreless
  • This is what the Amazing Race is all about!

    I like TK & Rachel as they seemed to be nice as well as very laid-back and also just seem to be having fun despite knowing that they are in a race. This is what the show is all about. My advice to those that are going on there...expect the unexpected. You don't know what you will end up at all. As the top five teams ended up in a tie about. Really shows beautiful Africa as my mom just went there last summer on a mission trip. Shows how you appreciate the beauty of the country and the people that you don't want to take them for granted. Glad the Amazing Race is back on tv! I think Ronald has mellowed a bit during his hernea thing. But who knows how long this will last.moreless
  • This was an interesting episode but the teams were too close together, making it based on too much of luck

    I wasn't a huge fan of this episode, which I will admit is mostly because the teams I liked finished towards the back. It seemed like the success of this leg was based too much on the camel task and luck. If you have three teams finishing at the same time, they are not spread out enough. I liked all the conflict eith the planes, and it was a little annoying that they all ended up at the same place.As the race went on I really started to like Tk and Rachel and their unique, laid back, attitude on the race. The camel task was cool, and it was interesting to see which teams handeled it well and which ones freaked out. The teach or learn it was a neat task because they got to interact and benifit from their experience with locals. Having them go to Africa was very interesting.moreless
  • This is why I love this show, you get up in the morning get a clue to a place no one has ever heard of, find a way there, and then do things you never dreamed you would do and hope to do them faster than at least one other team.moreless

    This early in the race the racers are getting race weary, what will they be like in the final leg. Heading to a country you never heard of with only 1 flight a day is stressful enough, but when your connecting flight is late that adds to the stress and the drama.

    Then being American, women and in a far off land taking a taxi could only be seen as a leap of faith but the women teams did it, and only one of them got ripped off by the driver, but neither was sold into slavery.

    The busy train station, closed by 5 PM because there were no more trains, then getting on it in the morning and to see the trash and filth right beside the tracks is something, to smell it is worse.

    We get to the roadblock and there were some memorable moments, some had a clue on how to milk a goat, and some were hilarious to say the least. The one comment from Kynt to Vyxsin had me rolling on the floor. The the detour where Azaria & Hendekea had the right idea, work as a team each learning 5 words. They are young, in good shape, smart and work as a team, they could make this race look easy, but then something always seems to equalize the teams, on little mistake here or there and we have a level playing field.

    I liked everything about this episode, except that another team is gone, I wish they would bring back the non elimination legs.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Marianna and Julia's elimination leaves Shana and Jennifer as the only all-female team left on this race.

    • Departure Times: The teams departed from the Pit Stop and began this leg of the race at the following times:

      Lorena and Jason: 4:19 A.M
      Nate and Jenn: 4:30 A.M.
      Shana and Jennifer: 4:31 A.M.
      Kynt and Vyxsin: 5:21 A.M.
      Azaria and Hendekea: 5:22 A.M.
      TK and Rachel: 5:23 A.M.
      Marianna and Julia: 5:46 A.M.
      Nicolas and Donald: 5:47 A.M.
      Ronald and Christina: 6:26 A.M.

    • Kynt and Vyxsin were not wearing their make-up in this episode.

    • Phil informed viewers in his opening voiceover that Ronald developed a hernia from riding the cargo bike in the previous leg and required medical treatment at the Pit Stop.

    • Detour: For this leg's Detour, teams were given a choice of either Teach It or Learn It. In Teach It, they were required to teach ten English words to a kid. Once the kid was able to recall all ten perfectly, they would receive their next clue. The Learn It task required them to learn and recall ten words in the local language. Nicolas & Donald, Ronald & Christina, TK & Rachel and Shana & Jennifer opted for the Teach It task. Nathan & Jennifer, Kynt & Vyxsin, Azaria & Hendekea, Marianna & Julia and Lorena & Jason completed Learn It.

    • Roadblock: The clue for this leg's Roadblock asked "Who's ready to work up a thirst?" as a hint for the teams to choose who should complete the Roadblock. The task required one member of each team to milk a camel and then drink that milk. If their camel ran dry, they could switch to a different run, but only after another team was finished. TK, Lorena, Azaria, Nathan, Julia, Donald, Christina, Vyxsin and Jennifer completed this task.

    • TK & Rachel, Nathan & Jennifer, Kynt & Vyxsin, Ronald & Christina and Nicolas and Donald all finished in a near five-way tie. The first three all landed on the mat at about the same time, the following two were checked in immediately afterwards.

    • Balance Sheet: Azaria and Hendekea skyrocketed from fifth to first. TK and Rachel climbed from sixth to second. Nathan and Jennifer dropped from second to third. Kynt and Vyxsin remained in fourth. Ronald and Christina jumped from ninth to fifth. Nicolas and Donald rose from eighth to sixth. Shana and Jennifer fell from third to seventh. Lorena and Jason plummeted from first to eighth, but barely hung in to stave off elimination. Marianna and Julia tumbled from seventh to ninth and were eliminated.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Azaria and Hendekea (Prize: Trip for two to Bermuda, Courtesy Travelocity)
      #2. TK and Rachel
      #3. Nathan and Jennifer
      #4. Kynt and Vyxsin
      #5. Ronald and Christina
      #6. Nicolas and Donald
      #7. Shana and Jennifer
      #8. Lorena and Jason
      #9. Marianna and Julia (ELIMINATED)

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