The Amazing Race

Season 1 Episode 13

Race to the Finish (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on CBS
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The three teams, from Alaska have to travel back to the starting point in New York City where Frank and Margarita live. This worries Rob and Brennan. Frank and Margarita think they have it in the bag but at the final pit stop in Flushing Meadows Park where all the eliminated teams are waiting, Rob and Brennan are the first to cross the finish line. Frank and Margarita are the next team to arrive, obviously disappointed because of their loss. Joe and Bill are informed of Rob and Brennan's win back in Alaska and although they are disappointed they are glad that Rob and Brennan had won the race. In post-race interviews, Frank and Margarita claim they have won more than a million dollars in that of the rekindling of their relationship. Rob is happy to have won the race and to have won it with his best friend, Brennan.moreless

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  • Like one user said, a great example why you should watch The Amazing Race. An instant classic

    Even though this is the first season and some may consider that it a little old and dull, I just can't get over this final! It was amazing and an awesome ending. Rob & Brennan made their way to the finish line at Flushing Meadows Park in New York and of course, this is Season 1 so the ending result or you could say; the first official winner's of The Amazing Race would be one hell of an emotional time period. But after the watching the episode, the race to the finish line was remarkable! The two guys kept on racing while Frank & Margarita remained on the train. Man it was every minute worth watching as I saw those boys cross the finish line with the look on everybody's faces. How stunning...

    After Frank & Margarita arrived, Joe & Bill who were still in Alaska, received word on Rob & Brennan's win (basically the race was over). I would have given this episode a 10 If all 8 teams were there celebrating over Rob & Brennan's win but I can't get over the dash to the finish line, one hell of an ending...moreless
  • For a first year show, it seemed to get better with each episode.

    When the final city was found, I thought for sure Frank and Margaruite would win it going away, but sometimes being comfortable in your home surroundings can prove to be your undoing. It helped that Rob and Brennan got a great taxi driver, but in a race to the finish this one was great. They did a good job of editing, and even knowing who was ahead, they let you in the intensity of the finish. Frank and Margaruite thought they were in the lead, now that can be heart breaking when you get to the reality you are not. That attitude comes back to bit more than one team in the many seasons in the race.

    Team Guido was informed in their clue that Rob and Brennan had won, this was the first time we see this, but it does happen in later years as well.moreless
  • This is a good example why people should watch The Amazing Race.

    3 teams left. Frank and Margerita, Rob and Brennan, and Team Guido? Ohh yeah they are just 24 hours behind in the last leg, but they can still win, right? So they are off in the Season Finale of the original Amazing Race from Alaska to New York City. Which is where Frank and Margerita live so they are going to win this race for sure. After doing a few challenges in Alaska (swimming in a almost completly frozen lake, climbing up ice mountains, the usual) they take a plane to New York (both teams on the same flight). They get to New York Frank and Margerita grab the first taxi and take a short-cut to get to the next clue. Rob and Brennan aren't far behind but they don't know the short cut. But who gets to the clue first.... Rob and Brennan *unsarcastic gasp*. They get their last clue to go on the subway to the final place. They run to the subway with Frank and Margerita only a few minutes behind. They get on a subway about to pull away. Frank and Margerita try to catch the same subway but miss it by just about 25 seconds. And the offical winners of the first Amazing Race are Rob and Brennan. But where is Team Guido? Ohh they are still in Alaska about to swim through the frozen lake and when they open their clue it says Rob and Brennan have crossed the finish line. They won, the race is over, go home. Now that was funny. I loved that team but that was hilarious. And so here is the conclusion of the first (and personally in my opinon) the best season of this AMAZING show: The Amazing Race.moreless
  • This is the last leg of the race and shows exactly why a person should watch TAR (The Amazing Race)!

    Having seen this season after I had seen later seasons, I find that now so many things make sense. For example, I was hating the catch-up points that always occurred to make each leg a new race in later seasons. But now that I've seen what happens without them (Guidos didn't get to start the last leg as it had already ended before they could start - which I was glad they couldn't win - way too damn cocky and ego's were huge).

    I just wish they'd compromise and have less of them ... it's really only important that the last couple legs have some sort of catch-up point, not the whole fraking race.


    So for those in the know, they already know that the Lawyers won ... and that was awesome. Frank and Marg had a huge advantage (supposedly) because the last clue point was down the street from where they live. And the end point was at the park by Shea Stadium ... where Frank used to go a lot.

    When I first heard that it was going to end in a hometown of a contestant, I felt that was BS ... for that reason Frank and Marg shouldn't have won (thank you they didn't). Add to that their attitude about how much it would suck to lose to "those guys in our home town". It looked good on them.


    So I was super glad that a team that I've wanted to win (I picked them in the third leg as a finalist team) finally on a race. Every race I've seen before "my team" came second (grrrr). It was also nice to see a non-relationship same-sex team win. All the TAR's I've seen have always had a dating/married different sex couple win. Even if it only happens this one time, I'm happy.

    Why? Because it seemed like the TAR crew would get same sex teams that just weren't strong and you could tell they would lose. Heck, lawyer boys almost did tank a couple of times.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Paul Alessi

Paul Alessi

Eliminated 5th with Amie (Season One)

Bill Bartek

Bill Bartek

Second Runner Up with Joe (Season One)

Joe Baldassare

Joe Baldassare

Second Runner Up with Bill (Season One)

Margarita Mesa

Margarita Mesa

Runner Up with Frank (Season One)

Frank Mesa

Frank Mesa

Runner Up with Margarita (Season One)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Rob and Brennan.
      #2. Frank and Margarita.
      #3. Joe and Bill. (Did Not Cross Finish Line)

    • Balance Sheet: All teams retained their positions from the previous leg.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Phil mentions that Joe and Bill were finishing up the final tasks from the previous leg.

    • Roadblock:In this final Roadblock, that person had to strip down and plunge into 40° water. However, the person had to completely submerge their head to retrieve their next clue which was attached to a pole in the middle of the pond. Brennan and Frank completed the Roadblock for their respective teams. Joe/Bill never completed the Roadblock as Rob/Brennan had already crossed the finish line and they received a clue informing them as such, and that the race was over.

    • Detour: From Alaska's Takosha lodge, teams were given the option of either riding a snowmobile 30 miles or leading a dog sledge 11 miles.
      Teams that chose the dog sled would have to travel slowly, but would only have to cover 11 miles. On the other hand, teams choosing the snowmobile challenge would be able to travel faster, but would have to cover 30 miles. Rob/Brennan and Frank/Margarita chose the dog sledge challenge, but Joe/Bill were too far behind and the race had just ended, so their choice wasn't revealed.

    • The introduction of each episode featured Phil's voice giving a brief synopsis of the show with theme music in the background and the presentation of the teams. Future seasons would then simply have the theme music with the presentation of the teams. However, Phil's synopsis was absent in one episode.

    • Season 1 took approximately six weeks to film, as opposed to the average four weeks in other seasons.

    • Seasons 1 and 6 and 9 are the editions of the Race to date to end in the same city they began.

    • The final 2 teams visited 4 continents, 9 countries, and traveled 35,000 miles.

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